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  1. I'll take them. Those are the old boxes made by Fox out of the UK.
  2. Was his name Maniac ?
  3. I always sleep in during the full moon cycle. In 40 years I can't recall a rocking bite in Maine during this moon phase. NY/NJ fella's swear by it. Hope you stick a few soon!
  4. I'll take 1- recon. I can paypal or venmo.
  5. In the spirit of avoiding the crowds on our cold water fisheries…..the apex predators continue to be fun to fish for. The pike bite is an underrated experience. I think we put 8 in the net with two over 30”. Feeding those 40” fish isn’t easy. Certainly will hold me over until the dirt roads firm up and stripers arrive. FullSizeRender.MOV FullSizeRender.MOV
  6. I have fished a few on both coasts. Where in FLA will you be?
  7. The buoy is at 43.9. When it hits 50 hang on...
  8. The increased population in remote areas of our state continue to increase fishing pressure on some of my favorite inland rivers . I refuse to feel crowded. Finding fewer people chasing other species on lesser known waters.
  9. I’ll take all 4 umqua’s for $65. pm PayPal info. Will send money Friday night. oTW all day tomorrow
  10. I miss the days of driving to Waterhouse Field as a Red Riot in front of 10,000 rabid Tiger fans. Class A powerhouses going toe to toe.
  11. and the two are patrolled by different departments. Both departments are under-resourced. Dept of Marine Resources worse so than Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
  12. really... ? Hope you're well, Mal. Love...the runt.
  13. The Saltwater Guides Association is doing the heavy lifting on this. If you find your way to their website, there is a blog with regular updates and you can subscribe to their newsletter which highlights the issues well. I recommended folks find their information there a few months back, the post was a dumpster fire Bottom line, it is the best resource available for guides, recs and comms alike. In my 40 years of experience, they are doing a damn fine job representing the best interest of the fish... not their interests, the recs or comms. The fish's
  14. I’m gonna pass. I like to use eBay as a barometer for the market. None there except these. Good luck.
  15. Any interest in selling a spare spool? The retail and repair shop has not offered them in a few years and i've been unable to find one.