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  1. Indeed, thanks for the advice all. I'll trust the larger hooks on the heavier jigs, and experiment with paddletail profiles.
  2. That's interesting, I've only used ball-style jigs, makes sense the shad-style would sink faster. Thank you.
  3. These look good, but it's sort of what I'm talking about not being able to find - ideally I'd like to find some 2 or 3oz jigs with say a 5/0 hook; heavy enough to sink through current but small enough to target the schoolies.
  4. Three-way rig is a good idea in this situation, thanks. Though in the East River I'll probably get snagged on an old shopping cart and be even more frustrated!
  5. I mainly fish in the Hudson and East River from piers in NYC, and have the most success with 4” soft plastic swim baits. But when the current is really moving they don’t sink fast enough to stay close to structure. Heavier jig heads with a paddle tail would be ideal, but they usually seem to have hooks too big for schoolies. Any recommendations for heavier jigs or bucktails (2 or 3oz) with relatively smaller hooks?
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