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  1. That thing is super beat up, but I think it's a tuna skull
  2. Thanks for the tips guys. Truth be told, I don't care all that much about the weights of the fish I catch. I'd primarily be using it to hold onto toothy fish and trebles. I'd probably only use the scale function for smaller fish like fluke. That being said, does anyone have any recommendations for fish grips without a scale? I'd prefer not to use the plastic ones as I don't like the look of those.
  3. Anyone have any experience with the knockoff bogas, namely the capt. hooks? Is there a significant difference between the two in terms of quality and durability? How accurate is the scale?
  4. Don't worry I'm not bait fishing, and the only rods I'm grabbing are ones that catch fish
  5. Yea 175 is good
  6. Could you do 170 shipped?
  7. I got a 4000 FL i'd give you for 140 shipped. It was used for a single season so there are a few scratches, but the internals are perfect. Only caveat is that it's got a gomexus knob instead of the stock T knob.
  8. If you ever catch me and my buddies (thelongislandangler) out there feel free to join in!
  9. ok good I thought so
  10. Like this ^^^
  11. Do you guys think it's socially acceptable to snuggle up with some of your fishing buddies on the jetty? Not constantly of course, just when the bite is dead or when it's cold out.
  12. Get berkley x9 instead of SSV2, basically the same price but the line is thinner and less wiry
  13. 1/4-1oz in bays and up to 3oz in the surf
  14. berkley x9. same price as powerpro SSV2 except i've found that it's less wiry, thinner, and more durable