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  1. No. Jigs get the bigger fish. Squid gets you more numbers. Usually I get my limit. Its about 1 out of 10 thats legal. 15 inches this years its probably going to be 1 out of 20. I got 1 fish this year but only fished for 20 minutes. Not in boston anymore.
  2. Rocks piles. They are everywhere. But won't move off the rocks.
  3. U be surprised how big a splash a pogie can make especially if its being chased.
  4. Warning.. i was at the neponset few days ago and it was just pogies flipping along a shadow edge.. bass usually pop. But i have seen bass on silversides there. Use slim small lures. I have seen bass on grass shrimp there. You pretty much sol. Slim profile lures and small. Low and slow. If bass on pogies and making giant noises. Big ol Danny just barely swimming in the cross current.
  5. Silversides. Bay anchovies. Sea worm hatch. Green crabs. Lobsters. Smelts. Butterfish. Hickory shad. Grass shrimp. I would recommend understanding the behavior of bass if that's what your after. They are either lazy or excited.. once u key in on their pattern its easy.
  6. Maybe the feds should reproduce white perch in rivers that had existing populations of estuarine white perch.
  7. Just to be clear. These fish I am posting are striped bass. How small do you want me to go? Right before they get their stripes. I make them earn it.
  8. How small do you want me to go? I caught it in the water.
  9. There is alot more to hatching eggs than most realize. I can grow a striped bass in a dunkin cup. Actually any bass species on this side of the pond. Conductivity ph salinity and temperature are all factors as well as food availability. Daming a river changes many ecologically aspects. I'm not saying a striped bass couldn't reproduce in the conn or Merri. But conditions have to optimal to sustain a population. With trends shifting north I wouldn't see why they couldn't but there has been much evidence to prove they do. I would rather see man hatching more fish into the system to offset nature but that opens up another argument. Attached is a 6 month old striped bass. Enjoy
  10. Largemouth bass spawn on a bed or nest. Striped bass broadcast cast spawn in a river either in a channel or a shoal. Rivers have to be long and warm enough for the eggs to develop and hatch before hitting saltwater or getting covered up with silt. Just fyi there are striped bass that spawn well to our north. Better question is name an undamed river.
  11. 2ws means 2 winter salmon. You can read more about this report here https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.asf.ca/assets/files/state-of-popn-2019v2.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjazfHOhdTnAhVDheAKHd0OAtAQFjAFegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw2Dle8ozo-8LNDDdFHrUR_6&cshid=1581786497774 The US is but a negligent drop of salmon populations. The data set is for the entire north western atlantic. You can read more about in the reports. There is something called the Atlantic salmon federation. Ices is International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. for someone managing our fisheries I would expect to know a little more. I believe the trend is, populations are moving north are doing better but returns are either declining or holding depending on runs. that's about all I have to say about this. As I dont want to get reinvolved with this subject.
  12. Define shortage...
  13. Yes. I guess I should have said 6 or 7 were caught and released that day. And only 1 was kept.