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  1. LOL Oh so, we shld all park on the GSP while taking pics of the dashboard .
  2. From Whom ?? Pls text me I sold the Avet, Accurate, got to put the Red Newell up for sale, this week. Anybody need a spinning reel-??? have a Penn Battle 4000 has a new main gear, was a little noisy so I swapped it out.
  3. Effing A , WTF are they protesting ?? It didn't happen in Newark ????,go effing march in Minneapolis, and bring them the Gift of COVID. What am I missing ????
  4. Glad I WFH I can hide upstairs..
  5. 180 is a great price they are listing at 280.00-there you go mick, go order 2 1 for you and 1 for me.
  6. Slacker how are they going to open the gyms ???appt only ?? or what??? Masks ?? that is gonna sux.
  7. 36 sux on a good day. Lets see, how many employers allow WFH, and wether or not WFH will reduce congestion, then again you will have the idiot,,,
  8. Daiwa kicked it up a notch with the saltist line,Smooh reel, lottsa cranking power, shld be a nice set up. I have the old style 20H . LOL carbon fibre, nano particles-no reducing carbon foot print here.
  9. I see it here too.
  10. Hey Norton, get down here !!!! I'll be right thereRalphie!!!! Size 20 is great tog reel, especially inshore, Massive Set Drags , grease carbon, solid aluminum frame, Power handle.Smooth reel, 36" line retrieve?for the HS model. Shelter in place King. Never rally got in to that much of Dylan except for his more popular work, Truly a poet for our time ???? LOL I had His album Desire on 8 track !!!!!! IGBBFH LOL Hey !!!!
  11. Yesterday South wind put a damper on the bite
  12. Thanks Thats what Mrs is setting up up to do once this one case is over, she also want to threaten to sue, the unit owners and board for loss of value.
  13. Agreed, the feds shulda lend support via extending or assist funding the the states UE not adding 600 a week, also buy GIVING SMALL BUSINESSES DIRECT SUPPORT. GETTING$$ IN TO THEIR HANDS QUICKLY. Go back to school?? Who is gonna pay for it?? And who is gonna put food on your table while your writing essays and doing homework. He needs a reality check.