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  1. Im planning on taking it to a guy this summer to get it on a lift and all cleaned up and sprayed professionally. Then taking it to someone else's empty parking lot on a weekend with some ramps to touch it up once a year.
  2. Im fine with a slot as long as its ~15 fish between 4" and 40"
  3. because they breed like rabbits and grow like a weed
  4. this is such a weird post because i saw 2 separate fry guarders in my local pond on sunday, both were well over 5#, 1 was so big i dont even want to guess and embarrass myself, i thought it was a carp at 1st glance. i felt bad trying to catch them, but i tossed the whole bag and couldnt get a bite lol
  5. Sounds like you got lucky it was only an electrical issue. Thats a win to me.
  6. 8 years old? damn thats pathetic if the compressor died. if its that new it could just be a resistor or capacitor thingamajig that needs to be swapped. but i dont really know anything further. i had to replace my whole system last year, a/c outside and new furnace inside, but they were from the 80's. cost me $6k, . i guess they dont make em like they used to.
  7. Listing it elsewhere thanks for looking
  8. as far as i understand the BST rules thats perfectly fine, unless someone just says ILL TAKE IT and pays me
  9. cranford nj 07016
  10. ahhh thanks, very good questions. v6 np242 select trac. automatic. also has a sunroof! changed the front and rear diff fluids and sparkplugs(champion copper), pads&rotors @ 157k miles.
  11. Selling my 2002 jeep gc. 161,800k miles. Everything runs and works great. No codes, no accidents, inspection good till oct2020. 2 brand new front calipers. Pads and rotors have about 5k miles. Battery new last year. A/c ice cold. Tires brand new last year maybe 2k miles on then. Perfect beach buggy or fishing truck or whatever. Comes with factory roof rack. Let me know if you have any questions or want more pics. Posting here before anywhere else hoping to find a normal person with cash. Hate to deal with any other online stuff and/or get a terrible offer from a dealer. $2500 cash priced to sell imo
  12. i have a few ****** little sit ins we use for freshwater, all you need is a generic $5 flush mount holder. drill a hole behind you and bolt it in. dont even need to seal it or anything, if the boat flips the whole thing is going to fill with water anyway.
  13. if you dont want to diy look up ziebart, they specialize in this stuff. you can start with just a basic fluid film spray (thats going to need to be touched up every year or 2 depending on how much driving you do) or go with a stupid expensive program where they basically scrape/brush away all the rust and undercoat everything with bedliner. i recently bought a 2011 FJ TT with 95k miles but really good shape underneath from ohio. theres a guy near me who does fluid film for $299 came highly recommended from the FJ forums. its worth it, i couldnt imagine being on my back spraying that stuff for hours in the summer not to mention the mess it would make on my driveway. eff that. i dont know what kind of vehicle you have but theres almost always a forum or FB page dedicated to any beach buggy type vehicle where the other members are obsessed with rust proofing. in my case, i plan on keeping the FJ till im cold and dead so its well worth the $$ imo
  14. probably the same kind of dopes who mandated seatbelts during the paleozoic era
  15. Probably a net positive for the phils as he sucked anyway