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  1. I’ll take the top hot pink. Pm your PP.
  2. It’s mint.
  3. Not interested in that Moby but have this G2 for trade if interested. Looking for another twisted, GRS, or lefty.
  4. What we’re you interested in?
  5. Looking for rare Lefty or Wade Carr plugs. Would consider GRS weasels also.
  6. Yup. I’ll grab it.
  7. I’ll take this.
  8. 2nds on this if it doesn’t work out
  9. Ok. You got it.
  10. Hoping to be... yes
  11. Since you bought the others.... $90
  12. Cyclone 8” Pencil Dated 2007 Weighs approx 5oz Heavily ass weighted pencil that was a special order for guys that wanted to be able to reach the way out bunker pods. $125 Shipped PayPal
  13. Cyclone - Red Head Scaled Spoon Lip Not Dated approx 6” $110 Shipped PayPal
  14. Sold. PM coming.