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  1. You can choose Gomexus Aluminum Handle with Titanium Knob LMY-TB50. The following is the effect diagram of the installation
  2. What model is your reel? You can buy handles that are interchangeable between left and right hands.
  3. Is your reel shimano or penn?
  4. I guess you may have bought the wrong one, I checked the "ultegra" model, they have one that can be installed directly, no drilling and knob required.
  5. As for modifications and upgrades, some anglers may choose to upgrade elements such as the handle and drag washers to improve the reel's performance. However, any modifications or upgrades should be made with caution - as they could potentially cause damage to the reel if not done properly. It's essential to consult a professional or a trusted fishing gear retailer if you have any questions or concerns about modifying or upgrading your fishing reel.
  6. Any fly fishers? what techniques do you use for fly fishing
  7. Almighty forum, there is a problem that has been bothering me. There is a place in front of the house, which is very convenient for setting off the pole, but the aquatic plants grow to directly touch the water surface (this is the case in all water areas). There are fish, but I have tried all known baits (Texas rigs have also tried it, and the lead head of the bullet also hangs on grass), and except for the frogs floating on the water's surface, none of them can avoid aquatic plants. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to solve this problem?