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  1. Hey Delmarva, I finally made it down here after all these years. Looking for a little help fish the OSV At Assateague. I have my wife and daughters with me. Purchased the OSV permit today and made my way out once the weather broke this afternoon. 1st off, it’s an incredibly beautiful beach. Insane sunset on the bay side. I’ll be back in the beach tomorrow and Wednesday. Today I threw frozen chunks on hi lo rig on one rod, and blood worms in the wash on another. I’m just hoping to get a bend in the rod for my kids. Any advice would help. I got two 11ft glass chunking rods with sand spikes and a 9 ft plugging stick. I’m not looking for spots, just advice on bait, terminal tackle, what you guys think my best bet is to target. Im not opposed to targeting rays/shark, but today, with the sweep, the blood worms were gone in a second and the chunks didn’t get touched. I appreciate any advice you can give! Thsnks, BC
  2. ugh, it took me two years to get away from this style putter and move on to a claw style putter with a long handle.. If I was still using my Ping style I would be ALL OVER this.. great putter. but my eyes are bad now, the claw makes it easier to roll em nice. good luck
  3. Hey C, Digga has first shot at it, if he declines, you are next in line. bc
  4. Yes, the rod is still available. I’m on Long Island, I think you live on Long Island as well, when would you like to meet? Bc
  5. Correct, no tape required, it's got a regular reel seat installed. I'll see if I have a PVC tube that will work.
  6. Here you go. If you pay shipping and more importantly, if I can find something to ship it in, I may be willing to ship. Where is it going to?
  7. Price Cut to $150
  8. Mama needs a new Avet. Selling this two piece Mojo Surf MSS 100MMF2 in brand new condition. It has been test casted and sat in my rack as a back up for one year. its been on my truck maybe 10 times, never fished. I did replace the reel seat when I first got the rod. I heard all about the crappy job St Croix does Epoxying their reel seats, so I gave it a twist and it came loose in my hand, I replaced it, and rebuilt the butt section with Cork tape on the foregrip (as I prefer Cork to the X-flock wraps). anywho, the rod is $220 in stores new. Ill sell this for $170 pick up only, I dont want to ship. Im on Long Island. The only trades I'd be interested in would be for an Avet MX Series (the next size up from the smaller one used for fluke, etc). I want an Avet in the next size up to chunk with in the sound or Ocean Fluke/Sea Bass/blackfish, etc. PM to let me know if you replied as I am on a project in NYC with work and wont be around much to check in. BC
  9. what are the specs for the reddington rod? and price? price for both? thanks, BC
  10. offense sucks.. no doubt about it.. eli is playing scared, rightfully so.. but please dont say this defense is good.. 24 points to a team that hasnt scored 24 pts all year in a half, they have NO wr's, a hurt Tackle, no RB's.. and they have guys open all over the ****n field.. ELi sucks, the offense sucks, the defense has NEVER sucked more.. no sacks.. #21 is a sham.. #54 is a sham.. #20 cant cover anyone.. its impossible to be a fan of this **** team..
  11. Not for nothing, but Sundays kick would have been good from 70 yards.. not only did he make it, he buried it.. it went over the cross bar by 5 yards.. insane kick.. They had issue's everywhere Sunday, couldnt block. Barkley had 48 yards rushing on 16 carries, he had runs of 30 and 26.. other than those two runs, he carried 14 times for 2 yards. he got hit 12 times more than two yards in the backfield on first contact. thats absolutely horrible run blocking. on the 26 yard run, before he crossed the line of scrimmage, he made Keuckly miss with a spin move, then a MAdden 2018 joystick move to get outside where he made 2 guys miss at the line of scrimmage. The special teams AGAIN were awful allowing a TD on a muffed punt, and then 3 penalties on returns, negating positive runs. Eli had a bad interception trying to go to the well one too many times on the slant, throwing off the back foot. the other interception was 87's fault, he got lost in the route, and went outside instead of inside. with all that, and its been the case for the last 6-7 years, with all that other garbage in the game, they scored 31 points against a good defensive team, get a great 2 minute drive for a TD and leave 68 seconds for a QB who couldnt hit the broad side of a barn all game, and they let them drive far enough with no timeouts to get the game winning field goal. just one friggen time, id like to see the defense end a gosh darn game when given an opportunity.. they have blown more 4th quarter leads than any team ever in the NFL. everyone immediately says Eli blew the game, the offense sucks, the refs.. blah blah blah.. its time for this Defense to man up and end a game for once in their lives
  12. Lure, what are you looking for in trade? How much to buy outright? This would work well for her, lets try to piece this together.. Thanks, BC
  13. Im looking for a Macbook Pro or Air (13-15inch). I picked one up for her 2 years ago from here (mid 2008, white) and its now 10 years old and not doing so great. It doesnt have to be super powerful. She basically needs it to download her pics, use Google Docs for school and Netflix. Id like to get one from 2012-2013 to keep the price low. I have a ton of stuff I can trade and/or Im a rodbuilder, so I have tons of rods laying around as well. If you have a kid who is gonna upgrade soon or you just have one you dont use too often gathering dust, Let me know.. thanks, BC