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  1. My 10' Tica is shot and I was looking at these Penns as a replacement for fishing Cape May NJ beaches all the way down to Ocracoke Island NC. From spring to fall that is where I can be found or someewhere in between the two...
  2. I have been fishing the NC beaches for years and have had two occasions of being stopped (checked. The first was pleasant enough and when you encounter a conservation or LEO office that is not "badge heavy" then all of us should just go along with the checks. Now my second encounter was by a younger NPS Ranger. Just doing his job but he was a little to zealous and enjoyed it too much. I was in the water with bait 50 yards out and had to come in to dig thrrough my gear to show him my license. I will give him the benefit of the doubt though because as I said young and dumb. In Jersey when fishing there, the Rangers etc that I encounter, seem to know me by sight and will stop to chat or just wave as they go by.
  3. From the album Forum Attachments

  4. from the reports I've read are bluefish and plenty of them. Seems like the fishing is about to get a whole lot better down there. I will give a report when I get back. Heading down on the 6th.
  5. just don't take it to extremes with the chillies. The park service will make a big deal out of drunk beach drivers as the fight for access continues dwon there. Try not to make us fishermen that enjoy beach access to be wrongly portrayed by those against it. September would be the better month in my humble opinion, the later the better. Could get lucky with a nice blue bite or an early drum run, but there should be pomps around and with a few good casts some spanish too.
  6. the drum and striper bite had been slowed this year by sharks just offshore at the point. For awhile there they were thick and apparently scaring off everything else. Although now might be the time for a road trip as they seem to have moved off.
  7. Caught and released on the Avon beach.
  8. and works well for most. These reels (I have one) stand up well too. With any spinner the best advice I can give is practice, practice and then more practice.
  9. I have always followed the rule of thumb to double your running line. For instance if you are using 15 lb test, then your shock should be 30 lb. Suffix works well and of course the trick is to tie good knots.
  10. I agree with everything you said. You nailed it, the NON FISHING beach drivers are the ones giving the rest of us a bad name. Although these eco wackos like Maddox do not make that distinction. They see an OBPA sticker or the like and associate everyone as a fisherman. Simply put that is not the case as you know. I see those off roaders repeatedly racing up and down the beach, damaging dunes etc. The fishermen I see are always picking up after themselves and picking up other's trash left behind.
  11. above. I also have the Emblem Pro 5500, and after not too much use it needs an overhaul Everyone has their favorites. For casting I think Daiwa does a decent job, but as far as spinning I like the newer Penn metals.
  12. after December 31 a license is required. Stripers are there although I do believe you gotta work harder for em than up north.
  13. Petitions won't do. These SOB's are trying to take away OUR beach access everywhere and at every turn/ Hatteras is another area where they have loosley oragnized to fight. We need voices in the legislatures and the such.
  14. Gives new meaning to the word fishing. Those guys can say we wwent "catching".