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  1. Organizational capabilities, once you set up a file system, and stack them via expiry dates , then they can be had easily,. Isnt there an App ?? Not that I use coupons, but if you don't organizes them, forget it. Ahhh got some funny stories fromover the course of 34 years, of being married. We used to, when times were tight, and I use to organize them, we used to realize some real cost savings, especially with 2 kids. But not to run out for one item.
  2. You didnt like "aimless lady"? Go listen to the first album.. nevermind.
  3. My family called it a fast sauce-not marinara
  4. IGBAH I got 1st dibs on micks equipment for the next procedure.
  5. Good News, and your numbers coming down too !!!
  6. TY Noted, weather looks good. I was thinking the same.
  7. Yes BTW all week looks ok. Interested!!!
  8. And I trust you do it more than once every 2 weeks
  9. IGBAH I missed that fact.
  10. Exactly
  11. Especially when its a hunk if dripping meat on a effing platter ME ? Dont wind me up young man, if youre going to post a pic, of plated food, do it right, and pay attention to detail. IGBAH
  12. True, and so is slacker. Tim do you know why ?? Kevin always, or most of the time, includes rubberbands, in his food Pics ??? and Csteven dont post any food pics ??
  13. LOL, IGBAHyea trying to figure out, WTF are you saying ???
  14. Did Jack go work with Mayall ??? I dont know,. What About Mountain ??? Felix Pappalardi, Leslie West. Originating in the eclectic music scene in New York's Greenwich Village, he became closely attached to the British power trio Cream, writing, arranging, and producing for their second album Disraeli Gears. As a producer for Atlantic Records, he worked on several projects with guitarist Leslie West; in 1969 their partnership evolved into the band Mountain. The band lasted less than five years, but their work influenced the first generation of heavy metal and hard rock music. Pappalardi continued to work as a producer, session musician, and songwriter until he was shot and killed by his wife Gail Collins in 1983. Funny you mention Mayall, theres a group around , heard it this morning, doing "room to move" Cant remember the name of the group, man they didn't change a thing, at first I thought it was John Mayall !!!! been played on the Brookdale College Radio Station 90.5 man Brought back memories . Geez, thats why I dont play that old stuff too much, too many memories .