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  1. It ain’t North Carolina but the fishing is still worth the effort up here.
  2. Nice post. Your sister would be proud.
  3. Albie spit.
  4. I think you may be disappointed. GSB blanks are heavier and tougher than most new school stuff. The older guide layouts and ferrule technology exacerbate this. The 1321L in particular is a sloooooow rod meant for throwing light stuff over high surf. That said, when built well, GSB blanks are vastly superior to more modern faster action blanks when working plugs. The tip section of fast action blanks acts like a shock absorber that dampens any movement you try to apply to a plug. Your best bet for a serious 11 ft rod to work plugs is the GSB 1321m built using titanium torzite guides by someone who understands rapid reduction layouts. If you want to throw light stuff then the 1201L built with a similar guide layout is hard to beat. You can find better rods for casting or canal fishing but to work a plug the GSB wins all day.
  5. HUGE biomass of albies in Vineyard Sound right now. In close, out far, everywhere. Hanging around schools of adult bunker but chowing on anchovies.
  6. You’re fine. The guy before used that reel with an 8 wt sinking line. The sticker belongs to the line not the reel. If just learning you likely will do better with a floating or intermediate line. You may also have to change the backing if it is quite old.
  7. The toughest ones are those that don’t run but rather slug it out beneath the boat.
  8. Head’s up. Time to grab some tail.
  9. Hey Seadogg, I owe you a beer. Took 3 today blind casting an Albie Whore. I’ve tied a lot of flies for this fishery over the years but this one seems in a class of its own. Without your enthusiasm and your demonstrated success with the fly (as well as your willingness to freely share your hard earned knowledge) I doubt I’d have ever bothered to try it. Many thanks, you are a class act.
  10. Careful. It's addicting.
  11. Six hours out there today, woods hole to Cutty. Had one chance very early on. Solid hit but failed to hook up. Same thing happened 2 days before. Both on Albie whores I tied based on Seadogg’s pattern. I used Tiemco TMC 800 size 2 which has an upturned point. I tried to keep the heads small but I’m wondering if the glue head might still be making the hook gap too narrow on my flies ( obviously it is not a problem for the ones he makes).
  12. A two hand retrieve will avoid this issue.
  13. Took 4 hours to find a school today. When I finally stumbled on them they were in 4 ft of water and moving down wind (which was blowing hard). Never got a cast near 'em. Ten minutes and they moved into deeper water then disappeared. Gotta love fish that humble ya.
  14. And happy trolling to you, Admiral.
  15. Clueless.