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    try not to get more injured
  1. You got it
  2. How about I break it up, $95 for the rod - $12 Shipping $100 for the reel, line and backing - $7 shipping $20 for the basket - $7 Shipping Or $200 for everything
  3. I would like to keep everything together, but if there isn't much interest after a little while in the whole lot, I would be open to breaking it up.
  4. Ds2 9904
  5. Sage 9' 9wt 4pc w/ case The reel is a scientific angler 9wt,with backing and intermediate clear line on it, it was only used a couple times this spring, The basket is a collapsible belt basket Looking for $250 for everything, I bought this in the spring but life sorta gets in the way sometimes. If local more than willing to have it picked up and pay upon receipt other than that Paypal and credit card. Shipping will be $12 Any questions feel free to ask.
  6. With my current setup, I used to get knots using pp40 and I switched to pp30 and had almost none, some of it can the the line weight, its just something I found. Just got to use a little more finesse when I got a big one on.
  7. It was lifechanging for sure, I was going to put on my wetsuit, had it in the truck with me, but decided against it, water was still a little cold, and I knew I was going to be walking alot out of the water and didn't want to burn up my tighs. A PFD is being bought very soon, probably before my next trip out. It is a lesson for me and for others just to think, I was one of the few lucky ones where I was able to make it, but I have heard too many stories, about people drowning because of waders, I dismissed them mostly, not now, I will heed all the warnings. I do have a new outlook on life and makes me realize how lucky I am.
  8. I was really stupid, I got comfortable in this place, it was a calm day no waves and I thought I was fine, the only reason the water was as high as it was, was because I was catching on a bar and lost track of time, not an excuse just what happened. Never take for granted the water cause she will get you
  9. I did have one, my father, but he went back to the truck cause he was hurting. I am still shooken up over it, but it goes to show even in places that we all think we know things can change and trouble can come in an instant
  10. I nearly died today, I was mere seconds from drowning only 20 yards from shore. This was a place I have fished for over 10 years, and because of the hurricane that hit last fall the terrain is much different. I was walking back in from fishing and the water was high on my waders a few inches from the top, not an ideal situation, but I was in an area which I though I knew very well. I was walking pretty slow as I was a bit tired, and as I got close to shore, I had this very weird sensation come over me, I still cannot explain it but just before I took my step into a new hole that was made, I felt like I was far lighter, like I was almost being lifted slightly, then it happened.... One more step and I went into this hole and was under water. Trying to go back was no use as the tide was pushing me into the middle of the hole, I surfaces and started to try and swim, but anyone who has ever had waders fill with water knows its almost impossible, I kept my head up for a short while then when the water forced its way past my belt I went down again, only inches under the surface I still wasn't touching bottom. I mustered all of my strength and forced myself back to the surface and gasped for air swallowing a bunch of sea water. Struggling as hard as I could, I kept myself above the water for only a handful of seconds, and in that time I really did see my life flash before me, and I went under again. As much as I struggled I couldn't get back to the surface, but all of a sudden I felt myself rise up just enough to get my mouth out of the water and I stayed there for a few seconds and I heard something say drop your rod. In my mind I thought if I can get my rod to the bottom I might be able to push myself up, though I didn't know how deep the water was, I put my rod down and I hit bottom and pushed my head above the water and took the deepest breath I could, the rod was only a couple feet out of the water a 10'6' rod, I was stable for the moment but had no strength left. the rod started to lean over forward towards shore and somehow, I don't know how, cause I didn't do it, the rod lifted and went back down again, propping my head just above the water line, then it leaned forward again and as I rode it down my feet hit bottom with my head still just above the water. I pushed myself out and sat on the beach for a few minutes collapsing in exhaustion. I do not understand it, but I should be dead.
  11. Sounds good I got a real good Army Navy up the street
  12. I am in need of a new surf bag, as mine got destroyed by someone. I am looking for something with 8 tubes, but am strapped for cash. I am looking for any suggestions.
  13. I just got to get a bunch of new rods as most of them are now broken then let the season commence
  14. Well things fell through going to FL, I guess I will have more time to fish this spring.