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  1. How do you get a one-armed Terri out of a tree? to him!
  2. I learned a week or two ago that Weber now makes a pellet grill: it's the SmokeFire, and it's priced in line with higher-end propane grills, around a grand for the entry-level model, and going up from there. I would never give up ma charcoal grills, but for those of us who have both propane and charcoal grills, I can see a pellet replacing the gasser. I use the propane mostly for use with a griddle, )(like my famous smashburger recipe), or when I'm cooking very small quantities of food, like three chicken breasts, and I don't wanna deal with the hassle of lighting a chimney of charcoal. The pellet grill seems about as idiot-proof of propane, and it would eliminate the hassle of dealing with propane tanks, which is something I absolutely, positively loathe about propane grills (I can't tell you how many times I've run out of gas standing at the grill while half in the bag). Are gasser, a Genesis that I bought after Lemons Forever won the 2005 Kentucky Oaks at 47-1 -- -- is probably on its last legs, and when it's time to replace it, I will probably look at a pellet grill. In conclusion, Wayne is a loathsome douhebag, and he sucks too.
  3. They tried to get into the gun shop that's on Ridge Pike, on the border of Roxborough and Montgomery County. The owners had armed security there, and they drove the crumb bums away. The line out the door there yesterday drew enough attention that one of the news stations covered it -- the store is a gun-and-bait-and-tackle shop, and after that state record catfish was caught in the Schuylkill last week, I figured that they were all there to buy bait.
  4. Odds on how long until there's a White Claw in that holder: Less than a week: 2-1 More than a week: 5-1 Already happened: 4/5 Place your bets!
  5. I hate 'Merica because of morans like you. The French.
  6. Go get your face ****ed.
  7. We adopted our first in November of 2011. Since then, counting fosters, we've had 20! I would say that I think we need help, but the grey thing is ending: most of the tracks in Florida have already closed, and the ones that haven't have to close before the end of the year. With Florida racing gone, the number of racing greys is going to plummet faster than Wayne's self-respect. We've already talked about what we're going to do if there aren't a lot of greys that need homes.
  8. Could be arthritis. Find another vet. There are a lot of vets out there who are clueless about greyhounds, and greys are, as the woman who runs the adoption group we got our dogs from warned me, different in some ways from other dogs. If you're anywhere near Philly, Penn Vet is exceptional. It's as good an animal hospital as there is anywhere in the world. It's a pain in the ass to get to, but it's worth it, especially if you have a more complicated problem. I took our old hound, Marigold, who's 12, there with dental issues just before the virus nonsense happened, and they got a vet at Penn who does nothing but dog's teeth. It's that good. Whatever you do, get a second opinion. 8 is old for some dog breeds, but it's not for greys -- I'd call it solid middle age (they typically live 10-14 years). Get her help, because she's still got a lot of life in her!
  9. The best part is that I picked him, and didn't tell Raider. I am a horrible person.
  10. @RiverRaider
  11. The owner is a Dutchman. The sire is Stephanotis. Insert goat ****er joke here: ____________________
  12. Nah, we're fine. I spent all day outside yesterday, and other than the occasional helicopter, I couldn't tell that anything was going on. It's fine, at least in my little corner of Philly.
  13. Our Blue loves to kill them groundhogs! She took out a big one last summer -- the damn thing had to be over 20 pounds. Doesn't she look like a killer?
  14. There's **** all around us, but so far, are immediate 'hood is fine. Looters evidently got the Target on City Line Avenue bad, and they also evidently got the stores in the Bakers Centre strip mall in East Falls (it's on Roberts Avenue, next to both Route 1 and the Abbottsford Homes housing project; my Restaurant Depot is in there) really bad, but there hasn't been anything within about a mile of me, as far as I can tell. Most of the bad stuff last night was in West Philly, evidently, along the 52nd Street Corridor and up through Wynnefield and Overbrook up to City Ave. I feel bad for Jeff Brown, as he's invested a ton of money in his stores (ShopRIte) in city neighborhoods that used to be urban food deserts, and he's had at least two stores that I know of totally ****ing ruined (East Falls and 52nd & Parkside), and one more (Fresh Grocer on Monument Road, behind Target) that might have been sacked. It's an absolute **** show, and Mayor McCheese seems to be in totally over his head. I took the day off to work on the camper, and now I think I'm going to have to do something else, because there ain't no way I'm going to a Home Depot today.