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  1. Fishing got better last week weather was great crowded but fish able if you stayed away for the crowds fishing Both ends up stream and down in town. Btw some of those browns Lakers and salmon come from the Oswego river at the falls. It’s lining the fish a lot buy mistakes. ??? Been there. But finally the salmon rt turned on in good numbers. 5 to 10 fish on a day
  2. Leaving Monday morning for a 4-5 day pilgrimage This is the 50 straight year I have gone. When we started we slept in my truck with a cap sleeping bag and all the fishing gear. Great times you could park anywhere all the way down to the pay area before it was taken over Still lots of dark mud sharks but the steelhead was on fire 2-8 fish a day and more. But no one was fishing. That’s the difference now but what have you done or been told. It’s strictly steelhead for me thank you
  3. Bell rd as I was told , that everyone was playing ok as best they could , well someone got mad and said something to a gentleman from Vt. Which was not appropriate so he showed him his point of view but that didn’t work so he kicked his ars to the ground then the knife came out and everyone jumped in It’s somewhere online this is only a rumor?
  4. I was told that a fellow fisherman had words w another fisherman Well things didn’t go well for one gentleman I guess it was on Facebook
  5. Opinion? Didn’t the Neanderthal and his relatives kill off the mastodon and most of their kind ? No matter the strong survive the weak get eaten . That’s evolution well it’s the almost the same . You sand and rock jockey and boat too, you can do it yourself . Just pony up the money for the permit and go at it. BUT commercial have quotes 700.000 documented lbs And done. How many undocumented lbs are the undocumented recreation fishermen taking. My uneducated guess would be more than 700 thousand lbs. I have lived through the moratorium in the late 80 , recreation only .then it went to 36” for everyone and we got by. Now it’s way too many fishermen boats and canal . Canal is out of control. So. We me and you are guilty of fish killing don’t get to condescending about the other guy . Sorry jmo
  6. I saw a EPO today at bell rd parking lot 6am walking around,but no one was fishing, no fish activity . So I go east and the crowds begin. All the way to the east end and everyone is catching big bass . The crowds were crazy casting over each other’s all acting like they never caught a bass but NO epo he could have done a great job checking lic and fish but mia Great job guys @ the best law enforcement job in. Mass.
  7. Tonight at 12 ? I thought it was last night ! well I was just practicing. Ya it’s prostitution time. how much can I make in 3 weeks . I really need that money, I’m sending my kids to medical school and I have to pay for my 30 ft boat I’m a poor person
  8. I really hope the west end goes off with fish,when they close the parking area . I caramba
  9. I was cbass fishing today lots of fish on my ff but very little current moving the boat it was very slow! So I tell my guys toss the jig out and jig and reel it in ,keep it moving we increase our pick up and bigger fish jigging the bottom and limited out on all blue heads. Now we start back and find schools and schools of blue fish to about 10 lbs on top with poppers . Caught maybe 20 and a few bass mixed in there back
  10. Well I know two big Dave tomashaie And John Gibbs at pole 100 about 1987 with a 12’ziplex rod and a arbo 7000 jazzed up no brakes in reel but I have saw many other get real close ,
  11. I’m a canal guy bike ride fisherman but mostly a watcher . I watch the winners and the losers … I watch the black plastic baggers , with a quick dash to their trucks . Or the guy that c/r every fish , most guys take care of their fish , and some take a few too many pictures and let go 30 lbers to float down the canal . The canal needs special regulations and more epo protection I would add only one new canal reg. BARBLESS treble hooks ,it’s ez take your pliers and pinch the barb flat. It’s so much easier to remove the hook from the fish or your hand. My two cents
  12. Mass striped bass size will change . To keep is one bass from 28” to 31” Only as a keeper beginning may 26
  13. I witnessed it last season at this time and water temperatures. And I saw and fished through it again today. big bass finning and sunbathing on the surface, they had no interest in anything. Doc plugs to sluggos also the tube and worm nothing. When the plug hit the water the fish would jump away . As we trolled slowly , the boat would spook them right in front of the boat, I could see them swimming away from the boat . Most of the fish were over 36”. In 10’ of water with lock jaw . I had one chase in 4 hrs also two other boats there did nothing also. Now I estimate we saw about 80 to 100 different bass and no takers. I love it when they get weird.
  14. I would like to make a trip up to the Holyoke dam area for early Shad soon. but I live on the cape 3 hr drive so if you could find it in your heart how about a honest report
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