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  1. You can buy them on ebay for cheap just search 1 Thule Square Bar Roof Rack Clamp
  2. Not really brand specific looking for a 1 piece 9' rod lighter than my arra1083. Rated ½to2ozish anything to pair with a vs150 for sp minnow type stuff.
  3. Im a huge st croix fanboy mostly just freshwater. My 8' ben doerr is still my 1st choice when i dont expect to throw anything bigger than an sp minnow. Their saltwater stuff really doesnt compare to some of the non commercial type brands like odm century, black hole etc. I just jumped in looking to replace my 1083arra and cant believe the pricing and lack of 1piece off the shelf options for surf fishing around here (NJ). Theres no way id ever pay $300+ for a 2 piece rod
  4. yea unless you pay someone to build a custom. i was really thinking about getting an odm but the lack of stock 1 piece really turned me off.
  5. Wondering if anyone here has ever replaced the pistons on the hullavator. I like to take things apart and put them back together for no reason. It feels like mine could use a lift, pun intended but i would make this a winter project.
  6. I think it fits better in the cradles when the hull is upside down and is a lot easier to load/unload. Nice yota btw
  7. if it performs the same for you as the t24 and is lighter thats the one ill be doing this winter for the rear rod holder mount + remote control. the minn kota is so heavy compared to these with nearly no speed upgrade from 24to30#. i wish you good fortune in the wars to come
  8. I used 1" hangers its labelled size 2 home depot super duper cheap and i switched the hardware to stainless and spray painted it all black. Youll probably want to get new stainless carriage bolts also 1/4-20 and lock nuts. 1" was way to long i wound up dremelling the ends off which was annoying but i didnt want to go back to hd
  9. now i cant tell if youre talking about the one that starts with a S or M because the M has definitely never given me anything sweet to think about lol. i went there 2 weeks ago and it was almost 10' lower so any points or coves i use to know about are gone. i also never knew there was a freaking island in one of the coves and a billion tree stumps across the way so i guess the terrible fishing in low water wasnt a total waste.
  10. solid tips thanks. when i was really deep in the research these are the exact things i read it looks like you copy&pasted from an in-fisherman magazine article 1st tie out i lost probably $20 in various spinners, beads, floats, props and colorful hooks until i just tied a #2 slow death hook on bare fluoro with a pinched crawler and caught my 1st, so yea i stil feel like i have no idea what im doing, but its a fun challenge esp in NJ
  11. would love to hear tips on what you guys do in the fall for walleye in the NNJ reservoirs. I was doing the bottom bouncing crawler thing over the summer with a little bit of success. i know its a solid technique where i fish in summer. im a total newb and doing it from a yak so havent really gotten comfortable fishing more than 1 rod, and weights and speed have a huge learning curve. anyway, i dont think it works in the fall. because i havent caught anything in awhile. could just be me though.
  12. ok thanks sounds like either one will work for me good luck in your search
  13. curious but whats the capacity difference 100vs150? ive been thinking about selling a bunch of reels i dont really use anymore and picking up a VS for the kayak as the primary do it all reel, dont really need a ton of line on it.