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  1. That's too far, unfortunately. I'm gonna close this, because I'm gonna be unable to respond for a while. Thanks fir the offers, comrades.
  2. Red Wind.
  3. What do you get when you cross Duane Eddy, Django Reinhart, and Uncle Fester. Frank *! Enjoy, man!
  4. Mmmm…. grits.
  5. And let's not forget this timeless classic.
  6. He was incandescently great. How can you not love a guy who puts hunting, fishing, and eating and drinking over everything else? Chandler is the best. The best. One could make the argument that Heart of Darkness is the greatest book ever written, and I would not quibble. It's that good.
  7. Smarmy kids > stolen valor guy > hate group > Raider.
  8. Congratulations! Can I borrow $500?
  9. They don't hate Amazon: they hate that they can't get any of Amazon's money. If Bezos decided to donate a zillion dollars to a pet lefty org -- I'll pick the Sierra Club at random, though at least a hundred others, like Planned Parenthood, would do just as well -- then they'd not have made a peep about the Amazon HQ in LIC. The only reason the lefties roused rabble is because they were excluded from the trough. I've come to look at virtually all public exchanges through the prism of people trying to take money from other people and/or other organizations. It makes a lot of what happens very obvious, when otherwise it would be confusing. Why, for example, do only some union projects in Philly get protested? It's because some developers are smart enough to pay off the unions. The ones who are not get the rat. Why do uber-progressives protest the tax credits to Amazon, when they say nothing about the offshore wind farm in Jersey, which is a far, far bigger public boondoggle, and which will cost taxpayers orders of magnitude more loot than Amazon -- the libs say nothing partly because green energy is a pet cause of theirs, but mostly because the rent seekers receiving government largesse from the ridiculous wind subsidies are their ideological brethren. They don't squawk because they're in on the take. Follow the money on almost any issue, and what happens usually makes perfect sense.
  10. If your hive is still alive, you should be in good shape: I think that the nasty cold temperatures are probably over. A month from now, they should be in full-blown expansion mode. On March 2, I'm taking the newbie beekeeping class the Philly Beekeeper's Guild gives every year. Hopefully I'll learn what I didn't know last year, and will have a shot at getting my hive to survive next winter. I'm looking forward to it.
  11. I just realized I am out for the Fling this year: I have (seriously) an all-day beekeeping class that day. Sorry!
  12. He also played against Pete Carril, who went to college in upstate Pennsylvania, somewhere off the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike, Lehigh or something similar, IIRC. My dad said Petey sucked. May dad was a bit older than Wilt, so he never played against the Dipper, but he did play against Gola -- and Gola is even today one of the unquestionable all-time greats in college basketball history. He has records that will never be broken: to get to 2,200 rebounds, a guy would have to play 35 games a year for four years -- and average 16 rebounds a game for all of them. That's kind of mind-boggling.
  13. Mine got old very fast. He was either 78 or 79, and got hip replacement surgery so that he could try to keep playing golf. Long story short: they effed up the surgery, and he had to have 5 more operations to fix the screwups. He had to sit in a chair for six months through this -- he had no hip, and couldn't move -- and by the time they finally fixed him, he had muscle atrophy and all that, and was a shriveled version of himself. He never got that back. He stayed the same for 3 or 4 years, and then went downhill very quickly, and was dead in a few months. By the end -- this was a few years ago -- it was a relief, pretty much for everyone. He wanted to die, and while we didn't want him to die, we didn't want to see him live the way he was either.
  14. If MMA stands for Mega Major sweetheart, then Wayne is a tenth-degree black belt.
  15. Who doesn't hate Wayne?