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  1. ok thank you
  2. Is the long part at the center of a black sea bass tail also a filament or can it part of the total length ?
  3. I'm all for the small shop and do buy from them, but what I didn't like is when I went to buy green crabs for black fish fishing they really stuck it to me. They knew no one else had them so they charged me 7.50 a dozen.Don't think I will use them too much again.
  4. I had the same thing happen with a sea anchor I called at night and was told I would have to return it.I called next day they said they were sorry and they will send the diff on a gift card. and they did.
  5. best info on rods I have ever heard thank you
  6. ande clear 25 on all conventials except fluke set ups
  7. some airports will take your braid from you
  8. I was in the navy and was a firefighter for 28 yrs and It was was never explained to me this way. thank you
  9. I live in NYC and when I come to florida I fish from a friends dock, the other day I had a snook come to the shrimp I was fishing with looked at it then it and then just left,fish came back looked at the bait again then went away I didn't know that the snook were so hard to get. Because A few years ago I was fishing in the keys and we were geting them one after another.
  10. AI have level wind too no problem.
  11. Its nice to see that you want to go and do what you like to do, but going in business (as stated above) is hard. What I think you should do is get a good Job (City, state or fed) and do this on the side. Like you said you are only 18 you have some time to think about what you want to do. If you can do what you like its great. Just saying don't wait too long, to get into a good job.
  12. I Don't like circle hooks, I used them and never had any luck with them. And it takes the fun out of fishing. J;s all the way with me.
  13. ehvhram and everyone else watch where you put that magnet it might mess up your compass readings.
  14. If you use a chainsaw get ready for a trip to the ER a chainsaw cut is 138 stiches a second DON'T DO IT !
  15. OK thanks I will check it out PS I have the box and the parts list that came with the reel and they are in good shape the reel is in fair to good shape.