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  1. been out twice in the last 2 weeks, southside Cape, been good for me.
  2. looks like a chicken to me, good eats. Polypores have a tough leathery texture. Chicken has texture of a regular mushroom.
  3. i had good luck earlier this year with a shad dart of all things.
  4. Yes, there's a good piece on it in the April issue of OTW. They switch them to a different feed several months before the stocking, which brightens the fillets. It also has antioxidants that help the fish resist infections sometimes caused by the stocking process. Not all hatcheries use this feed, since it's more expensive. I don't think RI and CT use it; their fish are very pale, and from what I've heard, not as good tasting. I think the folks at the Sandwich hatchery raise some of the best trout in New England. The rainbows have the brightest, fattiest fillets. The brook and brown trout are not as colorful, but still great for smoking.
  5. it was in the June 2011 issue, written by Andy Nabreski. THere was also a TV episode filmed on that trip. If you email Andy at OTW he might be kind enough to send you a pdf of the article.
  6. check out Cedar Hill retreat on Duxbury Bay. Great spot, huge lawn overlooking the bay. Can be decent fishing and clamming close by. Owned by a church, but don't let that deter you. We did a function there last year, made all the food there, great industrial kitchen in it.
  7. OTW offers an online-only edition for just $15 a year. Great magazine. Required reading for anyone who wants to learn more about fishing our local waters.
  8. I think I wore it out earlier in the spring. I watch that buoy data like a hawk when water temps approach 50. Here's another link to a site at the mouth of Waquoit, it generally runs about 1 degree warmer than woods hole. http://cdmo.baruch.sc.edu/get/realTime.cfm?stationCode=WQBMHWQ
  9. bummer
  10. shaving cream
  11. Falmouth DNR found one fresh dead in trunk river falmouth two days ago. They cut it open, filled with eggs
  12. may the hairs in his ass all turn into fish hooks
  13. I have two Canon Rebels. I'mt over 20,000 shots on my older one, shooting 95% fishing images in harsh environments, ice, rain, salt, fog. I'm amazed it lasted as long as it did, it's on about it's 10th life and still taking a good shot. (A $90 Pelican hard case has saved it many times and well worth the extra price) The new Rebel's also take HD video which is nice. You can pick it up, with two lenses (get a decent zoom lens) for well under $1,000. There are some good deals out there. The higher end Canon's and Nikons are overkill for most people, and if you're hanging around the salt you might want to stick with a more entry-level SLR model. 95% of the pros use Canon or Nikon for a reason, they're both good. my 2 cents
  14. update: weighed in for the striper cup this morning at Jacks Shoreline Bait & Tackle in Connecticut On The Water has people on the way down to verify... stay tuned