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  1. Ive been fishing a SW 6wt in fresh for years and like it so if you are gonna add a 5 or 6,go with the 6.Its more versatile.Most of my FW bass fishing these days are with a glass Fenwick 6wt or 7wt rod.Just feels right to me.I will also add that your 8 is probably the best all around weight for SM & LM bass fishing.I find myself using mine more and more with good results.A lot of times fish respond better to larger flies,even small fish.That said,a SW 6wt rod has a lot going for it in FW.
  2. Ive got an ob short WF-8-F for $35 shipped.
  3. Sounds like the 8wt Meridian is a done deal for you.If you want a lighter rod for SMB,consider a SW 6wt.I fish one for LMB and schoolie stripers a lot.It has more than enough power to handle fish to 10 lbs or so and is fun to fish.Its the rod I fish when im not using my 8wt.
  4. IMHO,an 8wt is the best all around rod for FW and SW.It will cover more bases better than any other weight.I have never fished my 8 and wished I had my 7,but I have fished the 7 and wished I had my 8.
  5. The last IMX rod I broke was probably 8-10 years ago.It was replaced with a GLX HLS rod.Nice rod but I liked the IMX better.
  6. Donate them to the local library.They can sell them & it helps with their budget.
  7. Been fishing 6wt rods in the salt for years.Mostly with a Scott Heliply & Ross Canyon 3 reel but I also use a Sage RPL.I used to fish an intermediate line but I really like the ghost tip lines now.Google up an article by Ed Mitchell called The Salty Six.Good info.
  8. I just got the Cooper AT3 4S on my 06 Taco a couple months ago.Very nice riding tire and quiet.Got a good write up on Tacoma World.I ran Firestone Destination AT's before and liked them.
  9. Try the bay side of Henlopen,from the ship tower to the ferry wall.The jetty and beach area around IRI can be good also.
  10. I tried it once or twice years ago and picked up a couple under the lights.Not an easy place to FF and there are much better places to throw a fly.
  11. The article is "the salty six" by Ed Mitchell.Its a good read and worth Google search.
  12. My first reel was a Pflueger Sal-Trout,maybe a 1556.Upgraded to a Perrine automatic later.All this was in the mid to late 60's.
  13. I also agree on the Orvis Clearwater 8wt or something from TFO,maybe the Mangrove or Pro 2.Any of these should be good for most inshore salt and most freshwater bass,pike,ect.No way in hell would I suggest a 10wt rod for a beginner,man or woman.Thats just too heavy a rod to learn basic casting skills with.I have never heard of any casting schools using this gear for beginners.Just my opinion.
  14. Thread closed.