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  1. Do they have a website?
  2. Looking to get a rack built for the front of my truck. Who builds the best?
  3. From the album Forum Attachments

  4. Avet sx is a beast and it comes lefty
  5. I like my Avet sx. Put a nobby mag I got from Chris Macey and it is the best reel I have cast so far.
  6. I have a 13 ft 6nbait and they are awesome. I love mine and would recomend them to any one. They are easy to cast and have good power. And they are on sale now at Tommy Farmer's store.
  7. Just ordered a mag kit for my avet sx 5.3 from Chris Macey and was wondering if anybody has any pics of reels with his mag kits on them.
  8. does Chris Macey have mag kits for avet's?
  9. I am looking to buy a new reel for surf fishing and was trying to get opinion on both of these reels. I like the line capacity of the avet but I like the drag on the 525. So I am just looking for any help I can get. Thanks Ryan
  10. What cast do most people use when surf fishing? I heard that the pendulum was dangerous to use on the beach. I was thinking maybe the Hatteras cast would be the best but not sure the proper way to do it. Not sure if you swing it straight back or to the 2 o'clock position if say the spot your trying to get to is in the 6 o'clock.
  11. What size hooks do I need to use?
  12. I will be going to Hatteras on Oct. 1st and was thinking of taking my fly rod. what are the chances of catching fish on the fly in Oct.? What type of flies should I be using and what weight rod. Mine is a 9ft #6. I mostly use it for pond fishing for bass and other pan fish. Will it hold up in the salt water and against the fish. Thanks for any info.
  13. If you wrap the line 3-4 times you won't have to mess with your drag.
  14. After posting this on the distance forum I wished I would have did it on the main so more could read it. So here it is. http://www.stripersonline.com/ubb547...ic/29/629.html
  15. Does anybody watch the Great Outdoor games on ESPN2? Well they won't be on this year cause they are trying to come up with a new platform for them. I think they should consider long distance casting as an event. I e-mailed them to suggest it as an event though I don't know if anybody will read it. Maybe if we can get enough people to e-mail them then they might consider it. Just a thought.