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  1. Words hurt.
  2. You do to rhymed verse what Billybob does to head boat toilets.
  3. Can I be Curley? Or at least Joe Besser?
  4. Billybob, the human cannonball!
  5. I'll give you fifty bucks if you take the key out of the ignition while Billybob is up there.
  6. You should paint your house pink, and turn it into a Mexican restaurant.
  7. I am enjoying my slide into senescence. I plan on reveling in it when I'm decrepit enough to **** and piss in my pants without getting in trouble for it. That will be great.
  8. It might pay to wait, too: there was an article in are local fishwrap yesterday that a big local painting company had to turn away 150 jobs last month, due to a shortage of workers. They have 150 openings -- and they can't find anyone who wants them. I gotta think that the pricing is going to reflect that -- they can pick and choose what jobs they want.
  9. How much to rent a cherry-picker, or a pro scaffolding deal, for a few days or even a week? I don't mind being off the ground -- it's being off the ground in a ladder that I can't stand. Just a few months ago, I paid a guy two hundred clams to go up to the peak of ma roof and nail in a piece of siding that blew off in a storm -- it was the kind of thing that would have taken 3 minutes if it had been lower, but I ain't going up that high on no ladder no more.
  10. Good news, comrade. Good luck.
  11. I'll add the (sic) next time. For those who are to (sic) dense to get the joke.
  12. What's your stance on the Bushmills/Jameson Protestant/papist scum debate? Is there a way both sides can lose?