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  1. Yea, you tell me which was the better songwriter, not garfunkle.
  2. And the sultans.
  3. Keep the albums?? Really? Why? Furniture we dont have much, true no yard machines, lotta little ****, dont even have a lot of home office stuff, monitors desk, router, printer, etc, some stuff is organized in bins and they need to be culled to lighten the load, like triple computer cables, monitor cables, replacement speakers , a fair amount of books, in a book case , I told her use the effing kindle.!! Lotta effing clothes, shoes and pocket books, lotta picture frames, this is why I hate to move, all the chit accumulated over them years. Well, its a little more than 50, but yea I know what you mean. I have done it 2 pc rods are easy, so are the reels, plugs, plug bag, wading boots, waders done at a leisurely pace , its ok.
  4. Yea we been talking the same, ditching selling stuff etc. Make it easier to move, but Mrs keeps buying clothes!!! Eff me, how many effing dust collectors xan you keep?? In a stoopid way, glad I dont have a garage. I got 2 tubs of vinyl albums i should sell, you know the drill, if it wasnt so expensive, I have them digitized, and sell em. Got some surf gear I could sell just keep 1
  5. Experienced everything , you guys stated, So effing glad I work from home now, after all the years of working in an office and commuting. Next step now, move out of the neighborhood, start working on that next.
  6. Lets keep one median of communication please !! A separate thread here ??? or PMs ?? The texts are a PIA, my effing phone going off, the wife thinks I have a GF, (I do but she dont know) and the texts some dont have names just numbers. So make up your minds .
  7. Mick I thought you were in PERIOD !!!
  8. You better be up there!!!
  9. More like slacker is teaching, the cat, how to look for kitty porn
  10. Not quite, however, the depth of your generosity, is truly amazing.
  11. Or a condo, with a pool.
  12. Safe travels
  13. Havent heard that song in years I dunno, but, if you hire out for a handyman, to do that on a rental property, is that cost deductable ??? Or the deduction is not worth the $$ outlay, the payback is not worth it? Yes, thats the way i rolled, but, when I worked at the crowley tug and barge terminal, I also showered when I came home, cause it was a very dirty place, trucks, containers, refer units running all day, all kinds of equipment, dust and dirt was unbelievable.
  14. Sometimes it pays to pay a professional to tend the to do list, abd get to the gym.