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  1. Dinner, some of the same as Jimmy's so I won't post them. And especially for Jase is a picture of Dad and I smoking together in the year 2023. We left all the extra weed out on the dock because we can't use it elsewhere.
  2. We stopped at an Irish pub and both had a spicy chicken sandwich. Mine was good. Hers messed her up pretty badly.
  3. Breakfast and Lunch in Amsterdam. Wife has food poisoning, so I'm on my own.
  4. It's a freaking mermaid. Have you ever seen a mermaid? Answer Yes, so I know you're a clown.
  5. Drinking alcohol tonight in 2023, post-prohibition era. Late night drinks, Mojito and Navy Highball.
  6. It's my vacation, I'm posting what im doing. Be prepared for more weed pics.
  7. Dinner this evening was just me and my wife. All pizzas are medium or smaller, but we did destroy them. From a place called Pizza'Dam.
  8. Late lunch at Brasserie Baton Smoked Salmon for me and Chicken Gorgonzola for my wife.
  9. I smoke once a year if that. Job drug tests quarterly. But I have 2 weeks to burn it off, and they should be done with drug tests for the quarter by the time I get back.
  10. Breakfast. Not pictured are the same eggs Benedict from his picture... And a third plate of smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, and a croissant. It was great.
  11. Unless of course Trump has anything to say about it. Or is he not republican any more?
  12. Told jimmy I'd post my own food so we didn't flood the thread with duplicate food posts. While he walked the canals, I brought drugs.
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