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  2. I took the kids out last night for a little bridge fishing. My son has been out with me before, but it was the first night-fishing trip for my daughter. We stopped by a marina and loaded up on bait with one throw. It was low tide so I wasn't expecting much action, but when we walked up on to the bridge, we saw all kinds of top-water activity. Snapper blues were all over and kept the kids busy for a while. After they grew tired of the bluefish, we dropped our jigs to the bottom and caught a bunch of sand sharks, oyster crackers, and a couple of stripers. The bigger bass was a bonus, but I think they actually had more fun with the sharks. We had a great time and I can't wait to get them back out there with me again.
  3. Deal. I'll PM my contact info.
  4. Price reduced to $60. Shipping will cost an extra $5.
  5. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5600WS Baitcast Round Reel NIB $70 4 stainless steel ball bearings High speed 6.3:1 gear ratio 4 bearing drive Wiffle Spool
  6. I have a Magellan Explorist 300 GPS that I've never used; it's still in the box. I've seen it sold in stores at $199 to $249. I'm asking $125. Features Barometer, Altimeter and Electronic Compasss Built-in 8MB basemap of North America 3 navigation screens plus built-in map display 14 parallel channels with WAAS enhancement for greater positional accuracy Full keyboard with joystick for quick and easy access
  7. We're having an incredible spring run! We lucked into an all-day blitz at IBSP last week. I took a bunch of video, but this one probably sums up the day the best... " target="_blank">
  8. Request? If I remember right, my email was nothing more than an atta-boy to you after you posted some early season fish. The guys on one of the sites were riding you about something and I didn't think it was right so i sent you an email to congratulate you on your early season catch. I believe you requested a weakfish trip with me in exchange for a striper trip with you. If I remember right, it was on this message board and not through email. I'm pretty sure by the time I saw it, Steve (Nightstrikes) had already volunteered to take you up on your offer. You can probably look it up if you don't believe me. After all this time, instead of sending me an email, you've been taking little pot shots at me whenever I post a report? I sent you the initial email because I thought you were a little more like me than the rest of the guys, but I guess I was wrong.
  9. Release the breeders. I love me some me. You're already my internet hero.
  10. I'm not sure if the eyes make a difference, but I can only see an upside to having eyes on a jig head. While it's possible that the jigs with eyes may not catch any additional fish, does anyone think that it would deter a fish from striking? I seriously doubt it. I have the same theory on scents for soft-plastic baits. I don't know if they help to increase my strikes, but I don't think it decreases my chances either. I've weighed the pros vs. cons and I choose to fish with jigs that have eyes and a little added scent, usually shedder crab oil.
  11. I do it at least three times on every trip. It probably pays off less than 10% of the time, but you have to try because you never know what the next cast may bring.
  12. Fished the end of the out and the beginning of the incoming last night. Found lots of surface action, but the bite was a little tricky. Did a little driving around and ended up with seven fish up to 33 inches. My buddy, Mike (Basspirate) stopped by this morning with my new custom weakfish rod. I absolutely this combo! Those weakies don't stand a chance!
  13. It was too nice to stay in last night so I made a short trip out to see if I could repeat the action that I had on Saturday night. As it turned out, things were much slower, I really had to work for five fish to 30 inches. What a great stretch of weather; I'm going for five straight days/nights on the water.
  14. Backwater fishing down here is really picking up! Things started a little slow on the incoming tide, but once it turned around the back bays lit up with action. Jigs fished on or near the surface definitely was the way to go. I ended the night with about a dozen bass, most of which were between 26 and 31 inches. It felt good to get back to my kind of fishing!