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  1. I was there the first week of February and fished the flats two mornings, all but an hour or so on the Bay side and into Everglades preserve (not into the mangroves). It had been cool and rainy the previous week but we saw above average temperatures the week we were there (high of 81 every day). The wind blew a constant 15 mph; occasionally a bit more. I cast to two sleepy tarpon in about six feet of water - no dice. A couple of nice permit resting near the surface with fins sticking out refused to take notice of my offering. We found no bonefish, though we cruised the flats for miles looking. So it was jacks, reds, snapper and cuda (bit me off).
  2. SurfHunter - Not about me, but been there, done that. He needs an advocate - you, his wife, whatever - someone who's not feeling like a bag of crap to talk to the staff at the hematologist/oncologist for every issue. They're busy, but extremely helpful. You just gotta pin someone down. Best for attending to the side-effects would be the head nurse or PA in the clinic where the infusions and such are performed. In the meantime, talk to your pharmacist about mouthwashes and such for the sores - and make him understand that sometimes you just have to force yourself to eat. T & P.
  3. Cortez -You nailed it. I do them two or three times each winter. And they are often on sale so no need to freeze -that just robs all the juices. Love it with creamy mashed potatoes. 140degF internal is perfect.
  4. Yowie-zowie! A hundred bucks for the Verve, "The Complete...." on iTunes. BTW, I came onto SOL back when it was a bunch of guys just talking and sharing about fishing. We didn't have avatars and all this flashy stuff. I haven't posted much at all in years and I noticed that my avatar - I guess that's what you call it - was the same another member's. I have no idea how. So I've attempted to change it. I hope no-one is upset that I was stealing someone else's avatar.
  5. Thanks; I'll check it out.
  6. Not looking to collect vinyl - I am just interested in putting together from iTunes a good sampling of his music. If some are considered more central or important, that would be good to know. Thanks
  7. Trying to make some progress on a be-bop collection that I started some years ago now that I'm moving everything over to iTunes. I know I probably should have started with Parker, but that's not how it worked out. Anyway, for any be-bop gurus out there, what would be the four or five Charlie Parker must- have CD's?
  8. Need some advice on these saucepots. The heavy all-aluminum saucepots from Royal Industries look like something you might see in a commercial kitchen - never having been in one. The aluminum should spread the heat well. right? They're cheap enough, you can bang em around in the kitchen. I like the totally straight sides for use on the big burner on my Electrolux stovetop. Besides the issue of cooking acid tomatoes in aluminum .... Anyone ever use these? Thanks
  9. From the album Royal Aluminum Saucepot

  10. Interesting discussion. I don't post at SOL much anymore, but this is similar to a decision I went through not so long ago. Bear with me. I keep a loaded, unlocked 12 ga ready to shoot except for the safety on, propped in the corner next to the bed in our bedroom. It is locked up whenever we leave the house. It's me and my wife at home these days. I like to think that I've thought through how it would potentially be used, which I hope dearly would never come to pass. It seems to me that shooting a person, even if you don't end up getting put through the wringer by the authorities or sued by the "victim" or his/her family, has the definite potential to change your life forever. I pretty much like my life the way it is right now. Assuming we're talking about living in today's America and not some future post-apocalypse distopia,I would only shoot at a person if my safety or that of a family member were in immediate danger. I have no intention of leaving the bedroom looking for trouble if I sense an intruder in the house in the middle of the night. You can watch YouTube videos showing how to wander around and "clear a room" with a handgun or shotgun. For me, I see no reason to leave the room. Someone stealing my laptop from the den is not worth getting involved in a shooting type confrontation. Not even close. Get up, lock the bedroom door and call 911 - hopefully on speaker mode if I have the presence of mind to do it - and toss the phone on the bed, still connected to 911. Keep shouting, "Don't come up here. I have a weapon." Make sure the wife is behind me and down low. Laying on the floor. At this point, if someone comes up the stairs and breaks through the bedroom door, it's clear to me that he/she means to do us physical harm. But I still need to be able to see who I'm potentially shooting at. No way I'm pulling the trigger without that. And I want the aggressor to have the least clear view of us as possible. I think that means shining a very bright light on him/her (lights off in the bedroom) at the last moment, once he/she enters the darkened room. Also, we know the layout of the room. He/she does not. Once the aggressor is through the door and I've got a split-second view of him/her sufficient to ensure that it is a stranger, I'm shooting to kill. I do not want a wounded criminal who has given every indication of doing me physical harm in my bedroom. I've had many people tell me that they would aim at the aggressor's legs or knee caps. My point in telling you all this is that I've spoken to so many people who keep guns, some loaded, in the house for "home defense" but have not been able to give me any indication of having thought about how it would be used - it's scary. Would I keep a loaded gun in my home if there were kids or other people living in the house? No way. I even keep it locked up when our adult son or daughter is sleeping over. I don't want to be awakened from deep REM sleep at 2am by one of them coming home from a night out and perhaps not recalling that they're visiting that weekend. Too many tragedies have ocurred in similar circumstances. If you live in an apartment or someplace where an innocent person might be harmed by a round penetrating a wall, that obviously needs to be considered as well. The other major factor that seems to have the potential to come into play is the adrenaline rushing through your system during such an event. Think about it. Calmly shooting at a firing range as "practice" for home defense is, from what I've determined, close to useless. Ideally, you need to practice grabbing your weapon, getting into position and firing all while under stress. Heart rate way, way up. All of the studies of instances when police have mistakenly pumped 100 or so bullets into a suspect (most notoriously an innocent person) have concluded that under severe emotional stress the brain works differently. Think about a professional fighter standing over a downed opponent and continuing to pound him while the referee is trying to intervene. In many cases, he's not a mean person rationally thinking that he must kill his opponent. It's adrenaline. I've never been in combat, but think about the infantryman confronting a group of unknown individuals in a wartime situation. He and his buddies' lives in extreme danger second by second. Is it any wonder that innocent civilians caught in that sometimes get killed by soldiers making bad decisions? It's adrenaline. And these are professionally trained individuals. Now think about stumbling around your bedroom in the dark, barefoot, to open your safe or find the key to unlock your trigger lock while that kind of adrenaline is coursing through your system. Try this. Tell your wife to set your alarm for some random early hour on some random day next week. And you are to find your cell phone in the dark in the bedroom and call her phone. While she's yelling at you calling you a dumb**** just to get your adrenaline up more. No guns involved. Just make a phone call. Quickly. I'm not completely sure that I've gotten to it in my case, but I think that in your planning you need to eliminate as many "thinking" steps as possible. If the studies are correct, rational thinking seems to be difficult once the adrenaline kicks in. All that being said, I have to admit that I live in a very safe suburb. So I think that the probabilities of such an event are extremely low for me. Would I look at it a bit differently if I was still poor and still lived in a crappy neighborhood? Maybe. I would never presume to tell anyone else what to do to defend him/herself, but for me it seemed like there were a lot of things to think through, and I wanted to end up with me and my family safer, not less safe. Not sure I've got it right. It was the best I could do.
  11. From the album Random Images IV

  12. There is a photo of her on the net that I found; that was part of how I confirmed it was her. But I've said enough. Except, no that's not her on the left.
  13. U're not gonna believe this. One of the authors is my brother-in-law's queer sister. I saw the post, recognized the name and just did the research to confirm it. My wife's sister's husband's sister. Not surprised.
  14. After having visited France and Italy a few times, I realized what crap US cheese is. And I am not one of those 'everything in Europe is good, America bad' types - quite the opposite, in fact. Anyway, you won't go back to supermarket cheese. The US produces tons and tons of crap cheese - I remember several years ago the government was giving it away at senior centers to 'poor' geezers (I'm a geezer, too). That stuff they put on cheeseburgers everywhere - what IS that? Food quality just is not important to Americans; just a cultural thing I guess. France produces about 400 different AOC cheeses. I'm on a quest to try them all. We have a couple of halfway decent cheese shops around here, and whenever we're in Providence we stop in a pretty good one there. Gadwall - Humboldt Fog photo: is that a layer of ash, as in Morbier (one of my fav's)? Why does it look all melty?