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  1. get a knife too. you should have a whistle and a knife attached to every pfd cause you just never know.
  2. ohhh the elusive quintuple post. so nice you had to say it twice then thrice
  3. Porque no los dos
  4. He'll get thetr soon enough. Probably sooner than im able to dig em all out and take pics and get them on the BST. You ca do that also. I prefer the 145 over all of em. Holds more line and feels more comfortable. The 140 is too wide and the 146 is just barely a tad small imo. You can start with a lefty anything then all you need is a spool and the bars sized to convert between sizes.
  5. I have a bunch im about to start selling. Are you looking for a 140 145 or 146. Collectible quality or regular fishable color, etc
  6. hmm, let me see how much shipping would be i do have a nice cardboard shipping tube that will work
  7. the top 2 are rated 1/8-3/4 the bottom 1 is rated 1/16-5/8, but in reality it can probably bucktail 1 oz comfortably
  8. you can google any player name in the nhl and theres a video out there of them doing something you dont like. also, just to prove you wrong i wasted 10 minutes of my life googling various combinations of "dirtiest players in the nhl today" "most hated players in the nhl today" etc. etc. and he didnt come up on anyone's list or rankings or anything. sooo. im going to call this a win in my favor.
  9. i guess you havent been paying attention lately to how the nhl handles suspensions then. let me learn you something. suspensions are handed out based on the severity of injury to the injured player(unless its the playoffs and against the pens and your last name is wilson then i guess it doesnt matter). they also factor in past history, its like a 70/30 split for guys who aren't repeat offenders, which malkin isnt. malkin has ****forbrains, no one will honestly argue with you about that, but i wouldnt call him a cheap shot guy. and he drops the glove with anyone who comes at him, never seen him turtle. id argue there isnt a more skilled player in the league who is MORE likely to drop the gloves than malkin.
  10. Hi. Yes i may be going down this weekend to manchester maybe we can meet up. Which rod did you want?
  11. that was one of the bigger flop jobs ive seen all year. barely grazed raffl's helmet and goes down like he was shot. no injury means no suspension. but it was a REALLY stupid thing for malkin to do especially at that point in the game.
  12. bump. i just listed some squadrons for sale if youre still looking.
  13. these are brand new rods $30 each. dont be fooled by the rating, ive thrown up to 1.5oz bucktails with the lighter rod comfortably. for $30 whats the worst that can happen anyway? can meetup anywhere in nj and around philly. would rather not ship.
  14. pretty sure the best bang for the buck out there is picking up a used Valence U1-12rt 12v Rechargeable Lithium Battery off ebay. thats what i did anyway. with a 30# minn kota and PWM controller im pretty sure ill be able to go all day anywhere i want.
  15. Oh that was such an unfortunate break for the flyers.