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  1. “We’re winning by eight. How should I celebrate? Oh, I know! Ruining my life and spending the night in jail by running on to the field! Oh boy here I go!”
  2. Id leave him out there and make him throw 100+ pitches the bum
  3. Take the base or hit the showers beyotch. This might get interesting tonite LOL
  4. Harper swinging 1st pitch after gsellmans 4 pitch walk to tie the game was glorious in all its stupidity.
  5. Bobby bo right now probably has a stronger arm than brycegina
  6. Did harper break his arm or something. Wtf was that throw lmfao he throws like a $330million woman. Wilson ramos scored comfortably from 2nd lol
  7. any interest in just selling the cart?
  8. your uncle must be a masochist
  9. wait till after labor day when the water is piss warm and you can fish any beach you want, then fish for trash like sea robins and dogfish. throw some bunker chunks out and fish a high low with 2 baitholder hooks and gulp mullets lol. my oldest loved it last year. bonus if you pick a day when its pouring rain because EVERY beach will be empty
  10. yea im shocked people pay the amount of $$ they do for the "hobie" off branded motors that people sell, when all they did was remove the head and drill through a mirage casette and put it back together. do you have it the 18# or 24#? check out the valence u1-12rt batteries on ebay. they can be had used for pretty cheap, 40AH and 14 lbs.
  11. i just wasted all winter modding a minnkota c2 30# with a sweet junction box and pwm controller all nice and ready to go in my 2018 outback, using a 2012 revo as a template, only to find out IT WONT FIT IN THE FREAKING DRIVE HOLE because of how i situated the cassette and junction box. so im going to keep that for the revo and buy a watersnake to chop up now instead lol
  12. any chance youre still willing to sell the watersnake?
  13. Sorry Im actually going to keep them and buy a 2nd pair and build myself a rack on wheels. Was originally planning to sell these and build it all from 2x4s but these are so well designed already its not worth the time or $ imo to re do it
  14. Rosen? Josh rosen from the cards? Good god SOL just close up the sports forum g'night ladies this thread has reached peak terribleness.
  15. OBJ never did anything to be even considered in the same class as those clowns. Youre insane as usual. Just please keep not watching and not posting about sports.