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  1. penn senator black 6/0 the problem i have is after all new drags set inside and a pull on the drag: first pull is firm then zip the drag goes quite easily and cannot tighten????
  2. Wowie, people are touchy about their distance casting! I ran a distance casting contest once. But it was for the children. Its great if you are not able to fish. Season was over so we did a little distance casting. There are different challenges to casting when you are actually in the suds verses “artifically” * casting. Big surf could mean big 8 oz sinkers, whole clams would need double hooks, high winds might mean casting side arm, low casts, standing on a rock thats not flat or sholder to sholder means casting lefty or without any stepping forward an inch. Boulder studded beaches maybe you get out the fifty pound line verses 20 lb daytime. My only point is there are special situations at every turn when on the beach. So using a cast away device, or measuring distance by turns of the handle may help “catching fish” not just in a * situation where conditions are perfect on a field. The kids loved distance casting though.
  3. HEY CT fisherman, Go on the NYS Parks gov. website and call their number? thats for Jones beach and robert moses.
  4. Suffolk County Parks Dept has been closing Smiths Point Beach from 8pm until 8 Am the following morning. It has been closed to night fisherman for almost three weeks now. Several of us have contacted, Steve Bellones office, Suffolk executive, @ 631-853-4000 suffolk county parks 631-854-4949 Lee Zeldin Representative in the NYS senate, 631-289-1097, Tom Schlichter, newsday, (m.facebook.com/tom.schlichter) please don't complain to fisherman about beach closures, you must let the right people know how PI$%^&* off you are. These beaches were safe and in great shape and no bird problem and I heard they were closed due to "no ranger available," which is ironic due to the almost 1 million the county makes from our permits. Pass it along. These beaches were closed memorial weekend. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE From our county executive. Sportsman should unite and vote Em out if they can't deregulate.
  5. One Penn 706 spinfisher complete reel black made in USA (not china like new ones) very good condition and every working part functions. Small scratches from use. Look at the photos and details. the spool has 50 lb braid backing already. Everything original except the emblem which was replaced. roller rolls beautifully and drag washers replaced with HT-100 graphites. nothing you can improve here. Just spool up and fish. All brass and stainless inside (take a look)$125. middle island, ny
  6. 704 still available?
  7. I saw a guy come down to the light at night with a boat rod and conventional and could only cast 25 feet. He eventually coaxed a 20 pond bass to the edgewater and jumped in rod and all to scoop the fish up in both arms and land it. Marvelous effort, but there's more- I see him later on the road riding a motorcycle which was his buggy and he has the fish tied across the rear seat sideways and it slips off -Flop flop down the highway and the guy just keeps riding unaware i guess. Valiant effort and little preparation equals Googanmania.
  8. Chunk:post some pictures of your 704 I'm interested. How about Thirty bucks. I'll pick it up so you won't have t o ship it. I'm in middle island. I also have lots of new, used, rare, collectible fishing stuff depending on what you like to trade.
  9. I need any Penn Emblems 720, 712, 710, 704, 706 and I have some other Penn Reel parts and Fuji surf Guides to trade for them. Also a few Big 75 stainless spinning guides to trade.
  10. What's all the fuss with the people who wants rules. The deer piss right in the parking lot, then dump blueberries right next to your door, the seagulls **** all over your table and camper,not to mention the diseased ridden raccoons chewing out the eyes of your catch and feral cats skampering about and getting in peoples campers (BILL) and coolers. Take a note from God's creatures you "WHINEY WIFE" predators. Piss where you will, slit bass guts and drop blood hither and thither anywhere, shout at the moon and enjoy killing fish, for you are only here for awhile in the one place where "RULES and Unjust RULERS (hypocrites who change the law to please themselves) should be forever banned from the eternal BASS heaven known as MONTAUK. Robin (JACK) go get your bow, there's a swan that needs eatin. mad:
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