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  1. Two - four pieces of saddle will accomplish enough action to move fish.
  2. Nice early season pattern, Pete!
  3. I bought two packages last season. Nice and sharp. Broke a handful and saw plenty of rust. Haven't purchased any since.
  4. Hi Jim,


    I'd be happy to pay $259 plus shipping or meet in NH for the Abel 3n.  Timing is everything.  Rough week this week as the timing belt in my son's car needed to be replaced.

    I could venmo/paypal or cash friday 12/18.

    Understand if not...

    I'd be gifting the reel to my 19 year old daughter whom hauls like a mother...



    1. Jim A.

      Jim A.

      Hello there.  I fine with holding it for you till the 19 th ..not worried about selling it.   If you pay Venmo I will insure it. ..or paypal is fine.  Or pick up.  I’m in Portsmouth    603 8289347.    I rather sell it on this site than give ebay money.   It’s priced right.  Many thx. Jim 

    2. HeyNine-ah


      Smoking hot price!  yes, willing to venmo 12/18.  I'll text you a week from today to wrap up the transaction.  I can drive from portland to portsmouth to pick it up saturday if you are ok with that.  contactless pick up on the stoop?


      My great grandparents lived across the street from Martingale Wharf right up to the day they died.  My great aunt and uncle lived there for years and eventually moved to mckinely road.


      I used to play in the church parking lot and try to hit baseballs from there over the wharf down into the river.  such a nice area.



    3. HeyNine-ah


      I was exposed to the virus.  I test tomorrow.  14 day q-tine won't permit me to drive down.  I'll pay for shipping if you don't mind...


  5. They move big brook trout really well. Will pull them off any lie. I've seen them hook atlantic salmon. Durability is awful. Won't tie any for 2021.
  6. I walked parts of the marsh at low tide last weekend w/ my fly rod. Lots of tommy cod and small glass shrimp. No hold overs in usual hold over locations. Nice to be outside.
  7. Never considered not paying a guide to be a thing....I've hired, I'm paying. Most guides I have fished with have adjusted pricing based on a myriad of factors.
  8. I have caught fish just south of Portland as late as Veteran's Day, and fish around Gerrish Island as late as Turkey Day. Mostly shift my attention to freshwater once the run is over....what little runs we have left.
  9. I gave up hunting when the state opened up to fishing open water all year.
  10. Release mortality is real. In all fisheries. It doesn't take a lot of experience to see the mangled jaws of fish in both of those fisheries to realize our impact as anglers. Drive route 16 along the Magalloway to see the pressure. It's bad. One could make some money opening a hot dog stand..... I opted for more river smallies the past couple years. Less people and angry fish. I too have fished all over the country. I'm comfortable with an opposing opinion. It may not be "the best," but it's up there... I guess it all depends on how the individual angler is evaluating it. Sorry to hijack the original question.
  11. You lost me at fisheries biologist.. Maine makes it share of mistakes Pike are here to stay no doubt. Just started targeting them this year. Still haven't caught one....in due time..
  12. Umbagog may not be a good coldwater fishery. However it is where the brook trout for two prominent Maine rivers winter. The Magalloway and Rapid Rivers. The Rapid River is the best wild brook trout fishing in the lower 48. One could argue the Magalloway is not that far behind. Many of the Rapid River trout spawn a short swim from where it dumps into Umbagog. Bass are opportunistic eaters...hence the freak out.. I don't believe bass are a trash fish. I target them quite a few times a summer. Regulations are put into effect to try and maintain a balance for both species.
  13. Howdy,  on that Bart-o-minnow, can you describe when you tie the SF hair in hollow vs. hi-tye?  I am guessing you use hollow technique after the ostrich to build the body before hi-tying the head.  Then trim the hi-tye to suit profile?


    thanks in advance...



    1. Suave



      I presume you've looked at Landwher's sbs. So  I'll follow the recipe in the same order to tell you what I did

      . Hook: Mustad S71 #2/0

      . Thread: 6/0 white uo to the head  and then fine mono  

      . Tail (3" long): white bucktail under 3-4 white ostrich herls under silver holo saltwater Flashabou (2 strands) under pearl saltwater Flashabou (2 strands) under 7-9 olive ostrich herls

      . No lateral line

      . Throat: red rabbit

      . Collar: SF Flash Blend (FB) olive top half, pearl ice dub fringe bottom

      . Under Head: pearl crystal chenille

      . Head (for me more like part body and head): all over the chenille Under Head. I first tied in a pinch of  FB (olive top half and white bottom half) hollow style, about 1/4" in front of tie-in point of tail, to extend back to about 1" past bend of hook; then hi-tied pinches of FB top (olive) and bottom (white) until the last pinch is just behind the eye of the hook but before pushing back the material of this last pinch, at the same tie in point I tied, on each side, parallel to the shank, a thin pinch of  white FB, then pushed everything back tan built the usual thread Dam in front. Then, with scissors, trim the Head to proper shape

      . Eyes: 3D holo, 1/4", gold


      Hope this helps.


      Pierre Sauvé 

  14. When I was out Saturday morning they were between Clapboard and Ft. Gorgeous....all of it...not a bass on them....