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  1. I got a 309 & rod combo earlier this year. It has worked well for both bottom fishing (down to about 130') and trolling for stripers/blues. As i was searching around for maintenance info I came across some listings for a 309MCP. Anyone here know what, if any, difference there is between the two reels. Thanks
  2. Speaking from experience: Really big stripers just suck as far as eating relative to the smaller ones but.... if you can only catch one or two for the entire season, among your entire crew, well sorry but I 'll live with that and hope to god that next year we can hook into more smaller and tastier ones. OH I can feel the haters now. By the the way, for all you really hard right wingers of the don't even catch'em and certainly don't keep em' mentality, your're now relegated to tree hugger status. Just my 2 cents of course. As a side note: I completely agree that the over 43 issue is a disgrace. One between 24 and 27 with one more between 27 and 38 is my thought. Again just my 2 cents as a fisherman, hunter, farmer and part time caretaker of this friggin place.
  3. Maybe last year, maybe next year, likely not this year. I wonder if they know where the line is and are just learning that it's safer outside it.
  4. He who hommie? certainly not us. We have the Coasties, Staties and NJDEP all around us. the line is the line, period. Maybe some year that will change but likely not in the foreseeable future. The info I related to is from one or more of those agencies. Good luck to all who take the time, effort and money to put a line in the water.
  5. Pretty sure that most of the bigger stripers are safely beyond the NJ 3 mi. line this season thus saving them from surf rat torture and release. Just kidding on the torture issue but from the the info I have received from "in the know" folks, the big girls are mostly (and have been/will be) way off shore. Sorry, that is just a fact. Having moved our boat north just has not benefited us this year.
  6. Every one of them
  7. thanks, hope to soon see it in print on the NJDEP website
  8. I'm sure these are not final but do you possibly have a source for these dates. i'm trying to schedule a trip for an out-of-state friend. thx
  9. NJDEP or EPA! Holy crap batman they can't both ways. For those that voted for #45 this is what our future looks like! Pollution is OUR country's future. Don't worry about C&R because there won't be any C to R. Question: how many solar panels and wind turbines does it take to create an oil spill? just what I'm hearing
  10. JUST SENT THIS: To whom it may concern, As detailed in the Public Trust Doctrine, all tidal waters are legally accessible to the public. I oppose this plan due to the lack of access points and the lack of parking for the access points that are shown. Access without parking is no access at all! No town that denies that access should receive any taxpayer funding from any source, county, state, or federal, until full access is provided and constructed in completion. I spend my money in these communities each and every year to pursue fishing. my name my address
  11. Actually I did see, first hand though not in the spring. did not fish for them then. Even C&R kills fish. Fished for them all this past fall. From a boat out to the 3 mile line. There were days we did not/could not catch a fish of any type. Then there were the days from mid October to mid December where there were miles of fish, really, miles. We tracked them from above AC down to just off Lewis. They were there and in massive numbers. My question is what has happened to the big blues. We went quite a ways out and never found them. We found striper, we found bait but yet no blues. Field & Stream, U got me there. Not a clue as to what U might be referring to.
  12. The entire east coast is not just the Delaware Bay, unless I miss read the report.
  13. I've gotten tired of hearing that there ain't no fish. Data collected from this trawl survey as well as similar surveys from other states have reflected an increase in striped bass numbers along the entire east coast. Conversely, a decrease in bay anchovy numbers, an important forage fish for predators, has been demonstrated over the course of the survey. http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/artdelbaystudy14.htm [ATTACHMENT=14063]artdel_stripedbass.pdf (128k. pdf file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  14. For me they never showed up in south NJ this year. Since July caught just 6 Blues from the boat and nothing from the surf. Where have all the Blues gone? Boat is in until Jan 2014. Hoping for better weather to get back out one or maybe even 2X before we pull her Happy Holidays and Safe Holidays to all that fish for sport and a living.
  15. Remember always: No good deed goes unpunished Happy holidays:)