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  1. its a pretty soft, hollow metal should be easy to do, once. dont over bend and try to go back the other way.
  2. plenty of clamp on type rod holders out there if you dont want to drill. id only trust an adhesive type mount for a camera or phone, and even then theyd both have a float lol
  3. i wish they could figure out a way to get drummond and not have to give up iq randle or robinson
  4. im interested but id like to try them on if possible. im in cranford but go up to north nj each weekend ice fishing at least 1 day
  5. where do you live?
  6. can anyone explain why mulcahy starts, let alone plays at all? the guy doesnt shoot when hes open, misses when he does shoot, doesnt play defense or rebound and is as unathletic as i was at that age
  7. drummond is a really good def player as good as robinson, but he can actually shoot. problem is he's making a shitton of money.
  8. id do that as long as it doesnt include randle, IQ, robinson or well thats it lol
  9. That trade was so unknicklike. Gave up a guy who will never play for them and a ****** draft pick for another guy who probably wont ever play without really taking on any $ or giving up a good pick. Rose still has it. Not mvp level but hes a lot better than elf
  10. @RiverCommando215 pretty sure you were looking for a big ole lami spinner this winter last we spoke
  11. Much better than fanduel
  12. A knicks win and another dallas loss would be sweet. Curry is going off right now. I dont think its even a debate anymore only halfway? thru his career hes gotta be the best shooter in nba history.
  13. ok thanks
  14. because its halted and not trading, then all open orders already on the book and new orders entered go into an auction and print at 1 price and continuous trading resumes.
  15. it was halted for LULD, 095345-095850 and again 100006-100507 and again 100706-101208. theres nothing rigged about it, thats how the markets work. id recommend reading up on LULD if you want to take a nap.
  16. i recently learned i can no longer trade on binance and need to move everything to binance us, do you know if binance us requuires a ss# and generates a 1099, and if they do, do you know of any who support us trading and dont do a 1099? this post will self destruct in 24hours
  17. im a fountain of useless knowledge related to market structure. its kind of my thing, like there might only be 4 ppl on earth who have a more nuanced(useless) in depth base of experience, and i work for 2 of them.
  18. that rule is 10 years old, it was replaced by reg sho rule 201.
  19. you can sell short, you just cant remove against the bid. if the nbbo is 10x10.01 and you try to sell short @10, the order is repriced to 10.01
  20. This is the only thing i worry about i havent even worn mine yet but saw some reviews where people mentioned this. Suprised they wouldnt have figured out a better way to lock in the female inserts before launching the new model
  21. and theyre still blaming robinhood lol
  22. 10 on each boot. i ordered the right stuff should have no problem just selling the other packs. i will make an effort tho to reverse figure out the screw info when i get them should anyone else ever google it and find themself back here
  23. i bought myself a new pair of g4 pro boots for xmas and just grabbed them today to put the alumibite cleats in and discovered i bought the wrong type. the star cleats are fine, wondering if anyone happens to know what thread/pitch/length the fasteners are. id rather not have to blow another $80 for 20 screws if i can find these at hd or ace id be thrilled. i called simms and they either didnt know or wouldnt tell me the sizing even said i might void the warranty using "non simms screws" "rolleyes: