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  1. Just now, adoboboy said:

    Thats the team lol. I love how they play so dont want any diva in the team who doesnt want defense...did I hear Melo...he ruined the Knicks. Period. 

    drummond is a really good def player as good as robinson, but he can actually shoot.  problem is he's making a shitton of money.

  2. 20 mins ago, adoboboy said:

    This is gonna sound bad, but the knicks should go after Andre Drummond. Maybe a 2nd round pick will do it since theres not much interest. I dont want the Beal rumours to materialize that would mean trading RJ. 

    id do that as long as it doesnt include randle, IQ, robinson or well thats it lol

  3. 1 min ago, TheKnot said:

    Watching the Knick -Wizards encore and i have to say #4 looks good so far .

    That trade was so unknicklike.  Gave up a guy who will never play for them and a ****** draft pick for another guy who probably wont ever play without really taking on any $ or giving up a good pick.  Rose still has it.  Not mvp level but hes a lot better than elf 

  4. 6 hours ago, TheKnot said:

    Another solid home game for the Knicks today .Getting solid play from the point gaurd tandem and J Randel is killing it daily 22 and 11 today . 

    A knicks win and another dallas loss would be sweet.  Curry is going off right now.  I dont think its even a debate anymore only halfway? thru his career hes gotta be the best shooter in nba history.

  5. 2 mins ago, sbcbmx112 said:

    I don't use binance and don't know if they generate a 1099, but the US site will require some form of ID verification in order to comply with US KYC/AML rules. The sites I used to use for these purposes no longer operate in the US ID-free.  You might try shapeshift; I'm not sure if they require ID.


    A decentralized exchange such as bisq or a p2p method such local bitcoins or a btc atm are likely the best bet.

    ok thanks

  6. Just now, faithless said:

    I would hope so, but I don't believe it. Every time it halts it stops the increase of price or dip in price? Why?

    because its halted and not trading, then all open orders already on the book and new orders entered go into an auction and print at 1 price and continuous trading resumes.

  7. 2 mins ago, ChumSlickJon said:

    Not for nothing, but wasn't that the point of this trade?  To try and rig it against the shorts?

    it was halted for LULD, 095345-095850 and again 100006-100507 and again 100706-101208.  theres nothing rigged about it, thats how the markets work.  id recommend reading up on LULD if you want to take a nap.

  8. 1 min ago, sbcbmx112 said:

    Crypto has a very real learning curve.  If you screw up a transaction there is no customer service in the world that could help.  Having said that if you are interested I'd recommend using Coinbase Pro (the Pro part is important re:fees) to buy/sell and paper wallets or better yet a ledger device to store the coins.

    i recently learned i can no longer trade on binance  and need to move everything to binance us, do you know if binance us requuires a ss# and generates a 1099, and if they do, do you know of any who support us trading and dont do a 1099?  this post will self destruct in 24hours

  9. 2 mins ago, nightfighter said:

    The uptick or plus tick rule states that you cannot sell a stock short on a down tick. You must wait until the price of the stock you are looking to sell short has an uptick before you can enter your trade. In theory, this rule is supposed to reduce dramatic bear runs on stocks that are fueled by short sellers.

    that rule is 10 years old, it was replaced by reg sho rule 201.

  10. 11 mins ago, faithless said:

    I think also there is some kind of a rule where they can't short the stock the next day if the stock closed lower than XX% opening for 24 hours.

    you can sell short, you just cant remove against the bid. 

    if the nbbo is 10x10.01 and you try to sell short @10, the order is repriced to 10.01 

  11. 2 mins ago, flies-n-plugs said:

    Hey Pfish, any issues with the threaded inserts pulling out on your G4’s?

    This is the only thing i worry about i havent even worn mine yet but saw some reviews where people mentioned this.  Suprised they wouldnt have figured out a better way to lock in the female inserts before launching the new model

  12. 56 mins ago, Kml said:

    I agree with bloofisher to just get the right ones. The alumibites will wear out at some point and require replacement anyway just get the replacement now and use the screws for the ones you have. 

    How many do you have on each boot?


    10 on each boot. i ordered the right stuff should have no problem just selling the other packs.  i will make an effort tho to reverse figure out the screw info when i get them should anyone else ever google it and find themself back here