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  1. Capt rich Antonio is a first class operation. You won't be disappointed. Fishing is fishing but I have always done well on his boat.
  2. They are on their way. 3 weeks ago. South carolina.
  3. Never heard about shad in neponset. There are hickories there. For american I would fish the Charles before the the stocked fish run out in a few few years. When bass are slurping on grass shrimp on top I go home.
  4. It's good just need to spend your time there. Usually schoolies but you can find large during certain scenarios. Spring/early summer is usually good for me. Last few years I would catch my first legal there. Rest of the year it's usually a night bite. Think shadowlines. Don't be afraid of low tide. Fish will usually show themselves if you put enough time. If your not having success you are not moving around enough. There are plenty of nooks and crannies that hold fish. Out going is best. From the mouth to second over pass. Match your offerings to what is around. Fish the seams if you can find them. And if you wade, fan cast before u walk. I strictly use artificials there but if you are into bait. There are areas where I call bowls that fish tend to scavenge the bottom. Feel free to pm me later in the year if you still have trouble.
  5. I loved them beagles.
  6. For those who never been on a walsh pollock trip.
  7. Fake news. http://sararegistry.gc.ca/document/doc2242f/ind_e.cfm#_Toc285629750 Good for them. Their populations are rebuilding. Or maybe their habitat changed and allowed them to expand.. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/striped-bass-gulf-of-st-lawrence-population-recovery-1.4613759
  8. The Charles river is an urban river that is well managed considering the conditions it has gone through. It supports a healthy river herring population considering it is completely managed by people. However there are concerns, the state is already supporting ideas to improve, but like everything in life it has a complexity of issues. I would contact a local rep and ask what's being addresses to this situation. Help those managing it get it further along. They are trying their best to improve the health of our systems. Butn there's too much with too little. Remeber it's an urban river. Get some money to fund the shad program and get rid of or improve the Watertown dam, bring a new fishery to the Charles. Well not new for me There is already a good, successful herring population there. But like all things it can be improved. They can't fix the ocean. Life goes through cycles. Boom and bust. It's about booming more than the bust. Watertown dam; one of the risks is smelt spawning habitat. But there's also a bit of complexity with its owners and funding. Go find support.
  9. Give me a few days I may have a video of the same fish.
  10. When you get your pms. Pm me. One eagle to another.
  11. It's been good. Getting better. 175lbs.
  12. April use to be the best time for cod fish on a party boat. Capt John boats had a fleet of ships not too long ago. It was like scup fishing. Hope on a them now, see how well you do..
  13. It's been 10 years or more since I have fished from shore in boston for cod fish. Night time tides were best couple hours before and sometimes after high tide usually at a known fishing pier. Fresh bait is key. Use to dig my own worms. High lo rig I prefered, I had most luck in late April to may. Lot's of small fish, but steady action. Biggest was 15lbs. Check your bait often, lots of crabs. Used whole seaworms or fresh sea clams. You might want to check the regs first.
  14. If you want dim sum. Windsor which across the street has dim sum as well.. but I usually go to grand chinatown.