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  1. closing as listed elsewhere
  2. Dropping to 1200
  3. Yup still hanging in my garage... Where are you located I'm in RI. I can take some pics now (hanging and dusty) Or you can wait as I'll be out of town until Sunday , then have company coming, and busy as F fishing :). The Yak itself is in great shape. The pedals work great but do have some corrosion on them. Not sure if Hobie has swithed up the metal, but at least from my vintage they all got a bit of corrosion. If not far it would be better to see in person, but your call. I also have a significant upgraded sonar/gps we can work into the deal if interested.
  4. Finally going to sell her. It's a 2008/9 I think. Used for a few years, then bought a boat and stored in garage for at least 7 years. 16 ft Red, sailing rudder, power fins, eagle coda gps fish finder. Great shape, normal bottom scrapes $1500 (RI)
  5. Sent a few pm's and haven't heard back. Let me know what day/time works for you.
  6. 200 I'll pick up?
  7. good lord.... that boat would SCREAM with a 300 (if it's possible)
  8. what he said.... I needed them desperately on my 21' Sea pro. They made time to plane faster, eliminated porpoising, and I can plane at a lower speed now. If all that is fine on your boat why spend the money?
  9. abu 6500/6501
  10. Grew up on lake george in upstate NY. They used to rent out duranautics in the village to just about anyone. We saw the abused to S&^% and they always made it out fine. We used to call them mental rentals!
  11. anywhere there are rocks. If you can't catch scup... take up golf.
  12. poppet valve could be gunked up. (if it has one)
  13. Moving back to RI after a 8 year hiatus in NE CT, centrally located 90 minutes from any salt. I'll be 10 minutes to work, 35 to the boat, 45 to the surf.
  14. Closed. Posting elsewhere
  15. Third and final bump.