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  1. What do you prefer reel with dominant hand or other side? I've always had my handle on the left, even though I'm right handed. All my reels, including fresh water. Was curious if I would benefit reeling with my dominant hand.
  2. Anyone have experience with Korkers Casttrax? Would be nice to be able to swap them out between boots or take them off when on the beach.
  3. Are you putting studs on these?
  4. This looks like a good option.
  5. I got some of those!
  6. Hip waders might be my best compromise for now.
  7. Thanks.....this is what I was looking for. I know what I should invest in if I'm going to make the canal & jetties a habit. Just wanted to see if I could make due with my hikers & Boggs for now.
  8. Well that was full of insight & help!!
  9. Will be making several trips to the canal this year, including a 1 week stay. Was wondering what I could get away with for the season without breaking the bank. Will probably be investing in waders & boots this fall or next spring so I can d[ more surf casting up & down the cost but wondering what i can get by with until then. Tnx
  10. If it's stocked trout.....use a slip sinker with 24" leader to a trout hook. Put on 2 Berkley floating power eggs. That will be buoyant enough to float the hook & leader 2 feet off the bottom. Hang a bobber on you line between 2 of the rod guides & let it droop the line there. Easy visual for strikes as the line raises the bobber.
  11. Believe it or not....Balistol
  13. Thanks man. I've got a 10ft tica with a bg4500 & a10'6" tfo with a Spheros 8000 for bigger stuff. I just wanted a smaller set-up for smaller fish & other species & didn't want to have to spring for another reel at this point.
  14. I know the rod is a bit heavy but its what I have. Already bought 2 new reels & a bunch of tackle for this season so I'm about tapped out. I might be able to find a cheap rod that would be able to handle 1 1/2oz Bucktails and such but it would probably be crap.
  15. I have a tica 8ft M/H surf rod rated 10-25 lb 3/4-3oz. I want to use it when only sub slot fish are around or for fishing other sub 24" species from shore. I have an Okuhma Epixor 55b on it now. I was going to spool it with 20lb braid instead of the 15lb mono I've been using. I'm wondering if this reel is a decent match for this rod or if I should be looking for something else. I'm not looking to spend much if I need to upgrade the reel, its just a 3rd option for me. I don't even know what it's equivalent would be to a real saltwater rig. I'd be looking for something like a lower end Kastking if it's recommended that I replace the Okuma. Thanks