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  1. River's End is Closed permanently
  2. Check out the grizzly. Should fit.
  3. Im in Rob! Matt
  4. Closing this down. Thanks TimS.
  5. You got it.
  6. They are 5.5in.
  7. I believe its the shorter of the two.
  8. I will when I get home. And get back to you.
  9. You got it. I'll check the Woody's when I get home tonight.
  10. So I weighed them and with 2 3/0 trembles they weigh 2.3 oz
  11. Sold! thanks TimS
  12. I believe they are the 2.5oz
  13. Fees would be 3% of $35 which is $1.05 so it would be $36.05 total.
  14. You got it! Pm coming