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  1. There have been plenty of 26" fish available by boat in WH and the Vineyard/Nantucket sound rips. From shore it is mostly smaller stuff plus hickory shad in the Falmouth area.
  2. To be clear, I think you mean "casting" 80-90' of line.......not shooting that much.
  3. I'd eat that!
  4. Do not discount what was said above about gurglers. Big fish will come up for them and they are way more fun to fish than the chuck and duck stuff.
  5. Thank you both. Your help provides an impetus to give it a shot.
  6. Stocked trout get old fast and many of our cape ponds have smallmouths, although I rarely catch one while trout fishing, either spinning or fly. Any tips on targeting them in still water would be appreciated. Would you show a picture of your crawfish pattern, please? How do you fish them? Full sink line, sink tip, intermediate, or floating with long leader in shallow water? What size rod?
  7. Edited
  8. You could probably easily fix it with a $6 metal ferrule available from mudhole. Figure out the correct inside diameter by measuring the end of the lower section. Cut the upper section off just above the break. Build it up if necessary to fit the inside diameter of the ferrule with rod wrapping thread/epoxy. Glue on your ferrule with rod tip cement or epoxy and you are back in business. The repair will look awful, there will be a flat spot in the rod around the ferrule, and the rod will be a bit shorter but so low in the blank it is not likely to be very noticeable when casting. Keep in mind that many $5000 bamboo rods make use of similar ferrules.
  9. Interesting. Do you know what the rod weighs? Thanks
  10. I have an Exocett 7wt that I love. Light, crisp rod, fairly fast action but plenty of feel. Plenty of reserve power as well, both casting and fighting fish. I use it for albies, bonito, bass, and bonefish. It has not disappointed me, ever.
  11. OP , I think you may be confusing OPST lines and standard shooting heads. It sounds like what you want is just a standard shooting head set up with a running line and a set of interchangeable 8wt floating, intermediate and variable sink rate 30' heads. The OPST system is intended for micro-skagit casting. It uses running lines, a short heavy floating shooting head, and interchangable tips of various lengths and weights. This is meant for a variant of spey/skagit casting using shorter rods and allowing you to fish in moving water with very limited back cast room.
  12. The combination of long leaders and clousers spell trouble for many (or most?) casters. Which weight and head length line works best on your rod depends much more to do with your casting style and ability than which rod you own.
  13. Grand Cayman is worth a look. Plenty of easily accessed shoreline bonefishing although very tide dependent and not an easy/sure thing type of fishing. There are also options to charter guys both for walk-in and boat based trips. The place is crawling with luxury hotels, fantastic beaches, and great restaurants. It is also painfully expensive (think Manhattan plus 50%). Your wife will love it, however. If you go be aware they will not let you board the plane home carrying a 4-piece rod case.
  14. Are you fishing from shore or a boat? Estuaries or rips? Big flies or small? How proficient a caster are you? I live on the Cape and the line I use almost exclusively in the spring (shore/estuary/small clousers) is an Airflo striper ridged intermediate. If you're talking about rip stuff with big squid flies and gurglers then there are better choices as above.
  15. A recreational slot limit does nothing to preserve large striped bass. It just provides more large fish to be harvested by the commercial fishery. And harvested very quickly they have been and will continue to be.