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  1. LOL Andy really, who the eff cares what He says.
  2. WOW thats really nice !!
  3. And he dont have coach crabs hanging on his nut sack !!!
  4. LOL ok just a rinse with the garden hose ??? Well said and Duly Noted !!~ Exactly !!
  5. You dont read snaps? Slacker pls translate.
  6. LOL You dont use jet dry in your dishwasher?
  7. Yea I knew that, but, I had to play along.
  8. Yea, seen him on the porgy, was telling us, he grows his own white crabs, mick were you there that day? I thought he was bshtinng us, but went along with it. How can you grow em in a tank
  9. What hapened , to the handle retaining nut?
  10. Wow !!! how much damage did thay cause??
  11. I dont care about big fish, they will prbly , go back. I like to have a good bite and a few keepers, n I am happy, I hate those days, that FBN described, standing at the rail with cold hands, for a non committal bite. Typical north jersey bite anymore, real lite, like a mosquito. Today the fish that did come up color looked good, some realy white bellies, crisp color, so, why they didn't chew? Still a little skittish from the blow? Water clarity looked ok, Anyway, I think I will concentrate my future efforts down south.
  12. LOL tired or walking , poop n scoop huh? I am tired of sweeping up cat hair n litter.
  13. I like thst beer, light version if hineken
  14. Avet uses ABEC3 ? bearings, they always fail, they are crap, thats why they only cost 5 bucks, but, I can believe how they spin, anyway Get the bearing kit from BOCA $ 60.00 order the kit pre greased no shields, so you can service/pack with your thumb, later. Yea I know 60.00 am I crazy ??? when you can buy a accurate for 280.00