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  1. Dependable sex is when, one is required to wear a Depends , when and while having sex.
  2. AF is a good gig. Army goes on maneuvers they stay in tents AF stays in hotel. Back in the day there was no such thing as HR, I can tell you a few stories, that today would have gotten folks jettisoned. Yup I think in Australia they developed this??
  3. Did you add Stabil?? LOL years back, I over heard these 2 office girls talking bout going camping one weekend, one says to the other, what do we do about the insects?? I yelled over the cubicle wall" wear a flea and tick collar"
  4. effing hilarious You did a good job !!!
  5. Yea can't get used to the Pakistani's with the British Accent
  6. Once every 5 years to appease the Mrs. and it is a dish with shrimp and veggies .
  7. LOL
  8. A happy kid, nice photo. What union ? What company is he sailing for?? Deck Dept? Yea I started, but, the job got me side tracked, but I will revisit.
  9. I have the rider.
  10. No , nothing like that at this place, LOL they just don't want me getting snarky with the vessel crew.
  11. Slacker is there for you !!!!!
  12. Yes, but, that is for the short term, while you are working it, until you actually turn it over to the new owners, Correct ?? So, I just looked at the declaration page, I did buy the rider " buried utilities lines and equipment package" ( now I remember, had so much krap going on at the time,I musta been thinking somewhat straight) I have to splane all this to the Mrs, sumtim happens to me she has no issue's. specially since she goes has blood work at a lab , NOT in the plan and we gotta shell out $ 390 bucks, I told her a while back, any lab work go to quest, specially since there is a location here in the hood.
  13. Question for you guys-you know how the water company, tries to sell you that Insurance policy ?? to cover repair/replacement of the water line from the street to your house ??? Is it worth it ?? Does the HO Policy cover it ??? I gotta read the policy closer .