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  1. I’ll take this.
  2. I’d offer $75 shipped for the lot.
  3. I’ll take the G2.
  4. Ok. Deal.
  5. Offer $45 shipped.
  6. I’d do $500 shipped (PP F&F).
  7. I’ll take these if you take payment via PayPal.
  8. Appreciate the interest but I’m gonna hold out for now. can add more plugs or cash if someone will part with rare lefty stuff.
  9. Not interested in grs at this time.
  10. Swirls. Poppers. Spooks. Needles. One Off colors in his regular body styles. Etc
  11. These two are are available for the right Lefty.
  12. I’ll take it.
  13. I’m a buyer at $35 shipped.
  14. Where are you located
  15. If you change mind and decide your willing to ship I’d take these. Won’t be near Oceanport any time soon.