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  1. How many yards is this line ? Not sure if it will fit on my reel
  2. Will this work on warm water stripers.
  3. Check there website. They have been mailing them out
  4. I though you were looking for 100 plugs. ! Oops
  5. Your looking for 100 of them?
  6. 50.00 shipped.
  7. Mega bait LDM
  8. Had a few on the dog today. What do you guys recommend
  9. Sal has one hell of a collection. This is just the tip mod the iceberg
  10. If trades don’t work I have a like new GSB120l custom.
  11. I just checked on shipping rates. Rates are looking at 160 with out a price of the rod. Don’t think a fair deal could be made
  12. Any interest in this oldie
  13. I’ll take the vs bag
  14. No problem though the 2 darters were sold.
  15. Yes ???? No maybe so