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  1. Yea I be in divorce court and 1/2 my IRA be gone. Weather permitting, I get out, won 4 pools on the Hawk !! Tile and new shower faucet is the hardest, I meant shower doors, thats easy, well she does, if I am gonna gut the shower stall the pan is gonna come up any way, it is one of those crappy fiberglass pans. I would also like to insulate to quiet it some.
  2. Yes Please.
  3. I aint 40 yo any more, itll take me a while, its not a big room by any stretch of the Imgination. Complete gut, replace sheetrock with cememt board. The Old Moen Non positemp-needs to be changed out. New tile in the Shower stall New Sliding glass doors. Get rid of the crappy builders grade shower pan- she wants the Poured Pebble finish shower pan, that means, rubber membrane, and pouring a little concrete, to make a shower pan, with a curb New Toilet Need to beef up the old crappy OSB Board it is bouncy, and squeeky. New floor tile. Agreed Ill borrow yours.
  4. Yea I know, i thought about all this, not gonna go to CDs I told you the Bond strategy, tax liability will still be there no matter what, except on the Muni bond portion. Nah, I like the option of being able to move around, lets face it, tog up here is dead, so whatta we looking at cbasss and fluke. LOL I remember that deal. I think you are correct, and they were told" go eff yourself" So ture, it cost $ 30.00 just to OPEN the reel at a shop. They never work out the way it is planned, pay you $$ and get on the boat. No, not while working, not for tog. LOL yea and Ill be dragging you down south with me . LOL shes talking about redoing the bathroom in the Master bedroom. You know any one that can knock it out, if I do the Demo ???
  5. Received the bonus rupees , mthreffer IRS takes almost 1/2. effing cagsuxers wish there was some way the company would put it in the 401k this way I get the full amnt and delay the taxs, when My AGI is lower, in retirement, still gonna sux to pay taxes in retirement. I have to Pay this arshole sate $700.00 and thats with claiming the home office. Dont they get enuff all effing year. LOL Again-? What is the " Oracle of Bumeff's" rationalization for taxes on a year end bonus??? Is it the same as Taxes on a Stock option ????
  6. Shulda went in to the air Force, they value education more than the army, lot easier too.
  7. I was thinking about that, they were way overdue , anyway, can't justify it, git too much crap now, I have to sell some More.
  8. The Doctors (GI) own, the surgicenter, under a different corporate name, shows no relation to GI, so you can imagine the $$$ they make
  9. Produced by NETFLIX .
  10. True, all she has to do is sport her rack !!! Srsly so effing dumb, donate a library.
  11. Means that you take in loads of oxygen, via flappage of the gums.
  12. Sold $ 180.00 Ill pay the freight. ill PM you my email address for paypal payment
  13. I have a Blue AVET SX older model, interested I can post Pics-spooled with NEW PP 50lb green braid,
  14. Mrs Snaps always wanted to visit NOLA. I used to do a lot of Oil Tanker business down there, huge Port of call. Every year the SIU port agent would call me in that effing cajun drawl, Mr Tony, around thanksgiving , and I would have to ask one of my food suppliers to send him a few turkeys , send me the invoice, cause the union hall would be doing their tgiving dinner. So one year I hit him good, asked him to send me overnite crawdads and shrimp cooked and seasoned, we went in to the Board room 20 foot table, laid out news paper, had a stash of rojas wine, had a feast.( from one of the vessels run, that transited the Med stopped in Gibraltar, and the agents put a few cases of Rojas on board). It was a PIA to get to the Vessel to get the wine off, but well worth it. If I didnt get it off in a fair amount of time, the crew drank it.
  15. Thats the Technician sitting in the corner, gearing up for you, getting ready to warm the arse cam camera.