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    living in the middle of Sweden out in the boonies & freshwater fishing is my game
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    fishing making lures
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    retired construction worker
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  2. From the album Forum Attachments

  3. I use Propionate too but i prefer a softer version .I´ve used the harder stuff long ago &what made me turn to use a softer version is that even if applied thick IT will become brittle after awhile & cracked when bitten by fish . The softer version wont crack (atleast havent happened to me yet) & i´ve been using it for about 8+ years now. Alway remember to use respirators or similar stuff when you got something with thinners or epoxies (epoxy contains isocyanates )and thats very bad for your health ,all instant glues contains isocyanates too so be careful
  4. Propionate pellets is the raw material. All plastic pellets thats disolved isnt good for sealing wood as theres alot of diffrent qualities of propionate pellets.I posted about it long ago .Back then there wasnt much belief in it & now lots praise it If you really need some just let me know by pm
  5. Cranium theres no epoxy on the foiled lures just lots & lots of coats of propionate & diffrent laquers .The propionate just seals in the foil with multiple layers .
  6. When using propionate you should thin it as much as possible for best penetration .I thin mine to a milklike consistancy .I also never sand between dips ,raised grain only give the solution a better adherence Roger
  7. I agree fully with you Etch . I bet theres thousands of ideas that never will be seen just because the builder dont have the green to protect it while he gets his money back.I´ve seen stuff that isnt publically shared lures,spinners etc & i´ve sent guys i trust some pics of my lures thats not posted anywhere I´ve been told to get at it for some lures ,but i dont have the green to go big so i let ém sit in boxes &in some guy´s shadowboxes
  8. The one to ask should be Husky i think .I´ve read his posts both here & on other forums,he seems to have the knowledge for using it usage for lures. I can be wrong but give him a holler
  9. google for allumilite resin or smoothon foam
  10. Here´s a couple of my curly birch lures only clearcoated
  11. Looks like Etch has sniffed too much fumes over the holidays Get out in the shed & make the lures i told you about
  12. I´m here occasionally browsing pics etc some wicked lurebuilders on here pm me if u want my instantmessenger id i use yahoo Roger
  13. Welcome Tomi Supersweet plugs & super fishes caught on them Greetings from across the Baltic Sea in Sweden
  14. Congrats Rob ! Hope you´ll have a great day without mishaps Roger
  15. OK Etch now go do them colors i told you to do Sweet painting