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  1. I prefer the 5000 to the 5500 because of its lower gearing.
  2. I still use my older (1970's / 80's) Swedish made Ambassadeur 5000's for freshwater plugging. They are my go to reels. Fishing for Barramundi and Mangrove Jack. I like tinkering around with stuff, so polishing the drag plates, luring the bearings / bushings, etc keeps these babies singing and me fishing.
  3. My experience is only in Sri Lanka. Here too like all places, when the fishing is good it's fantastic, when its bad it sucks. We catch Barracuda up to 20 pounds, Barramundi up to 30 pounds, GT up to 70 pounds, Queen fish up to 16 pounds which are fantastic on light tackle, Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel up to 40 pounds (cousin of the Wahoo), etc from the shore and jetties. Plugging works well both in the day and night, and silver spoons in the mornings just as it dawns. Shore fishing from the harbours and at estuary mouths (river entrances into the sea) are the best places to fish from. If you search my posts on this website you will find quite a bit of info on plugging and shore fishing in Sri Lanka. I too dislike boat fishing and all my fishing is done with my feet firmly planted on the shore or a breakwater / pier. The only times I fish off a boat is when fishing for Barramundi or Mangrove Jack in inland lagoons.
  4. I have used regular sewing machine oil (pure mineral oil) and ATF oil to lube the spool bushings in my Ambassadeur reels and older Penns over the last few decades and they work fine. The same oil you use to lubricate the ball bearings should be fine for the bushings.
  5. Lionel, I have replied your PM.
  6. Lionel, tried to send you a PM but unable to do so. You may need to chalk up a few more posts on this site to be able to receive messages. Once achieved I will revert with the info via PM.
  7. Ouch. I have seen it happen to a chap fishing next to me in the dark and a much bigger fish at the other end of the lure. Fortunately I had a very good quality large pair of pliers with a bolt cutting feature. A hard way to learn a lesson but one you will not forget in a hurry.
  8. Just picked up a NOS Abu Ambassadeur Inshore 6500. This has the SS gears, one piece spool and spindle, external spool ball bearings and palming side plate.
  9. It's nice to see some conventional reels for a change.
  10. Jerry is great to deal with.
  11. Cross Current, lovely reels and pictures.
  12. I have been using Super Lube PTFE (Teflon base) grease and mineral oil (general purpose oil / sewing machine oil) for years.
  13. Hey HH, In the country I live fishing tackle selection is very limited. So, we have to make use of what is available. Using spinning rods with casting reels is common practice and some of us here have never even seen a casting rod. We still catch fish. Ignorance is bliss.
  14. You ask "good, bad, ok ?". None of the above. Because they are "excellent".
  15. Notice how she holds the rod behind the reel while pumping and reeling in ? I see this with a lot of "new" anglers using baitcasters lately. Is it that no one tells them it is easier to hold the rod in front of the reel while reeling in ? Or is there something I am missing here ?