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  1. I would not trust uv to hold a hook hanger , just my honest opinion.
  2. I was about to say the same thing ! He saved one on my Megabait LDS plugs
  3. Have her bring vehicle registration , insurance card. And copy of your saltwater registration. They shouldn't give her a hard time
  4. Very interested to hear what plugs you are using with the lead wrapped flags
  5. I have 0 experience on his deep diving stuff. I really like his Jrs . Check out the video of on the water with GRS . There are times the captain is using the bigger plugs hope this helps .
  6. VS reels are discontinued so are heavily discontinued. They are a solid and quality reel . Surprised No on e mentioned the sage spectrum Max which has a sealed drag and a great warranty
  7. The pliers were purchased at Michael's craft store . It's fairly easy to make. There are a few videos on YouTube that helped the learning curve.
  8. Spider wire stealth.