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  1. My brother used to have a little whaler, a 15-footer, probably a Montauk. IIRC, the weight of that thing, even filled with gas, was way under a thousand pounds.
  2. I'm proud that I have no bleeping clue what you idiots are talking about.
  3. Bernie clamped his ass cheeks shut again, eh?
  4. It is possible for someone to be opposed to the politics of Israel, but not be an anti-Semite. But with a few notable exceptions, with Maajid Nawaz and Irshad Manji coming to mind, anti-Israel sentiment is just warmed over Jew-hatred. From what I've seen of her, this describes the new Congressperson: a garden-variety Islamist anti-Semite.
  5. Saying that Jesus wasn't an Arab is like saying he wasn't a Mormon: he couldn't have been either, because neither Arabic (they spoke Aramaic in that part of the world during Jeeb's lifetime) nor the truly mad Book of Mormon existed while he was alive. That's a new low, in terms of stupidity, even by Raider's standards.
  6. This is inarguably false. Being Jewish is a religious identity, yes, but it is also an ethnic identity. There are many, many people who are not religious, but who consider themselves ethnically (and culturally) Jewish.
  7. If Landru wants a spot, he can have one. On me.
  8. Go get your face ****ed.
  9. I'll try to make this easy for you: What is an Arab?
  10. Jesus couldn't have been an Arab, you moron. Frank, is this guy really this ****ing stupid?
  11. The last time he had the keys, he traded away a zillion picks for RGIII. The agony this must give Frank makes me
  12. I think needledick covers all of that.
  13. I give him a pass, only because the guy threw at his head the night before. That is a much bigger sin that hot-dogging it around the bases.
  14. The Washington Post reported yesterday that Dan Snyder has taken over control of the draft board for the first two rounds. That's right: final say on who they take is going to be Danny Boy.