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  1. Yup been there too! But just because someone asks a questions about line pairing I wouldn’t just inherently assume that to be a flawed question. Not everyone’s experience is the same as yours but glad you’ve improved and I’m sure we all can always get better! Tight lines
  2. Hold on! Are you saying every rod has a sweet spot?!? .....How could that be possible if it shouldn't matter if I'm casting a 5wt line or 11wt line on a 9wt rod? I never said the rod didn't cast at 30'-50' I just said it struggled...which is all relative to having a line that hits the sweet spot. I'll be honest... when I'm staring at a fish 50'+ away in the wind I have a rod underlined I don't cast as well because I'm nervous and my timing isn't as good as it would be practicing in a field. More practice for sure, but I want that sweet spot to make it no harder on myself
  3. Nice! Is that the rod and line setup you'd choose to to fish permit?
  4. I have one on my 8wt Scott meridian and love the line there. Can throw the whole line with ease. Just think this rod would like a weight class higher do you have a #10 version I could take off your hands?
  5. This is all that needs to be said. The flats pro just isn't the right line for me and this rod specifically for the fishing scenarios I'm using it. Numbskull...I don't even want to start responding to your last post you're clearly deadset on telling me I'm wrong and ignoring the initial question. Rods do 'load' and transmit energy. It's classic physics. If they didn't flex you'd lose all the power you're putting in to the rod. The line weight is part of the equation for allowing a nicely balanced power transfer. So are WE! Since all you want to do is critique my knowledge and casting skill I'll take a video for you next time I'm at the park practicing. Then we can have the conversation you want to have.
  6. I'll give it a go! Yea I guess you're right probably not as hard as I'm imagining but will be like casting with a broomstick lol. I'd imagine generating line speed will take some effort though. Sounds like fun...I love casting
  7. I didn't say the Rio line doesn't load the rod- it doesn't load it properly for my needs. Also the Rio is not overweighted per the CTS grain weight specifications. I'm sure you know this but it really all depends on how much line is being carried so the Rio flats pro struggled in close (30-50') due to the longer head and performed much better as more line was arielized. I'm sure someone could throw a 5wt trout line very far but would need to be carrying a ton of fly line to do so. Starting that cast with 20ft of line would take some effort and false casts. Not to mention making extremely exaggerated hauls and long strokes. I certainly couldn't do it but I'd love to watch someone do that...my goal is to have the right line to use minimal effort and get the line out with minimal casts whether it be a short 30' shot or an 80' shot in to the wind.
  8. Hey Mike - Yes I'm fishing an Affinity X 9' 9wt. If Herb says to treat the X as a full rod size up I'd have to agree. A fly rod's flex has very much to do with the energy it is able to transmit to a fly cast and create line speed, and, very important in this is the plane in which you move the rod. I don't doubt numbskull is a great caster and knows what he's talking about, but I think it's a little presumptuous to just go to casting dynamics - this was a specific question about a rod and line combination. I understand that you want to share your experience that the tools are it's not the highest importance, frankly I agree, but that's simply not the problem here. I have no doubts that a 9wt affinity X can cast a 7wt line but that would not be an ideal scenario - would you want that setup casting 90' toward a bltiz? You would ultimately have to haul much harder to generate line speed instead of allowing the rod to do the work. Similarly you fish a #9 flats pro on this rod it's not going to perform to its full potential for the same reason, especially in the wind because whether you can feel it or not feel the 'loading' the rod isn't getting the energy transfer it needs. 18' leaders for permit are common however I would go down to as short as 12' if its windy. A 18' leader when its blowing 15-20 just isn't going to turn over well or give you much advantage. You can certainly turn over a long leader like that in the wind but it needs to be tapered properly, you'd want a more aggressive shooting head like a tarpon taper, and need to be good caster.
  9. How could you say that having not seen me cast? Have you cast this rod and line before? I can cast almost the whole line with this setup (without wind)..but it's underlined and the rod doesn't load properly. This is not really a problem until wind gets involved and you're throwing an 18' leader. Am I a perfect caster? No, and I can get better, but any good caster should know that line pairing is critical when you get in to technical fishing scenarios. I have the standard X. I reached out to Herb and he responded with this. "Wulff Bermuda Triangle Short floaters - on the FX #9 I would use the #10 RIO Outpound #9 Float or Interm, Airflo Sniper #9 Float or Interm. On second thought - if the Short heads produce too much splash - you might have to go up a line wt." Appreciate the input from all here. I casted a Cortland tarpon taper #10 and the rod really that setup more (280grains in a 41' head). Seems like the slightly more aggressive head made a solid difference. Still think the rod would like something closer 310-330 in the head
  10. I saw that - actually I think it’s 280-340 for the affinity x#9 and the flats pro is 280 grains for the first 30 ft and 400grains for the full 50’ head. So perhaps on the light side. Every rod has a grain weight I’ve found that really loads the rod perfectly though and trying to find that
  11. Wondering if anyone has a good recommendation line pairing on the CTS affinity x rods. I tried a #9 Rio flats pro but felt underlined. Could go up a size but hoping someone has a good recommendation I can go off for grain weights.