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  1. Thanks for the “Sage” advice, @KironaFly and @Mike Oliver! If you guys or anyone else have a Sage Xi3, SaltHD, or Maverick in 10wt that you’d consider parting with, please let me know.
  2. My thoughts exactly! My Winston 9wt worked fine for small Roosters, but probably wouldn't handle a "grande" very well...
  3. Reviving this old topic because I'm in the market for a new 10wt rod for a Baja Roosterfish trip later this year. I have a Sage Xi3 12wt (too heavy) and a Winston 9wt (somewhat too light), so I'm looking for a new rod. There are a number of older Sage rods on the market now, including Xi3, RPLXi, Maverick, and Salt HD. I'm hoping to spend under $400 if possible, although that may preclude the Salt HD. @KironaFly Have you changed your opinion of any of these rods over the past few years? I know you recently offered a Maverick in 10wt. Do you still like that rod compared to its older relatives?
  4. Thanks for your "Sage" advice! I use Rio Tropical Outbound Short Intermediate lines on all my Roosterfish reels. The 9 wt rod I used last year worked fine for the small Roosters, as you pointed out. But I definitely felt the gap between the 9 wt and 12 wt rods I took last year. Hence my search for a good 10 wt rod. @bhorsley Among the Sage Xi3, Salt, Salt HD, and Maverick, which is your favorite recommended rod in 10 wt and why?
  5. I'm planning a trip to Baja California this summer for Roosterfish, and need a new rod. Last year, I used my Sage Xi3 12wt from the boat and it was too heavy for the job. I also took a Winston 9wt and it was a bit too light. Still managed to connect with the fish (see below)! I'm thinking perhaps a used Sage Xi2, Xi3, Salt, Salt HD, Maverick, or newer rod in 10wt. What do you think? Anyone have such a rod collecting dust in their locker or closet? Please let me know if you might be willing to part with it!
  6. My apologies: Apparently my initial post violated Forum rules! Here's another try: My usual practice when upgrading or making any new purchase is to pay no more than 50 percent of retail prices for fly fishing gear. That's why I shop on eBay and the classified sections of various forums. In my experience, upgrading is perfectly possible using this approach. It just means that you probably won't be fishing with the latest and greatest gear, which often costs thousands of dollars (e.g., the Sage R8 Salt, which retails for $1.1K). The current context for me is that I'm planning a trip to Baja in June to pursue Roosterfish, and looking for a new 10 wt rod. Last year, I used my Sage Xi3 12 wt to catch the fish pictured below, but it felt too heavy and stiff for the purpose. I also brought my Winston 9 wt and it felt too light. Hence my search for a 10 wt. Per my upgrade policy, I'm considering Sage Xi3, Maverick, Salt HD, or similar rod. Any advice from Forum members who may have experience with Roosterfish and/or these rods? I've heard good things about the Beulah Opal single-handed rod, which apparently was developed specifically for this fishery. Thanks in advance for your advice and counsel!
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