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  1. pretty sure this happened at like 8:00 pm i bet theres 4 sides to this story and someone was drunk and/or stupid and the guy who got stabbed deserved it
  2. i cant believe the prices of the usa made slammers, i have 1 in every size, dupes on some i cant bring myself to sell em theyre my retirement fund
  3. Inside measures 23". Used but great condition. Lock works fine comes with 1 key. Has all the hardware you need for round bar attachments but you can replace them and use it on a square bar if youd like. 75 shipped 70 picked up or meetup anywhere near zip 07016
  4. theres an unlimited amount of lighting options when you start getting into led strips. you can use a single remote to control color, brightness, on/off put em on a timer, strobe etc. just dont ever lose the remote lol
  5. theres definitely a few available on CL and FB but theyre all much farther than im willing to drive. i was sniped last minute a few times on the bay also, im not quite desperate yet to pay full retail for something new lol
  6. bump2
  7. Yes the brookdale rest area works for me check your PMs
  8. Id do that if we can figure out somewhere to meet near bloomfield around the gsp. Ill let you decide tho because the other guy offered the same $ before me.
  9. Where about in north nj? Would you take 200 picked up in north NJ someday this week?
  10. bump
  11. looking to buy a kayak stacker. thule or yakima doesnt really matter to me. anyone have anything for sale?
  12. how did you break the top cradle that does nothing besides hold the strap? what kind of straps are you using?
  13. am i alone on dickhead island when i read a story about a person or place who claims its all a hoax, or fake or whatever flavor of crazy they subscribe to, only to then get sick? like those stories about "preacher claims god will protect him" he then catches the covid and dies. maybe im just too honest about these things.
  14. Spelling is not your strongest trait im guessing
  15. ive only ever looked at it from the perspective as a homeowner, pretty sure you can diy whatever you want to your own residence, but you're still supposed to pull permits, thats where the work gets checked, in theory anyway.