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  1. 3-0 doesnt really tell the story of how close each game has been. They have all been close games, but like you said, Ill take it for sure.
  2. Yeah I still think carolina had a slight edge in 5v5 play last night but after the 1st period their scoring chances went way down. Igor really looks locked in and the way carolina throws everything at the net, he looks to gain confidence quickly into these games. Would love for them to end it on Saturday and give the team another nice break but its always harder to win an elimination game.
  3. Good start, just need to keep pushing now.
  4. How are we all feeling about the round 2 matchup against the canes. I'm pretty confident that if this team plays at their top level, they can be anybody Just hope they can bring it this series because they are going to need it.
  5. Another good game last night. They are going to need to cool it on the penalties, they are going to start to pay for them eventually.
  6. Just need to tighten up on D and things could get interesting. Doesnt help that they were missing 3 starters at the blueline and their 3C yesterday.
  7. It could be just recent bias but when is the last time they tried to deke someone on a breakaway. All they do it try and come down and snap a quick shot, I know that works for some players but clearly not all of them.
  8. I think we would have 110 points by now if we could score on the damn breakaway. Its getting really bad this year.
  9. Thought the 1st and 3rd played tight but the 2nd got away from them a bit. Just not much 5v5 pressue, granted they didnt have much more. Honestly think if they had anybody in net besides the likely vezina winner, we take that game. Big test tomorrow, I don't like them losing 2 in a row this close to playoffs.
  10. Yeah id rather him sit until playoffs for sure, by the way he reacted I figured it has to be something serious. Wouldnt mind seeing Fox/Miller, Jones/Schneider, Trouba/Gus pairings
  11. Yeah they looked great overal this weekend, solid 2 games. I wonder what the D pairing will be with Lindy out. 1st place would be nice but it also has its cons with most likely playing tampa round 1 instead of philly/caps/isles. But you have to beat everyone in order to win it all so I dont really think they care who they play. Home ice would be preferred over a "easier" 1st round matchup if I had to guess.
  12. Igor has really kicked it up a notch, I'm not holding an outdoor game against him, so if he can keep playing like he did last night and against the flames it will be interesting for sure. Curious who they are going to sign with the open cap space.
  13. I was first row 3rd tier. 1st period was alittle tough due to the sun but once it went down it was easy enough to tell who each guy was out there. It was actually better than I expected overall. They had nice speakers playing the game sounds so it never felt like you were really far away. It was crazy hearing that many Ranger fans cheer together, something that will stick with me forever.
  14. That might have been the best regular season game ive ever been to
  15. I could see them trialing Kakko and Vesey up there but I dont think either work long term. Mixing up the lines worked well for them last night so I don't know if wishing for that is the best bet haha. Speaking of Sunday I think if they played indoors, I would bet my money on the Rangers, but it being a 3pm outdoor game and the islanders always playing well against them, I think it can go either way.
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