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  1. L-dog the more I think about it the more I think your best choice is the Newport Harbor Hotel (401-847-9000) Right in downtown Newport near shops and playground, indoor heated pool etc. You can drive to other parts of the state from there while mom and the kids hang out by the pool. Good Luck
  2. The hotel in Jamestown is the BayVoyager Inn. Newport is your other strong choice. The South county beach hotels may not be open this time of year. Chowder at the Black Pearl Restaurant is out of this world. Your wife and children can spend several hours touring the mansions of Newport. Well worth the trip.
  3. Wildwood Outfitters has a tackle show this weekend;Feb 4 and 5. Rod and reel reps, yearend sale etc.
  4. Captain Horn I am going to be in Fort Pierce in March for a few days. What area of the Indian River is that considered? Any advice on clothing? Thanks
  5. The islands mentioned are owned by the Forbes family. They are off limits except;(I think),for the beaches at Tarpaulin Cove and Kettle Cove. But since the tics are everywhere you are better off staying in the boat. There is a cut between Cuttyhunk and Nashawena that a small boat can get through.
  6. Downtown, #1 CG Aux course is an absolute must. You may get a break on your marine insurance too. #2 Climb the learning curve in small increments. Take the boat out with a friend on board in the early morning when the seas are quiet. The Northfork is usually pretty tame that time of day and the traffic is lighter. If its foggy make sure someone is watching the radar constatnly and your horn is in hand. I have lost track of the number of times I have had a near miss with a lobster boat or a sportfisher who wasn't watching their radar as they blasted out to sea or over to Block Island. #3 two anchors with enough line (200' minimum) will buy you some time if you get into trouble near a lee shore. #4 paper charts are an absolute must cuz your electronic ones will crap out on you when you least expect it. #5 when in doubt slow it down. Speed is not always your friend. Finally be ready to make mistakes, we all have.Enjoy yourself
  7. Okay I am a beginner-intermediate at this rod game. I think I saw a reference to a Fenwick as a cheapo rod. Is that right? I thought Fenwick was further up the scale. I know my Ugly Stick is a lower priced rod, but I have used it alot with no problems. Now I am as much of a gear snob as anyone, but with gas going for $2.39 now and maybe over $3.xx at the marina next summer, I need to buy value. Anyone have a recommendation for a rod to match my Penn 330 GTI? I'll be using it to troll umbrella rigs on lead line
  8. I am on my fourth boat and coincidentally my fourth Standard. I find their controls very easy to use, almost intuitive for those who don't like to read manuals. The only modifications I have made to any of the boats was to replace the skinny, cheap coaxil cable usually installed by the factory with a more expensive , beefer coaxil to substantially reduce stray output and I get the end of the antenna as high in the air as gravity will allow.
  9. Hope its okay to cross the boder on this forum. I am dying to hit the water. Just bot a new(to me) 23' center console, have a ton of lures to test out, several rods and reels that are way too shiny and clean. When does the winter freeze offically end.
  10. I just picked up a flyer that explains how to troll the 9ER'S umbrella rigs I won in a sports raffel last fall. Never used them before. Question: can I put wire line on a Penn 320GTI or a Penn 330GTI? Or should I use lead core line or the last type they recommend is "super braid line"? I don't want to add another trolling reel unless I absolutely have to But I want to try these riggs for BIG stripers I have a 6'6" Daiwa Apollo for the 320 or I can buy another trolling rod. 2 trolling reels vs One trolling rod is a natural imbalance that must be corrected
  11. Okay I am in trouble. Someone turned me on to this forum and I have done no work in the last 1 1/2 hours. The real reason for this post is I just saw an advt for "smelly Jelly in the online store. Some one tried to convince me last year that the spray he spritzed on my lure would attract fish. I figured it would last about a nano second after the lure hit the surf. What about this jelly? Does it work? Does it stink up your hands. Is the guy who makes a profit on it going answer my questions in an obvious fashion.
  12. I am soryy , but how is this okay? Wher is Teddy K et all when this waste happen? [ 01-16-2006, 01:20 PM: Message edited by: TimS ]
  13. Thanks guys, now that the Pats are out of it I only have striper season to look forward to. ReBait1 thanks for the coupon, I'll spool the 330 and see what happens.
  14. Own a 704Z, 5600 Liveliner, 650Ss and a 4400SS for freshwater, light saltwater spinning. No problems, I do all my own cleaning and I rinse everything at the end of the day so I don't see a lot of salt in the cups at the end of the season. This summer will be a better test since a new boat means more time on the water
  15. I looked at the VS reels real hard for several months before I went to Penn. Most of my fishing is off a boat in 30 - 100 feet of water. I would probably lose my mind if I dropped a VS overboard. I lose a Penn I am out a lot less.
  16. Congratulations. you are beginning the best part of your life. Some free advice; treasure every moment because they all pass very quickly. Oh and take milliona of photos
  17. Good Morning All, I am new to this forum but not to Penn reel Company. I have had several encounters with them, all generally good. The service tech; Larry, that I talked to was very helpful even got me the name of the company the sells their lube so I could buy it in quantity. Somebody must have been having a bad day when you called. On another matter its 41 degrees I just bought a new boat so why am I in the office?