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  1. Yes it is Hatteras surf and fish mostly at the point in fall
  2. My surf machine elite 11’3” I paired with a Seigler SM
  3. I’m going to be building a Century Surfmachine 10’. 1-4oz. mainly used at OBX blues and Spanish. Need distance with braid and fast retrieving. looking for reel recommendations and size IRT, Visser, Van Stal, Daiwa, Gosa, others
  4. Can anyone recommend the 200 or 300ul. I’m thinking about it for a 8-10 ft rod. See several people with 200’s but no 300ul which is a 200 gear section and 300 spool.
  5. Anybody have any experience with either of these blanks? Considering building one.
  6. Anybody have any experience with either of these blanks? considering building one.
  7. Built this layout on Century Surf Machine Max and fished it for the last week in Hatteras at the point and very happy with my decision. Caught 5 yearling drum and one pup. Rod was a pleasure to cast and did not beat me up like my 1508 has done.
  8. I gives me a good excuse to build a new fishing rod and allows him to fish with me. Looking for a lighter and easier to cast up to 6oz
  9. I looking to build a rod to replace my 11’9 the my son keeps stealing. He already has my 1508 and replaced with a century surf machine max. Recommedations
  10. i've ordered this guide layout. How far from the reel should I put the rv16 to begin test casting the layout
  11. My new rod will be 8 n bait rod using Seigler SM or avet sx. I built a 10' spinning rod using kr concept a couple years ago and its been great. What guides and ring sizes are recommend? The last heaver I built was an Allstar 1508 probably 18+ years ago.
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