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  1. LOL
  2. LOL Man whadda guys do, hide money, in the mattress too!
  3. IGBBH
  4. I am working today.
  5. I hear ya Y I I get it. like to fish, yesterday was a little Bumpy, the meds I am on dont help. What do I do ?? Sell my equipment, stay home, and let every thing get to me ??? Like squid. let all the BS in the Country Keep me down ??? NO Eff that !! And that Mthreffer lucky I didnt smack him with one of his shorts..I have a saying " A little confrontation, helps clear the air and delineate Bondaries." you know, like "balance and restraint"
  6. Try a 5/0 baitholder hook on top keeps the shorts off, sometimes. Also the gulp sand eels dont stay on the jig hook very well, especially after a few fish, so cut it back a little that'll extend the longevity. The sluggos are rubber soo stay on better. Lemme know when you guys go maybe I will too.
  7. Yes also the small sluggos sand eel. Then try the hammered jig. What size ava? Where you using ? A17 smaller profile, mimics the smaller sandeels. Also try Teaser hook, with gulp sand eel. Yea I saw that they were spitting up tiny sand eels. Last drift I took off the teaser, too many shorts, better fish came on the jig.
  8. last 2 drops were were most productive. Water was slightly tinged. Was windy n cool n bumpy out there yesterday, so, jigging and trying to balance, really wore me out, I am shot today, waiting for the coffee n drugs to kick in, really feeling my age today. Eff bait for biscuits, not worth the work or the mess and time , reeling up n down unhooking a gazillion shorts, spending time you pay for , outta da water. Pool fish yea well, I was so wiped out yesterday, I didnt even think Bout throwing it on the balance bar, just wanted to clean up my stuff at tbe dock, so when I get home, Put it away and take a nap, so, when I got off the boat, and while cleaning my gear at the dock, its like a Chinese fire drillI , I saw the pool fish and thought, aww eff !!!!! They already did the pool and paid out !!!!! I almost got in to it with the guy on my right, At first I thought he was ok, offered him a few gulp sand eels, then not only did he think he was a seasoned pro, he wuldnt shut the eff up, plus with all the bouncing I wasnt feeling so great. Hes jigging, chris was drifting most of the day, he didnt get the concept of jigging, while drifting, so, he constantly let his jig and line come down the side of the boat under me, and kept jigging, so now I go to cast out and there is his effing line , so now how the eff do I cast out, without catching his line.? So I calmly explaned to him the concept of jigging, you make believe your standing on the face of a clock, and 12 oclock is directly in front of you. So, you cast out at 1 or 12 oclock, when you jig gets to 10 or 9 oclock, you reel in and do it again, hes Laughing, I said I am effing serious, you lucky I didnt cut your effing line, douche bag, then he shut the eff up. Every short fish he felt compelled to tell me, how short it was, I said yea you stoppid eff put another chartreusse 3 inch gulp so you can catch 2 shorts.
  9. Mike dont know the historyonics of the rubberbands, so, yes Mike they are.
  10. Kev that xducer is awful close to the prop I s it gonna read correctly at hi speed?.
  11. Maybe he was out catfishing.
  12. So years back My next younger brother , Joe used to work for an off premise caterer as a bartender, he had to wear a tuxedo shirt and black tie. Our youngest brother Sal and his college buddies were renting a house near by. So my Bro Joe and His Buddy Tom, had to divide, the loot, roast beefs , steaks, beer, liquior, so, they decide to do it after the party they worked, at 3AM , on a sunday in the driveway of Sal's rented house. One of sal's roomates say there is 2 guys at the end of the drive way in white shirts, and black ties, they walk out there , and Joe says WTF are you doing up ? Sal Says WTF are YOU doing ?? Joe Says Dividing the Loot, go back inside, and shut up. Joes motto was, you have a good nite I have a good nite, you have a bad nite I have a good nite.
  13. LOL It may suck dirty ass, but it is a good light lubricant. Yes Blue stone, is boring. Why dont you go to work with slacker??? thats never boring. When it comes time to write up the reports, you can go home !! MY job is boring, but I work from home,so...... I am waiting for one of the Capts. to send me some Kona Coffee
  14. $ 20.00 a can surprised the vessels haven't asked for it, they aint getting that anyway.
  15. Doesn't seem like you tried very hard to get through to the next proper party, LOL I think you just wanted to stick it to somebody.