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  1. Big Win tonight.. Palmieri with a sick goal.. again Sorokin best player on the ice for either team.
  2. If i didnt have 20 x's that amount of most of those, id be all over this.. this is a GREAT DEAL!!!
  3. Nope, hes getting paid like a starting caliber QB in the league.. its a lot of money for sure, but not for NFL QB's. who were they signing instead? what would that have cost them? hes getting paid top QB dollar now, in 2 years, if he keeps getting better, hell be a bargain.. contract is solid for him and the Giants.. doesnt need to be a top 10 or 5 QB.. just needs to be the franchise QB like, Eli and Simms before him and it looks like hes on his way to doing that..
  4. I did this exact trip 2 summers ago, same time. We stayed in jackson and then West Yellowstone and then Cody.. In Jackson, there are a ton of places to fish outide the park, any local tackle store will see you 5-6 flies and put you on fish pretty easy.. West Yellowstone was AWESOME.. great fly stores, great local advice, I was lucky to fish a Salmon Fly hatch on the Madison, best fly fishing experience of my life. GRizzly, Elk, and 23 inch Pristine Rainbow on a Salmon Fly, doesnt get any better. From Cody, NE of the Park, I fished the Shoshone, I fished the reservoir and the river heading out, it was opening day and it was literally like fishing in an aquarium.. so many fish.. brought my wife and daughters with me, we all got great pics, tons of Bows, a couple Cuttthroat, and a nice Brown too!!! its an incredible place to fish and be. best advice is when you roll into town, make mental note where the fly store is then when the family has its back turned, run into it by accident.. lol.. the local guys will always put you on fish.. there is enough access and fish that its very easy to do..
  5. lol.. I know some think its sacrilege.. but Ive used em a bunch on the salmon river steelhead fishing and under certain conditions, its DEADLY..
  6. Great Season, and Great team this year. they do have some good young players for years to come. BUT.. they have what 30+ Free agents? they have lost their OC and DC and they have to sign Hurts (he should get PAID NOW IMO) either this year or next. this year was their shot, they knew it, they took their swing and now they gotta retool. They have an awesome fromt office, but they got a TON of work to do to continue the success they had this year against, lets be honest, a really weak schedule. the NFC east beat everyone up outside the division, they all lucked out. next year will be much toucher to see 3 teams make out of this division. congrats on a great season and I couldnt be happier they lost..
  7. This is a GREAT TOPIC!! heres my two cents.. I used a 13 ft 7 wt to start my long rod/two hand adventure about 20 years ago. I am now using 11-11.5 ft switch rods, they offer ME greatly flexibility when Im fishing. I am not an "expert caster" but I can guarantee that if there are fish to be caught, I can get my fly to the spot where they are gonna eat consistently, wethering its on the swing or nymphing, etc. There are many terms that are mis-used when it comes to long rods. "spey" is one of them. spey fishing? what is it? is it the cast, the technic, the rod, the guy who says im a SPEY GUY??? you can use a 13 ft, 2hand rod to cast and FISH an egg pattern or a stone fly the same way a single hand rod guy can. What Ive come to learn is that there huge advantages to fishing a longer rod (Traditional Spey or Switch) no matter what terminology you use. Mike is 100% correct, the water "anchor" casts are very easy to pick up, especially if you have an idea of how fly line works and an understanding of how to load a rod. All the casts that you would need to use based on river direction, wind, etc are all completed with the Circle C, Snap T and Double spey. Each is used based on where you want your anchor to be. if you become proficient with these casts, dumping a WHOLE lot of line is pretty easy (maybe not 150 ft, LOL). weather you are swinging flies casting down stream, nyphing, or even indicator fishing, those 3 casts can get you exactly where you need to be to catch fish. everyone talks about the cast because if you cant get to the fish, you cant catch em. But, the fish catching part for me is aided with the long rod as well. Easy Mends up or downstream, ability to achieve clean drifts, better angles to fight fish once you hook them. Anywho, if you practice and practice by fishing, which is most important, it shouldn't take long to become proficient and not much longer than that to become good at it. from there, you can delve into the airborn anchors, using heavier sink tip, etc. I know a rambled, hoepfully my point got across.
  8. I agree.. I like him alot, works his tail off, good dude, but this team has soo many needs and holes to fill, that money could be better used elsewhere. I want 2 stud LB's, a good corner and a top wr.. wont be enough with saquan contract to go around.
  9. If the Eagles hadnt completely dominated the Giants for the last 8-10 years, I would think the Giants would have a shot. that said, especially in Prime time, the Giants Vs the Eagles is usually a laugher for the Eagles.. so we have that going in our favor! lol.. But, my only hope is that the Giants come out and play the game of their lives and the Eagles dont play so well.. Will that happen, prolly not.. either way im more than content with year one!
  10. Earlier in the game my daughter said "Slayton is really good, hes soo fast" I said "ya, hes having a good game, but everytime he does, he makes a huge mistake, a drop, a fumble something.. ".. lo and behold. but he had a real good game before that!!
  11. I went in today with Zero expectations happy to have a decent 1st year, the team played above its potential for the first time in 10+ years. they were competent again. then the playoffs starting coming into picture, and I figured "hmm, if they make it, itd be a good building block... " now theyre in, and Im like "its gravy baby" then up 7 with the ball, Im standing and panting like a lunatic as #29 tackles Hock.. I screamed like they won the super bowl.. good feeling for sure.. lol.. As for next week, Philly has an awesome team with very few weaknesses.. well coached, loaded with talent, a young QB having an MVP type year. Honestly think Philly wins this pretty easy.
  12. LOL, I heard that with Saquon Miq'd. he said to DJ "Vanilla Vick, you better be down there for a celebration after I take this one to the house" lol I cracked up when I heard that!!
  13. LOVE the padding on the wall for the rod tips!! Well Done!!
  14. Ive heard so many incredible stories about Jerry from Vito and others in the club. Never heard a negative word about the guy! what a treasure to have these memories of an incredible friend, great fisherman and even better man!!
  15. Im interested. Im taking two new guys up to Salmon River this year. Let me see if they are interested, and Ill take all 3.. Ill get back to ya!
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