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  1. Is tetanus the same as blood poisoning I had that from a cut on my hand and the blood vain up my arm was purple if I didn’t get to a doctor I was dead in a week. But I had a inner ear infection once From working on a cod boat, I could not stand upright or look with both eyes open I felt like I was stoned all the time. Went to the hospital and they gave me Dramamine 2 hrs later I was ok
  2. Ah. What r/r bridge to bell rd Or did I miss something
  3. It’s slow still kinda early upper buzz bay water is cold some bass around lots of boats out look for warmer water temperatures as of today
  4. YES
  5. Cape cod canal
  6. I went out boat fishing with a friend looking for Schoolies ? Fishing West the end bays and harbors and favorite areas . Schoolies were a few here and there . Looking for feeding birds with bass on bait . Most fish were 16” to 24” Some boats were going tog fishing . Imo Schoolies were just about every where . Water temp 50 to 52* I think next week and warmer conditions
  7. The ww2 derby is Saturday , with or without water 0
  8. Type of line for Shad I have about 50 yrs Shad fishing every where in this state mostly on the Connecticut River about a mile from the dam but almost everywhere I tried braids this year in the wind with darts and willows braid su*cked never again I’m back to 6-8 hi vision line I fished with a 6 to 7 ft rod rated 4-10 lb line darts work best for me but willow leafs are great depending on where you are fishing .also in a crowded conditions it’s rotation and waiting for your cast.
  9. Ya Dave me too . But you still can’t walk on water
  10. Fishing was good yesterday river came up a little. But the water is low enough so we have had more people fishing the spot, TBYRD do you have people fishing around you .btw. The. RUA,WWTOO Shad derby over the wall is this Saturday May 14 7am to noon pm me if interested byob and food
  11. Rivers low ! boards are up at dam and the main flow of the river was on the west side . Fishing is great, over the wall behind the old demo factory’s . Water Conditions is low . But It’s a 50 fish day for some ! I think the run is starting to peak soon ? The waters are dropping off, and we need some rain .
  12. My bags are packed I’m ready to go! I’m going fishing the salmon river for drop back steelhead trout. They are off there redds and are dropping back to the lake . Now is the time that they will eat . Flys and pink worms or little black jigs work good I hope. Also I will be lake fishing for browns on a friends boat . Wind conditions mean everything on the lake , the fishing has been good ,but that could change you never know about Pulaski
  13. Bleach and a power washing. But during fishing lots of water keep the boat wet . If the sun bakes it dry,it’s like paint
  14. Like I said There BACK . I love that look ! It looks like money @5.00 a pound to the bait shops and there price is 10.00 a pound for native squid - 200 lbs = a dirty boat
  15. There back