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  1. I always carry a small can of pepper spray.One blast in the nose and eyes and your good to go.Works on other animals too.
  2. I have the Wulff monoclear int. and its a nice casting line.I like the FW version better than the SW one.
  3. Winter here means hitting the mill ponds for pickerel.The ponds rarely freeze so launch the canoe and throw deceivers or Clousers.Also catch some yellow perch or occasional bass if im lucky.
  4. Probably as rare as they come though.
  5. Dont count on bees to vacate in cold weather.I collected a nest one winter and I could hear frozen bees ratteling in it when shaken.I put in a room and sure enough when they warmed up they came crawling out.But thats the time to remove a nest.
  6. There was also a GLX 6/7 Mega 8.5 rod.I had a GL3 9/10 Mega and it was a pretty powerful rod.Sold it on here years ago.
  7. Ive been using a skog a kust fannysak for the last year with good results.Its pretty minimalist which suits me just fine.Works nice as a sling pack.
  8. They look better unpainted too Herb.I rebuilt 2 Fenwick glass rods,an ff 806 & 807 and both blanks were stripped of all paint and they just look and feel better.
  9. Sinfish,the rod is yours & message has been sent.Thanks.Skip
  10. If the original poster passes on your Streamdance, I would like to purchase it.  Thank you!

  11. I have a G Loomis Streamdance Metolius 9' 4pc 4wt in v/g cond.Its a moderate fast rod I would let go for $135 shipped.
  12. Im on my 2nd set of Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S tires and they are great.Very quiet and excellent handling.
  13. I use .006 clear mono or 3/0 monocord in black or white.Thats really all I need.I have plenty of flat nylon but prefer the other threads.
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