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  1. I have 3 of the plugs you are looking for. I will take $160.00 shipped for all 3 NIP
  2. I posted on the WTB plugs but going to close. Private message me the pictures and we’ll figure out price and I’ll open up post again to buy.


    1. HCowen


      My email is henryc@pastourelledesign.com. I will get pictures of what i have.to you this morning

  3. * Henry
  4. Brian, They are packed and awaiting payment from you...
  5. I am relisting these plugs as FISHINTHE DARK is now unresponsive after claiming he wants these plugs... just not nice!
  6. Sold to fishinthedark. PM coming
  7. I have 4 original Jr Atoms I would like to sell as a lot. 3 of them are the more rare 1 3/4oz plugs while 1 is the 2 1/4oz plug. These have been stored away for the past 30+ years. All out of package. Cannot say if they were ever fished but they look to be in really nice shape. I changed the hooks out on 3 of them. There is a tad of rust on some of the hooks from being in a plug bag. Asking $60 for the lot shipped.
  8. *
  9. Thought the board might find this interesting... While I am a devout Yankee fan (and only like to see the Redsox do well for the rivalry) living in Atlanta, the Braves have a triple A affiliate that was named the Gwinnett Braves. They were a mere 20 miles away from their MLB big brother. The organization recently decided to rename the team while they are still located in Gwinnett County, GA. Situated a short car ride (in Gwinnett County) from one of the most prestigious striped bass lakes in the country (Lake Sidney Lanier) the Braves decided to name their AAA team the Gwinnett Stripers. How bout that! Even down here in the south striped bass is getting shown a little love. Check out one of their hats...
  10. Price reduced... $120.00 shipped. If no takers will put on Ebay
  11. This is an 8wt Impact fly rod. Rod comes with sock only (no tube). Rod is in excellent condition and has been fished only in fresh water. This is what TFO considers their top of the line rod. Super light, responsive and what I would consider moderate fast to fast action... Not super fast. If new, this rod retails for $349.00. Will ship anywhere in the lower 48 for $140.00. Henry
  12. Thought I'd share with you guys what is happening down in Georgia with the mild winter, early spring time temps and stripers that are fattening up as they prepare to make their annual run up river to spawn. If you combine this event with a pre frontal weather system and a new moon phase this is what usually happens. Great fishing when it all comes together... https://vimeo.com/206120783
  13. Thanks for the kind words RJ. Much love was put into that presentation and the best compliment I can get is to see folks taking notes throughout the seminar. All video surprisingly was entirely from this year. My thoughts are we all just need to continue to pay it forward. Henry
  14. This Sunday @ 11am on the Sportsman Channel a show entitled The Ford Outfitters will air, We got to shoot a show with Conway Bowman down on Lake Sidney Lanier (my home waters). Conditions were BRUTAL in that we shot in the middle of the nastiest cold front GA has seen in the last 30 years. Fifteen degree temp drop and 16-30MPH constant winds for 5 days. Anyone wanting to see what sodium free striper fishing is like can check out the trailer clip below. http://www.thefordoutfitters.com/episodes/landlocked-linesiders
  15. Hey guys Roger who hosts the ask about fly fishing podcast got sick last week so show was pushed back to June 1 @ 9pm...