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  1. Anyone use needles in the back in NJ? How about in strong current? I usually use plastic swimmers and jigs in the back, but curious about what others do.
  2. Great job, conservation officers! Sad to see that many dead small fish.
  3. Happy Easter, everyone.
  4. Blurple Bomber 15a. It has been my staple fishing back bays in South Jersey for a long time.
  5. Bob the Garbage Man is an absolute freakin riot!
  6. Outside of the crowd arguments, I’m really enjoying reading the reports. This is a difficult time, and reading reports is a good distraction and a reminder that life goes on. I live 80 miles from the ocean, and there is no way I’ll be visiting my SJ haunts anytime this spring. Stay safe, everyone.
  7. I’m actually wondering if the guys who live near the ocean will fish even more often during this stressful time. I probably would be hitting up some secluded spots on a regular basis if I could. Also wondering if there will be a rebound effect of pent up fishing demand once this passes. Overall, though, I would imagine that the striper harvest will decline significantly for a while. Stay safe, everyone.
  8. I really like the 8’ lamis for plugging in the back -they can handle a wide range of plug sizes, from bomber 15a’s and mirrolure 52mr’s all the way up to mag darters and sp minnows.
  9. That is a great idea, Phil. Thank you! If you were fishing a plug with a double belly hook and a tail hook, would you lollipop the back two? Also, would you leave one of three trebles exposed on a tail hook or turn them all in? Last question- in your experience, how to plastic swimmers like SP’s, Mag Darters, and Bombers work w/o the weight of a rear treble?
  10. These are all good recommendations- thank you. I have decided to pretty much eliminate rear trebles and crush barbs on the front hooks. I put inlines on a few plugs recently, but not confident in them yet. Trying to do my part to keep accidental mortality as low as possible.
  11. With all of the talk of C&R mortality for striped bass, I’ve been thinking a lot about the danger of treble hooks. The thing is, I enjoy throwing plugs much more than jigs. I saw a video online from John Skinnner in which he swapped out his treble hooks for single hooks on a plug( spook I think). He then proceeded to drop most fish that he hooked. I’ve also heard that some people cut two hooks off of trebles that come on custom plugs to try to keep the action unchanged. So here are my questions. 1. Do you think swapping out trebles for single hooks cuts the catch rate significantly? 2. does it sound reasonable to cut two hook points off of a treble? 3. How do you know on a treble which points to cut off? Thank you all in advance. Ed
  12. Thank you for that explanation. It appears to me that if it was the charter/ headboat crowd that got this pushed through, they we digging their own graves. They will be punished for being shortsighted when the stock totally crashes and the customers go away. I’d imagine that it is better to be a C&R captain with a thriving population than a catch and kill one with nothing to fish for.
  13. Would someone please explain this to me? The ASMFC proposal to reduce harvest by 18% is one fish at 28-35” coastwise. States can either go with that, or a conservation equivalency that reduces harvest by the same percentage. How the hell is CE achieved by ADDING three inches to the maximum size? You cannot kill the same number of fish at 28-38” as you would at 28-35”. Are these extra fish thrown in with the bs “we don’t have commercial fishing so we can do a bonus tag” portion of the quota?
  14. I’ve always done well on the smallest sizes for little creeks. Brown with a gold blade or white with a silver blade in clear water. Something bright with a gold blade in murky water. I have no confidence in the spinners with the painted blades. Anyone do well with them?
  15. Great book- read it a few months ago. The stories reminded me of Reading the Water. Certainly a good winter read.