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  1. These recs are all very helpful- thank you! Anyone have a rule of thumb they use for how many cc’s of water for 15a’s and 16a’s? I’ll experiment from there, of course.
  2. Does anyone here load Bombers with water? If so, any recommended amount? I load both 5 and 7 inch Redfins, so am familiar with the process. I’d be interested in CC recs for 15a and 16a models. Thanks!
  3. Rigged eel
  4. I’m right handed and reel with my left for both spinning and conventional. I started with spinning when I was a kid and can’t get used to reeling with my right hand on conventional.
  5. I think I’d consider 15lb. Been downsizing my braid for light tackle last two years and very happy with it.
  6. I’ll take these for asking price.
  7. Thank you for clarifying! I guess it’s hard to be consistent if you allow an exemption for riggies even though they are likely much safer for bass than any lure with treble hooks.
  8. Would someone please clarify for me whether the ASMFC has allowed for an exemption for 2 hooked rigged eels in the circle hook law?
  9. Thank you, Charles!
  10. Does anyone know when the 3 year stock assessment will be released? If I remember correctly, I thought that it was going to be sometime this fall.
  11. I fish South Jersey primarily, but Rhode Island is by far my favorite place to fish.
  12. Fished there a ton when I was a kid. Only live about a mile away now. Get pissed every time that I drive past. Absolutely ridiculous that the water company closed it to fishing.
  13. If I had known about it(from Philly), I definitely would have gone to Salve Regina. Hoping my kids decide to go there- plenty of excuses to visit!
  14. Finally got out to shake off the cobwebs in South Jersey last night. Wind on the incoming was worse than expected- first spot was unfishable. Second spot was fine, but took the skunk. Threw small plugs. In my mind, all the bass were at the first spot!
  15. 1. Catch and release only for recs. 2. Ban commercial fishing for bass- they are worth more alive than dead. 3. Keep circle hooks for bait fishing. 4. Single hooks on plugs 5. Much heavier fines for poaching. 6. Licenses that pay for enforcement. The best thing for everyone is to have an abundant fishery. More tackle will be sold and more trips will be booked when people’s chances of catching quality fish improve. Unfortunately, it appears that there is too much fishing pressure to allow commercial and recreational harvest without wiping out the fishery.