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  1. The cosmetics and layout look great. What are your impressions of how the rod casts and with what loads?
  2. The way you are tying your clousers is fine. The problem is your backcast and leader length. The damage shown to the fly (after just 10' of use) is not from expected "wear", it is from hitting the ground on your backcast. I should know, I'm an expert at bad backcasts and ruined clousers. This is what happens to me and I suspect you are doing something similar. Like most bad casters I have a tendency to throw my backcast backwards rather than upwards, and with a vague rather than sharp stop. When the rod finally does stop the tip counterflex then directs the line downward. It also opens the backcast loop and the large loop then redirects the momentum of the weighted fly up, over, and downward as the loop turns over. With a long leader the fly ends up well below the already too low line as it starts forward. It ticks the ground and the eye's lead stem, already bent by thread tension, bends more and breaks. So in addition to using brass eyes instead of lead, watch your backcast. Try to throw it more upward, and stop the rod sharply to generate a tight loop before starting to drift the rod back and down (while maintaining line tension). To give yourself a bigger margin for error, shorten your leader as much as fishing conditions allow. Timing also plays a role. Start forward too early and the backward traveling loop will accelerate and snap the leader and fly over and down more forcefully. Too late (i.e., by the time you feel a tug) and the line/leader/fly system will be dropping fast. Easier said than done, however.
  3. I heard Nantucket Sound was good. I did poorly in BB yesterday midday and I didn't see anyone else do well on Cleveland Ledge. Found plenty of bass on the way home, however. Didn't mark as much bait as usual. Nice being out there again, anyways.
  4. They don't grow that fast. Again this year I am catching some tiny fish 8-10" long. Too small to be from the Chesapeake I think (supposedly they don't leave there until their third year?). I suspect they are either from the Hudson or perhaps from local rivers.
  5. Jamie Boyle is the guy if you want to do the boat thing.
  6. I know you are a very experienced fisherman but have you fished a Trident tip flex in a 9wt and know what you're going to get? I ask only because I owned one (909-4) for many years and felt it was the least pleasant rod to fish I have ever used. Heavy, very stiff, and brutal to blind cast, although it could throw a fast sinking line far. The day it finally broke (ferrule cracked) was a happy one. Orvis replaced it with a Hydros model which I find much more useful.
  7. Search iFly rodholders. SeaSucker also makes an excellent product. They have a fly rod holder (expensive) or their suction cups can be combined with the iFly product to make something removable but very secure.
  8. Cool post. Congrats.
  9. Sounds more typical of Nantucket (Great Point) than the Vineyard.
  10. LOL. I just ordered this book yesterday afternoon. Looking forward to learning something.
  11. Sounds like your problem is the 9wt. Wouldn't you be better off with a 7 and an 8 instead? Or even a 6 and an 8? At least while wading there are not many situations where you need or want a 9 wt for striped bass or bonefish.
  12. Small bait attracts squid. Big bass come in after the squid. You most definitely can cull large bass out of a small bait scenario by imitating squid rather than the bait itself. But this doesn't happen until several hours after dark.
  13. I used to sight fish the flats between Madaket and Tuckernuck many years ago. Most of this was in late June and early to mid July. Whether the fishing is decent before that I can't say. It is not a simple fishery. Lots of current and wind makes it hard to hold your boat in position to make casts.....and hard to avoid being pushed aground if you're fighting a fish solo. That area is, however, sheltered and safe as long as you don't poke out past Smith point. Do not attempt to fish the south or east sides of the island in a small boat. Just don't. Even on glass calm days big swells/breakers can come out of nowhere and take your life. Inside the harbor, particularly the north and east sides, probably has good fishing as well. I never tried it. I believe there is a public boat ramp in Madaket. I've no idea if there is parking as well, however. You could call Madaket Marine and someone might be able to tell you. As far as fishing info you could try Bill Fisher's Tackle. I've not spoken to them in decades but they always used to be helpful even by phone.
  14. Ugh. I really regret buying my Airflo sniper line. I have the 8wt intermediate version. Its 32ft head weighs 330 grains which technically makes it an 11 wt line. Yeah, to some degree this is semantics since a "normal" 8wt bonefish line head weighs around 270grains and many 8wt rods can certainly handle 330grains, but for most of us that means slower line speeds and bigger loops. Add to this that its diameter is the same as an old SA 11wt floater I own (1.7mm). Really disappointing. An "8 wt" intermediate line with the wind resistance of an 11 wt floater? Putting it on a wide arbor 8 wt reel is also a problem. You will be giving up significant backing capacity to fit it. If all this is meaningless to you, you understand and like shortheaded lines, and your only concern is tangling then I agree the Airflo line handles nicely.
  15. You deserved that fish. The respect you had for it is proof.