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  1. chumbucket {Mike} is from the north shore i think that is the name of the boat he is a charter capt good friend tuna man stripers and haddock
  2. hi vineyardblues is been a long time , i left the site when flaptail died it shocked me hard to say how bad i,m not over his loss we were a good team brains n luck and we covered small boat fishing and big boat fishing on mine . he kept the ball rolling
  3. worc boy derby is on for sat get back to me for more info sat 7am to 1pm ok
  4. ya i know would you prefer a 6 x24" inch tube or a 4 inch tube for blue fish bait i like a 6"tube ,building n pluming is no problem
  5. nice to see a hen i hope u got a bunch more i may have to take the 3hr trip just to get a wiff of the water
  6. im looking for a used set of tuna tubes for live bait . tubes only would work . or any info is great
  7. Did anyone get to fish the spring season on drop back steelhead in the salmon rv if you hit it right its incretable fishing its when the hatchery opens the gates so all the trout can got back to the O
  8. im looking for a very dear old friend i lost contact with him last july its mike the ''chum bucket'' if he see this please get back to me ok thanks dave
  9. if i were you find the new bridge crossing the connecticut rv at the holyoke dam . its safe parking maybe ? take a 6-7ft spinning rod with back bone and a good trout reel 6-8 lb test line hip boots or waiters a hand net and lots of shad darts from 1/16 to 1/4 oz also willow leaf jigs where u can find them also hope the wolf packs of shad r moving
  10. i;m so sorry it;s a terribale loss of the best friend i know your loss i can feel the pain
  11. SO after the rain and snow has anyone tried shad fishing by the holyoke dam spots .. and has anyone saw any shad caught yet are the scouts there yet thanks I wish i could keep them alive to use for tuna fishing
  12. was there another tug sinking at pole 295 camp ground side sometimes in the 90ish i though i saw another tug same problems or was that a dream
  13. thanks billy   the  quinny was good for me i have  many fond memories  the river looks smaller and the homes and new road  are everywhere   its depressing  but o well. shad derby is still on but earlier   hope u can come

  14. me and the dog fished most of quinny in holden ,stillwater in stirling and 7mi spencer yesterday all the rivers are down low like late may conditions .. i did get some real nice 13-14" stock browns with flys and little lures quinny and at the 7mi same fish but smaller no brookies the bugs and snakes are out only a few fisherman on main pools dog was acting like a beaver in the river it was a good day for my head
  15. once again has anyone heard of any shad at the holyoke falls or that area .. i know its xtra early but i have the shad fever .. I've been at it for about 50 long yrs .... our annual shad festival is in early may .im hoping for a perfect conditions i've not heard of any scouts yet ok thanks dave