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  1. Thanks for the compliments. Not time lapse. I hadn't thought of that but it does look like it. Not sure I would know how to do that. I was just cranking up the shutter speed to see what I could get. Those little finches can move pretty fast....and erratically
  2. From the album The "BIRDS" thread

  3. A lot of beautiful pics and great info here. I'm curious....are you better cropping a pic while in your camera or after you've downloaded the pics to a computer?
  4. From the album Super Moon

  5. First fireworks of the season....Willards, MD
  6. From the album Random Images 2014

  7. From the album Random Images 2014

  8. I will always move to the right when meeting another vehicle UNLESS I'm in the main ruts heading south. you can't move to the right there or you will be out of bounds. I will try to hold my course in this situation. If the other guy refuses to move I will give way to the left.
  9. Are they dredging near the harbor? Could that be the reason it's filled in again?