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  1. I ended up using a needle tool and compressed air to remove the epoxy finish,the stickers came off with it, worked out well, & didn’t take long at all Didn’t realise I received replies until now Thanks anyway
  2. Yep. I usually cut or shave the thread using a stanley knife where the guide feet are, and if you're lucky enough the rest might wind off if you can grab a bit of thread, otherwise if you continue shaving the over lap just take care and if you leave any blemishes it doesn't matter coz it's going to get wrapped over anyhow
  3. But then, i've repaired rods leaving the underwrap intact Just cut out the guide wraps and have them redone in black
  4. That's an early judging by the guide frame. I'm pretty sure Cotton Speed thread was used on Ugly sticks, It's just their plain yellow colour range They did do size A threads at one point, but it might have been done in size C on that rod, looks a bit on the bulky side
  5. Fuji should just leave the custom rod building to the people that know, and stick to producing guides that they want. Rather than sellin' em recipes or concepts Without knowing it you are not really a custom rod builder if you follow recipes with a factory approach You are essentially just a bum rod builder putting rods together that are in the same vein as mass produced rods.
  6. Y'all know what you need?
  7. Pretty creative, mate, The widest I've used is what they call a Madera jewel thread, Used the clear reflective one and yet to use the aqua shade.
  8. You use 10 guides on a 10 foot surf rod??? lol Simple physics would suggest I'd shyte all over you in a casting contest then I wouldn't have to prove anything At least you don't skip sizes of the 3 largest guides You'll get there one day my son
  9. You’re no better than a 10yr ol’ girl chucking’ a tanti Lol
  10. You were actually called upon to give advice "Hopefully Zafisher will do chime in and give you a few CAD drawing examples" He's pretty much close to how we do things with surf rods too by the looks Yet here you are ganging up with the bitch Bitches be bitches I suppose I'm disappointed in you.
  11. I'm sick of your personal insults, attacks, trolling and stalking me and with that pathetic childish tribute thread of yours.. only because you can't handle & accept views other than your own Don't reply to me again.
  12. I fully understood the funamentals of the NGC And I fully understand physics too Some do - some don't Either you get it or you don't
  13. On my light surfy, I had no probs yet with single foot guides And this rod has been fully loaded a couple of times, I caught a sweet jewfish off the rocks at Woodmans point and a small stingray at Cottesloe groin, fishos couldn't believe i landed it on 12lb line too
  14. I like the idea of locking it with a few turns of thread You could be decorative and put a trim band there first using a different coloured thread then place the guide shug up against it. But i haven't had any issues yet with single footers without that
  15. That's not entirely true, after testing..doing a comparison I found casting distance was substantially less with the NGC But if you want to set up your rod with sensitivity in mind, fine, do what you will but how much do you really need? there isn't that much gain in feel and sensitively anyhow... Providing you use the right amount of guides for a given blank to meet a stress distribution test You still have a good balance of maximum casting range, sensitivity and fish fighting power