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  1. interested in any trades?
  2. I "REALLY" need a 5 wt.. just busted one and I'm going out west.. lol... but screw it.. Ill take this... are you fishing soon? wanna meet up one night, fish and do the exchange???
  3. killing me bob,,, I need a 5wt in the worst way, I dont need this.. but im so close... lol
  4. NICE LIStriper!!!
  5. Perfect, I’ll take it. Let me know about payment via pm! ty sir!
  6. Taking a trip with family to the National Parks in Colorado/Wyoming end of June, and I need to pick up a rod for my 16 year old daughter. She’s just starting with the fly rod, and I don’t have a 4 piece travel rod for her to fish with out west. Used/inexpensive, etc. I have tons of extra reels, but I could use a floating line for the rod too. Let me know what you have! realiy looking forward to her hooking/landing wild trout in the Yellowstone, Colorado, etc rivers. thanks, BC
  7. great rack!!
  8. ty sir...
  9. Hello experts! this rainshadow f1308/9-4 blank is discontinued I know, but I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the new Rainshadow blanks mimic this one? That blank is perfect for where/how I fish, and I havent been able to find one. Im hoping maybe Rainshadow offers something very similiar but I dont know enough about how that blank was built to compare to any of the new line of blanks.. If anyone has any info to share, that would be great! Thanks, BC
  10. I know its a long shot as they are discontinued, but figgered Id ask here. Anyone have a F1308/9-4 blank or even built they would part with? I got tons of stuff to trade or cash.. lets see what you got.. Also, not to familiar with Rainshadows new blanks, is there a blank that is identical to this one out there now that anyone can recommed? This rod is the perfect fit for the fishing I do, it just works perfectly. thanks, BC
  11. same, thats a sick desk!!!
  12. with how well the Dems cheat, and how bad the Republican lawyers are, you wont see a Republican court reporter, let alone a Rep house or senate anytime soon.. the republicans need to learn how to cheat and not get caught like the Dems, supposedly... Or.... they can stop backing complete and utter nutjobs and actually get their chit together..
  13. I’ll take it for $210. Send me PayPal info via PM thanks, BC
  14. I’ll take the 9’6” 8 wt. Rod without tube. I’m gonna use it as a single hand steelhead rod, did you use it for steelhead, if so what line did you use??