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  1. Top one might be one of mine,from a few years ago.
  2. My name.
  3. 1 @ 36 please.
  4. White Water Outfitters. Thanks.
  5. White Water Outfitters . Thanks.
  6. I will take it for $65.00 if there are no knicks on the edge.
  7. I just ordered a pair from USIA.Although I don't have them yet, I hear nothing but good things about them.Waders are thin material in a hostile environment.Many things can and do happen to them.Some makers stand by their waders with a guarntee but most do not.Just my 2 cents.
  8. Creek Chub popper,I'm pretty sure.
  9. I'm in.Thanks.
  10. Middle one is an M&M lure I believe.
  11. Surf day in N.J. is a great format.Lots of lure builders,rod companies etc.Perfect mix for a surf crowd.It is held at a community college.
  12. What kind of paint are you using?Sounds like it is too thin.Try Ceatex.It's made for airbrushes.
  13. Watch your mix ratio and stir it .It has to be mixed well.
  14. I put 4/14 on the poll but the 28th works for me also.