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  1. I don’t know what these are. Thin spooks? They slide real nice through the water. We’ll see what the bass think this year.
  2. If they are in really bad shape I just fix them up and fish them. They also make great X-mas tree ornaments.
  3. My BIL is a picker for a living. Anytime he comes across old plugs he drops them off. Sometimes he finds some pretty cool stuff.
  4. “ The real treasure is the friendships that were made on Oak Island”. Rick Lasagna- 2021. I disagree. I know Marty Lasagna disagrees.
  5. A couple more squid coming off of paint this morning.
  6. natural wood can give you that nice amber color as well.
  7. I LOVE when the bass are on squid. Fun fishing for sure.
  8. Years ago I used to carry 1/2 a mackerel in my bag and rub it on my plugs every few casts. I really didn’t notice a difference other than making a mess and having to leave my gear outside. However I used to do pretty good with strips of fresh squid on my tail hooks. Don’t know if it was a visual thing, or the scent.
  9. Hello everyone. New guy here. I’ve been building plugs for a while now. I received an old Bluestreak popper I’ve always admired but it was too big and heavy for me. This is my scaled down version at 5 1/2” , 2.5 oz.
  10. Looking at Billy I’m gonna guess there is no Planet Fitness on Oak Island.
  11. Damn right I said Beets Chum. I have many hours invested into watching that show. I deserve to see some treasure. I demand to see some treasure!
  12. This nonsense ends now! Two mega shows need to combine, Gold Rush and Oak Island. Tony Beets would run that entire island through his wash plant in 2 days!!
  13. That second kayak is listing heavy to starboard. Could it be……. he’s loaded down with treasure?
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