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  1. Im gonna try like hell to forget tonight ever happened!! Ugh.. what an embarrassment..
  2. I shoulda been elated with that win, but after going up 3-0 and dominating them for most of the game, to have them come back so easy to 3-2 and then almost tie it at the end, left a weird taste in my mouth. That said, it was a great win, They need to learn to play with a lead, it seems they get up two and then get soft at their blueline, clearly evident as point scored in a 1 on 5 situation.. horrible job on D there. but.. they settled in and owned the game from 6-7 mins left til about a min left.. I knew the Isles would need at least one save, but I couldnt fathom theyd need THAT save by Pulock.. if they win this series, we'll be seeing that save for years to come.. unreal, great great playoff hockey/
  3. yep... perfect road game by Tampa.. Same thing is showing now as the last 25 years for the isles.. When games are tight and ice is tough to gain, you need star players to make star plays.. Barzal and Eberle are playing man down every game.. isles dont have stars, they have a great team that needs to outwork, outgrit, etc to win.. theyve been doing it, but when they play the stanley cup champs who are stacked all the through the lineup, you need guys that can get you a goal, isles dont have one go to guy who can breka a game open (a marchand, Point, Stamkos, Pasta Kucherov, etc.).. if Clutterbuck didnt push that garbage goal across theyda been shut out. they dont play offense well enough to create against a team who sits back and plays great D.. it aint over, Tampa played a perfect game, isles were a little off, you cant play perfect every game, lets see what happens with a drunken game 4 crowd.. kudos to Tampa and theyre skirting over the cap team that the NHL allowed.. they played a perfect game tonight..
  4. I agree as an isles fan, they turned it over way too much and didnt forecheck nearly as well as in game 1. Refs didnt tip the game in either teams favor.. they just blew it for both teams.. it was a horribly officiated game.. you cant let guys get yanked around by the neck, punched (I counted 11 punches thrown - both teams) and not a penalty on either team, cross checks galore.. then there were 3 penalties called in the 3rd, (2 on the isles, 1 on tampa) where there was BARELY any contact. you CANT let Punches and crosschecks go in the 1st, then call ticky tack penalties in the 3rd.. really ruined the game.. the 3rd period in playoffs you HAVE to let them play and call only BLATANT or Dangerous stuff.. I too cant wait to see how this team comes out on the Island.. tickets are impossible to get.. 4-5 hundy for upper deck which is crazy for the isles.. I paid 390 for 3 tix to game 4 against the Bruins, I cant find anything close to that this round.
  5. i agreed, without their leading goal scorer and Captain, but yes, you are correct.
  6. you mean the least penalized team in the NHL? got called? for what? A phantom slash that led to a goal after 20-25 solid crosschecks by tampa? Save it.. The refs lost control of that game in the 1st.. you let a team get away with chippy crap all period then call everything on the opponent in the 3rd? horrible job.. Even 2 of Tampa Penalties were garbage make up calls.. call it tight or let it go.. also, when 2 fighters are ready to drop the gloves to solve the BS on the ICE, let them.. Why stop the heavy weights from brawling, awful job by the refs..
  7. THAT WAS ROUGH.,..Im not gonna say the Refs were against the Isles, they were, but I wont say it.. LOL, they blew this game BOTH ways... they allowed WAY too much chippy stuff and wouldnt let anyone drop the gloves to settle anything.. then late int he 3rd, they start calling everything.. any change the isles had to come back, was blown.. I didnt expect to win both at Tampa.. Tampas crowd Blows! what a lame excuse for a fanbbase.. Lets see how these games go at the barn... its gonna be a fantastic series..
  8. wanna re-think that after today? LOL In all honesty, the Bruins put up WAY more of a fight all series than Tampa did today.. Isles out "chanced" them like 15-16 to 4.. Out hit them, out worked them, Varly was barely tested. Isles played almost a perfect game though, which scares me because thats hard to keep doing.. If you look back at last year, so many things were working against the Isles. #1, they had to go cross country and play the next night against a well rested tampa team, they got blown away in game 1. #2, its VERY hard to repeat in the NHL, especially with the parity in the league, #3, Isles got another year under the "Trotz system" and play it REALLY well now.. #4, The were missing their best DEfensive forward (Czikas) and Best by far, Dman (Pelech) in last years series. #5 Amazing stat, Isles trailed for a grand total of 8.8 seconds in Games 3,4,5,6 last year against Tampa. all the games after the 1st were VERY close. #6, Tampa hasnt played against teams who play like the Isles all year. The Islander division this year was basically playoff hockey. Bruins, Pens and even philly play a grind it out, tough game, isles are used to it. Tampa hasnt seen that all year, advantage Isles there. I know Tampa is the team to beat, amazing skill, great coach, tough guys, fantastic goaltending, but these 6 things give me hope that the isles can shock the hockey world and beat Tampa.
  9. I was super nervous going into this game because these teams were pretty evenly matched. the Isles kept the Marchand, PAsta, Bergy Line from blowing the game open and continued to shut down the other 3 lines. they pounded on the Bruins D, they forechecked like their lives depended on it, and got some timely goals and great goaltending. I honestly thought after period 1 of game 1, the Isles would get swept. Varly wasnt in, I love Sorokin, but he's so new and gonna be outstanding when he learns the league better, but this team tricked me again.. They are a true team, very similar to the Devils when they were winning cups. Great D, tough, aggressive, motors dont stop, and the addition if Palmieri was huge so far in these playoff. I know Tampa is awesome, but here is what has me thinking this may be a good series. 1) Isles went to 6 games with them last year and didnt get blown away in their first experience deep in he playoffs, in a bubble with ZERO fans making an impact. I think Tampa won 2-3 games in OT, all the games were close.. 2) Tampa didnt a get a chance to play the competition that the Isles and the other teams in their division played this year. Pitt, Bruins, Caps, Isles, even Philly all very tough teams, Tampa hasnt seen that. This Division was the best by far in the NHL year and the Isles have the advantage of playing these types of games all year, Tampa not so much. 3) its incredibly hard to repeat, especially in hockey with the parity, we'll see.. I just hope its another fantastic series of sick hockey, nothing better than playoff hockey. Congrats to the Bruins and their fans on hard fought series and great year!!!
  10. I was in the building on game 4. First off, it was as loud as a metallica concert in there.. my ears were ringing.. anywho, its true you can see all the BS at the arena you cant see on TV.. One of my biggest complaints about the Isles is that they DONT respond back when they get cheap shotted. Several guys on the Bruins have done dirty stuff after the whistle and away from the play, it doesn't get called. Last game, there was 2 phantom calls, 1 against each team.. it was a wash.. Iphish,. youre love of the Bruins and Marchy has blinded you to how the rest of the league views him. he is a terrific player, who plays on a great line., but people who know and watch Hockey as true fans know hes a friggen nuissance. his antics got old, and hes done less of it recently, but he still does it. he was picking on Beauvillier the other night, problem is, it doesnt work against this team. They are so well coached, if it doesnt help the team, they dont retalliate. there is a time to get back at guys and it isnt in the playoffs, the islanders play a rough game, but its a clean game. even the enforcers (Martin, Clutter) dont get into the cheap stuff, they pound you and move on. Most of the skirmishes around either net are caused by the Bruins looking to stir stuff up, but clearly it doesnt work. tonights game is a tough one on the Isles. Boston is gonna try to withstand the 1st 10 minutes, cause that place will be a nut house, and the ISles will come out flying, key is what goes on the rest of the game. I know it'll be close. If the Isles can keep the top line in check, it should go their way, if Pasta gets 2, and the other guys get one or 2, it'll be a rough night.. either way, I friggen love playoff hockey, its end of the seat fun watching for 3+ hours..
  11. lax > baseball.. not even close
  12. so funny.. The Bruins and their fans are in a tizzy because the refs are pro-islander? Thats Absurd.. Islanders were the 3rd LEAST penalized team all year. The Bruins, one of the most penalized teams.. Isles know they cant let the Bruins have PP's or they'll be in trouble.. There are a million calls int he playoffs that could be called, most arent. Isles dont have a player who was NOT penalized but also was Fined.. Isles got screwed on the Goalie interference non call.. they dont bitch and moan about the refs.. They play, they play harder, and then they get over it. Problem with boston is this.. They have a GREAT 1st line and no one else has showed up.. isles roll 4 lines all game all contribute hits, goals, D, etc.. Rather than Bitching and moaning about the Refs, who are ALWAYS inconsistent in the playoffs, maybe your coach should be talking about getting contributions from people other than the "perfection line" that we hear about ad-nauseum on the these pro-boston broadcasts
  13. dave the fish, how much are you looking to get?
  14. tons of stuff.. original unused Gary2 plugs.. Im a custom rod builder, Ive got almost everything... what are you looking for? I could do some cash and partial trade too.. I just broke my 5 wt, and Im heading out West end of June Wy, Montana, Col for 2 weeks.. so I need a 5 wt bad..
  15. interested in any trades?
  16. I "REALLY" need a 5 wt.. just busted one and I'm going out west.. lol... but screw it.. Ill take this... are you fishing soon? wanna meet up one night, fish and do the exchange???
  17. killing me bob,,, I need a 5wt in the worst way, I dont need this.. but im so close... lol
  18. Im not a big fan of cabbage, but Id love a nice corned beef reuben on marble rye tonite with some boiled potato's... I dont have a blessed clue how to cook corned beef.. how do you even buy it? BC
  19. NICE LIStriper!!!
  20. Taking a trip with family to the National Parks in Colorado/Wyoming end of June, and I need to pick up a rod for my 16 year old daughter. She’s just starting with the fly rod, and I don’t have a 4 piece travel rod for her to fish with out west. Used/inexpensive, etc. I have tons of extra reels, but I could use a floating line for the rod too. Let me know what you have! realiy looking forward to her hooking/landing wild trout in the Yellowstone, Colorado, etc rivers. thanks, BC
  21. Perfect, I’ll take it. Let me know about payment via pm! ty sir!
  22. great rack!!
  23. ty sir...
  24. Hello experts! this rainshadow f1308/9-4 blank is discontinued I know, but I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the new Rainshadow blanks mimic this one? That blank is perfect for where/how I fish, and I havent been able to find one. Im hoping maybe Rainshadow offers something very similiar but I dont know enough about how that blank was built to compare to any of the new line of blanks.. If anyone has any info to share, that would be great! Thanks, BC
  25. I know its a long shot as they are discontinued, but figgered Id ask here. Anyone have a F1308/9-4 blank or even built they would part with? I got tons of stuff to trade or cash.. lets see what you got.. Also, not to familiar with Rainshadows new blanks, is there a blank that is identical to this one out there now that anyone can recommed? This rod is the perfect fit for the fishing I do, it just works perfectly. thanks, BC