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  1. ok so here it goes as each pic is a different plug.. pic 1 is on a AH 2oz Danny plug in bunker pic 2 is on a AH 2oz darter in solid yellow pic 3 is on a AH Goo-Goo eye metal lip in bunker pic 3 is on a AH atom 40 style swimmer in solid yellow all of these are great plugs..
  2. Dons metal lips swim awesome and constant all the time..
  3. Its been awhile...
  4. some fins..
  5. Rattle can redfins
  6. Afterhours squid
  7. I love this story just because its my backyard...
  8. Boy she can play..
  9. morning people its been awhile
  10. ya looking at the underside pic it looks like the schoolie slimmed down compared to the BMS. Is this you nick?
  11. BMS stands for Beachmaster swimmer they are different plugs.
  12. looking at it next to the trollboy it maybe a schoolie it does not look as fat as the BMS "Beachmaster swimmer" hard to tell in the photo..I have a pic of the shoolie and BMS in the pics below you can see the BMS is fatter in profile. Sorry for any confusion