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  1. Looking at the list of parking lots for the season beach passes, I’m assuming I could park in lot M? That lot wasn’t listed as one of the lots for beach going.
  2. I ended up ordering the 9ft (1-4oz lure rating). I was considering the 9.6 ft Elite, but didn’t want to spend another 95 bucks. Also, Elite is so thin that it felt weird. I thought the 10 ft T2 was a little to long as I want to use it for jetty fishing as well. To me the 9 ft seems like a better all around size.
  3. I'm not sure how many times I'll be able to get to the shore this year. I ordered a Trophy 2 this morning. I could always upgrade later.
  4. Looking for an inexpensive surf rod to be used with a Battle 3 DX 5000 that I recently picked up.. I've been trying to decide between the 9 ft Trophy II and the 9.6 ft Elite. Both rods have good reviews and I've seen both recommended often. Is there anyone that has owned both? I'm trying to decide if the Elite is worth 2x the price of the Trophy II. I've handled both at my LTS, both are nice. The caveat is neither would get heavy use this summer.
  5. From what I've read here and on the NPS website. I should be able to park for free if I let them know at the gate that we are there for fishing. Except that I couldn't park in the lots that are for beach goers?
  6. The reel is painted black? It's not anodized?
  7. How do you feel about how thin the rod is? I'm looking at getting the 962M (the regular Elite, not the Light) but find that it feels a little weird since it's so thin. It is very nice though.
  8. That’s what I thought but the website wasn’t clear. if I went there early in the morning without a season pass, can i pay per visit? Thanks.
  9. That’s really my question. If I drove down there there at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and told the guy at the front I’m going fishing, I wouldn’t have to pay to park?
  10. Do they sell those by the day? Or only for the entire season? if I went in after 10, is it the same price that beach goers pay?
  11. Question for those of you that regularly fish at Sandy Hook.... I was reading through the NPS website for Sandy Hook. I see there are 2 types of seasonal parking passes. One for beach goers And one for "after hours" fishing. Is it possible go out there early in the morning (about 6:00)? Would I need to purchase the online permit or pay per visit when get there? I wouldn't want to drive down with my kid early in the morning and not be able to get in.
  12. I bought 2 Spro bucktails over the weekend from a local shop (mainly because they were inexpensive). The hairs are attached much better than the Mustads I returned. I may just glue them anyway. I'm going to pick up a few other heavier ones for the summer. I'll be reaching out to Dan Tinman when I do.
  13. Some women are getting tired of it. Unfortunately for them, they are told to keep quiet and not complain (like the Penn swim team). Or they are dismissed as TERFs ( Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists).
  14. Feminism has come so far they’ve shown that in order to celebrate women, they selected a man. Good job ladies.
  15. The last house in that price range without a 50 year old kitchen and pink tile bathroom was sold over 20 years ago. Though, if you are willing to compromise on the distance from NYC, you can find something farther down the shore by Barnegat, Lacey, Waretown etc.