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  1. I've snorkled Strathmere many times, great spot to see all kinds of shells, crabs and fluke, stay out of the channel, lots of jet skiers blasting thru there. Work your way from the bayside to the ocean side in 2-5' of water.
  2. Cape May Rips= eels in the fall. Deleware Bay = clams and bunker chunks. I've spent a lot of time down there fishing for stripers, its a tough fishery to learn. There is a charter guy down there that puts on seminars for fishing Del bay and the rips, he is also a veterinarian, Vet charters or something like that....Harv Yenkinson? If I was to fish there I'd anchor at the southern end of the cox & balls and deploy a clam bag, and fish clams on circle hooks. The "C & B" is straight out the canal, look for all the charter boats. PM me if you want more specifics. B Fitz
  3. He contributes a lot but doesn't participate, Im not sure I see problem here.
  4. i only fish from a boat and most of my reels are 4000 size Shimanos, Quantums and Daiwas, none retail for over $200. I don't think you need anything bigger if you are just fishing for blues, stripers, fluke and weakies.
  5. All, Sorry for the confusion, I did comment that the fish in the picture looked like the hybrids we had here in NJ but didn't mean to suggest the one caught on the cape was actually a hybrid....just kinda sorta looked like one. And yes, I have friends who have taken stripers from Stage Harbor and "stocked" them in their private fresh water lake on the Cape. They have grown quite large and I wouldn't be surprised to see one being weighed in one cold winter day.
  6. Call me kookie call me nutty but that fish looks to me like a hybrid, I have them in the lake behind my house. My guess is maybe it was caught in one of the freshwater ponds on the Cape. Don't shoot me yet, but I do know for a fact there are ocean caught stripers that were released in a few ponds near Goose Hummock Fire away!
  7. Pilgrim Village in Chatham, close proximity to bay, Chatham, Stage and Nauset inlets. Pilgrim Village has nice, inexpensive cottages on a beautiful freshwater lake with swimming beach and dock. Be careful with kayaking on the Cape, the fog can be thick as pea soup and many a yaker has ben lost, bring a gps. The bay beaches on the cape are great for little kids, no waves, shallow water and lots of tidal pools. PM me for more info, charter guys or other cottage colonies or hotel recommendations.
  8. Starts at 40, and the 40 is thin like 20. Great stuff, its all I use.
  9. sounds good to me, pm me the details. B Fitz
  10. I'll offer $400 shipped for the pair, can pay w paypal immediately. Thanks for considering. B Fitz
  11. Thread closed for lack of interest, thanks TimS and SOL.
  12. $65 and ya got a deal.
  13. Thanks, will PM you now. 2 left, both 30's.
  14. The last 3 Cabos, The one without the plate on the knob is the 30 with rash. The 40 is the one that has the anti reverse noise. The other 30 is the mint one for $90 shipped. [img= Here is the Cabo 30 w rash, one of two pix.' alt='450'>