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  1. Boots and Waders will not stop the Sea nettles as they will attach to them till you remove them and Then BAM your Stung.
  2. Sharks are the least of the Problems to Surf fisherman ocean side and bayside. if and when you go barefoot. Besides sharp objects such as Glass and Shells. these 3 await you to step on and walk into. along with the stinging Jellys that are now showing up in massive numbers again in Nj waters they are from a Dime size to a Quater stick to everything and have caused people to go into Schock I had to carry an Epi Pen when fishing crabbing -wading. Sharks the least of the problems facing fisherman
  3. Go to the site here are many ways to Participate even joining a Boat
  4. My Lure and by accident drifting for fluke off Seabright 1968
  5. Just received this late as may be, it is Tournament for Veterans and a not to be missed event Striper Fishing the Hudson River out of NJ everything is top shelf. My Son has an ongoing entry but I have to miss it this year 2023 Manhattan Cup Angler Registration.pdf
  6. Let's take a look at the Big Picture this is nothing New it was happening right off the NY - NJ coast while they watched most won't bother like anything else. China unleashes a massive fleet of fishing boats to punish Australia, but Australia is waiting for them.pdf China's 'dark' fishing fleets are plundering the world's oceans - ABC News.pdf China's super trawlers are stripping the ocean bare as its hunger for seafood grows - ABC News.pdf
  7. Too much government and as far as contributing any Money it is Our money to start with that, we have no Say in. With No oversight.
  8. You know where I stand on all The Political Government interventions in any Fishery. When you have appointed bureaucrats Hacks on any governing controls there is a Garantte of favoritism and cronyisms, not one is answerable to anyone their Lobbyists and Lawyer's hold power over. Home rules are overruled in every section of the Commercial and Recreational industry. Flawed science and guesstimates are rampant. No one has control over International Waters were uncontrolled Fishing - Trading - Transferring from American fleets to Foreign Fleets. and exported, Stop looking at the little Atlantic issues and take in the whole picture. To them every one is the Problem in every sector since it seems they were given the powers to do so. Photos are the Problems.
  9. Totally agree The Baysore is My Haunt and Bass at Night Elling off a pier I have caught Med Bass never cared for the Hook but Asbury an OG BB to shark river inlet I have success with school bass with Sand Fleas around the rock's day time while dead sticking for fluke. Till the Skates take over,
  10. Dam Oxford Hillbilly or is it Warren Haven
  11. Neither do the agencies' tasked with keeping track. One of the Highest Security and closed areas are the Commercial Docs and Co Ops,
  12. Keep this and mark it updated regularly.
  13. Please enlighten me I'm from NJ
  14. Remember its clueless not ignorance and the debating go on and on
  15. Total agreement on you post. Bunker and NJ remain in the Bay's Rivers and in close to the Ocean shoreline. As the bays and Rivers are polluted with scores of the Peanut Bunker (Baby) most of June till late fall when they migrate out. The adult Bunker will and have remained as for the Ocean schools they appear in massive numbers close to the Surface from just yards off to a mile or 2 the numbers vary year to year and daily. Once the bunker reduction Boats from VA came in as close as 300yds to net them causing their oils to leak and wash up on the beaches closing them, It took a lot of outcries and Government intervention to finally move them out of STATE waters. The numbers began to explode after that, and only Licensed bait boats could net them inside of State waters. to this day, it was common to watch Whales heard them and come up from under them in a big scoop. There also were massive die offs inside due to overcrowding causing lack of oxygen leading to disease. As far as pushing offshore not from any past history. Just this past week 2 Whales were sighted just off Sandy Hook and LIVE ONES AT THAT FOR A CHANGE a once very common site. along with the Dolphins and Seals. The Stripers are the ones Migrating away from the area. Offshore  or Not there is no offshore fishery or even bycatch to prove that.
  16. For references only I was given this Book by a NJ Chater Captain who was Retarring 1962 and was sworn to Secrecy . It is part of My Library of Fishing & Hunting Books, The Index notes areas long forgotten about with one page of descriptions but at one time were very viable locations many were guarded & kept secret in Logbooks. Since it is history, it needs a good home. FREE.
  17. Did a general search and came up with this, could not find where anyone Surf fishing was ever actually attacked by any shark. BUT CLAMMERS BEWARE Every documented shark attack in New England_ From ‘man-eating monsters’ in 1751 to present - masslive.com.pdf
  18. Sadly, the big ones are on Boats. and the bites are on and off dependent on obtaining Live Bunker for bait, & Was told Bunkers Pods have been scattered in the Bay shore where most of the hookups are happening, this was yesterday I got in a Email from the Capt. of this boat.
  19. Have no fear of being Clueless. A better word for ignorance, Searches with keywords on the world Wide Web will get all you want & factual. It is as simple as entering the questions you are asking and in terms you will understand. also, enterer the State & a specific fishery.
  20. Nj Stripers are at their Hight. Dec.- Nov. & May-June Historically with exceptions due to Water Temptress and available bait fish. As far as the Ocean Surf IMO and experiences from LBI to Sandy Hook May till Oct the attention turns to Blues - Fluke - Sea Robins - Sand Sharks and a occasional Surprise Visitor.
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