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  1. It shouldn't, again not a matter of weight.
  2. Doosh, not a matter of weight, it is a matter of convenience and eas of usage , and I wore the boots bc I was working on the sprinkler system. You effing happy now???
  3. I purposely didn't mention it just to piss you off and it worked. This one is well built, brass fittings, st stl hardware, aluminum frame.
  4. Lemmi rephrase, IT WAS A PIA .
  5. I bought 100ft Zero G collapsible hose, but still a PIA to uncoil and recoil.
  6. Grey shorts, old navy, had them a long time, comfy fit well, inexpensive, I shld go back there, have to go out anyway.
  7. Got pissed off with the hose trying to uncoil , tangles, retooling etc, So I bought a Serious hose reel.
  8. ROFLMFAO Y, maybe you should start to draft a defense strategy for me.
  9. Who

    LOL Why are we even reading it
  10. Why ?? He is Slackers new BFF.
  11. Ok slacker.
  12. KOQ CBS Sunday morning show has a segment on air travel, it's a mess, labor shortage. Peeps don't give a eff, they are gonna go on vacation, revenge travel for being kooked up. I don't get, it how much $ can peeps have socked away, enabling them to not work??? Especially ow with inflation???
  13. Awww . The older we get the more difficult it Is to pull up roots. The youngsters have no problem pulling up roots.
  14. STOP he is not My friend.