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  1. NJDFAG at one time had a section in their Magazine you subscribed to or could pick up in stores, it was Hunting & Fresh Water listing the violators Name Town---- Location Type of the Violation and the Fine. Wonder what ever became of it, or Publishing Publicly such information. Many NJ towns would have a Police Blotter made public also. CLU - HIPPA - ????????? WOW can't believe I found these on Ebay but sold
  2. It is not Ratting when someone is stealing from you,
  3. I will go along with that 50 Years NJ. Hunting stopped -Approached - Requested a Search License checked might go so far as Club in Freehold being Harassed, Fishing Locally see wardens all the time mostly fresh waters, Stopped by Coast Guard Aux, for safety inspections. Once at Sea by USCG Cutter fishing off shore the Canons Tuna Sword fishing at Night was not flying a US Flag????? used as an Excuse, Fishing Monmouth County Park Port Monmouth searched for Alcohol by Deputy Ranger Rick refused the search as unreasonable he left. No Restrictions signs posted; He just pissed us off on how he asked. See NGDFAG constantly at Atlantic Highland marina and while clamming the Season.
  4. I was told many years ago by a very wise person God does no Deduct the time spent fishing from one's lifetime. So, I spent many days doing just that. I am from a family of Fisherman and Hunters and followed along in my 82 years on earth as Fishing started when i could tag along at 5 and hunting at 10. I had many Boats from Kayaks to 30 footers. Life has been good. I too had concerns about retiring but now some 15 years later wonder how I found time to go to work. My savings and 2 pensions allow me more than expected. And now have had to retire for Hunting and most fishing. Been there and done it Fla, to Alaska to many countries in the Navy. Left out I Now live it all through my two teenage grandsons Avid Skiers Dedicated Surfers Frequent Fisherman. Winter never stops them Last week and 2 weeks ago Belmar Pier in background Not a fisherman insight
  5. Had and have many of your thoughts but have had a very different outcome Reply to follow
  6. For a free entertainment day in the summer, I go to the Atlantic Highlands Marina Boat Ramp. Not only the amusing antics of those launching but watching NJDFAG approach the boats as they return to the ramp. The countless number of offenders one after the other mostly undersized Fluke & over limits of other fish, they confiscate the fish and have a Giant Igloo Cooler in the pickup that gets filled fast, this is common occurrence yet it repeats its self every weekend, as they say you can't fix Stupid. I have also seen the Local Cops called to make arrests with Handcuffs and off they go, As far as inlets and areas heavily fished There is a Comical problem NJDFAG has almost given up on constant violators. Let me set the situation They approach the fisherman I call them bucket sitters that does not speak English has no Driver's License No Id & no means on how they got there, NOW what can be done but confiscate the fish that will go to waste in the end arrest them and do what with them call Border Patrol, this is NJ open boards home of Immigrants and Illegals, last fall I saw I saw bait netters in the Raritan Bayshore netting and filling buckets with Snapper Blues when asked the reply was bait. I called NJDFAG who had no one to respond to a common occurrence such as this, It no longer gets me all Flustered or Upset Not even getting into illegal Crabbing in Red Bank by the bushels or off the Amboy's, NY NJ Harbor is Open to do as you want
  7. Update just picked up the new one ---2nd Phot reminder of the old one Due to the used car values he made out Ok with the Totaling of the last one form NJM
  8. Reread your Post
  9. 1 pay to get on the beach SUMMMER OK the fishing their sucks in the summer 2 My State and federal taxes supplement the Replenishments some townships also may Pay in. 3 EVER 1/4 MILE no idea what you mean. Once again summer fishing sucks there also .
  10. Got a Good Question for all those questioning and complaining about Access and Parking in certain towns, IF they were to Issue Limited Parking and Beach Fishing Only Access Permits--- What would you be willing to Pay???
  11. The cables and support stations run to inshore what effects are not known yet, Anchoring will be an issue for bottom fishing Boats. And more and more party boats are making the trips off shore$$$$ Clammers and Draggers Netters Trappers hurt big time
  12. I don't know where to start. But first Sorry you have those Thoughts and Feelings. 1st you go off the rails 2nd if you worked at the Casino 70s you must have lived in Deal as they only hired Residents. 3rd you're not familiar with the current conditions, 4th Feeling left out & persecuted. 5th asking for information I as a non-resident of Deal have been trying to give you. 6th unsure if you go there anymore. You mention the 70s than you may remember or not Deal has gone through many changes in Ethnic Groups and simply put from Jewish - Irish old money to Big Dollar Serian Jewish - Italian. Homes costing up to 10s of Millions, Mostly NY Absentee Residents, they could care less about outsiders complaining about access for fishing, but do care about outsiders disrespecting and trashing that access. As anyone in their position would feel the same, I suggest you gather your thoughts and rethink what you have said. And as I have posted to another member, from Longbranch to Asbury Park Access and parking has changed and is more accessible. You just have to do your homework and stop complaining. Just making a point The Deal Casino Members pay a price to have access and enjoy The Beach and yes amenities, That Outsiders want the beach for free. While other towns having played parking Daily fees Badges. No Fishing accesses or restricted. You can join The Club is open to all just apply and get on the waiting list. It costs my son $5.792.00 a season and my cost are only $395.00 as a guest.& all Less Expenses
  13. Thanks for the Calm Reply. I can show and prove to you the opposite of what you replied. Parkin and Access are not a problem in the vast area of Deal or for that matter from say Long Branch To and including Asbury Park where the historical free access lot has been retained without meters. The areas you mention are but 2 and have access points and parking, the last photo is free & open. Parking is tricky and posted I am sure you recognize all 3. As far as bathing is concerned, no beaches are open to fishing during Bathing Hours. But open after. Like I said I have been down every street from LB to AP and found open fishing spots. Some are not in season. The Coastline has 100s of locations to fish more that most will fish. Why complain about a few???
  14. Maybe you should go the restrictions you mention do not exist anymore. The Township Made the Homeowners Responsible and access is available. 90% is open until bathing season begins, and no different than others are open after hours in some areas. I guess if someone is disrespecting your Rights and property you are ok with that. And yes, Deal residents and local government want control no different than any other Decent Town. And they pay the Taxes to assure that, Only the usual will complain when as of Today over 90% is open to Fish and Park and The Surfers Riders Know it and been enjoy it all winter. My Grandson is One. Not making this a political football and opening it up to the Replenishment doomsayers But The beach is there use it.