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  1. Truth be told the budget is a little up in the air as I am taking things a bit one piece at a time. Plan is almost exclusively lures I have a combo that is a 7' rod rated for 1/2 - 1.5 oz. However I am trying to spec what reel I get based on expecting to move to a longer and somewhat heavier rated rod. I got the combo for cheap previously so it is my starting point but in doing more research I think it is likely on the undersized end so I am looking to step up a a bit. Good to know. Seems I might be thinking around the edge case between the 4500 and the 5500. Might have to get a clearer view of what exact rod I have in mind down the line before I know which would be better ultimate pairing.
  2. Instructions unclear, going to jump in bare and try to catch one with my hands. If I walk up in a sweatsuit and strip down to a wetsuit it would have been at least at one point be underwear right?
  3. Yeah that makes sense it would be oversized. It's a good step up in line capacity than what is on there currently.
  4. Love the Arctic Muck boots I wear for snow shoveling. Will have to check out to the wetlands line.
  5. That was my thinking is that the 7' rod was on the smaller side so if I get another rod it would be larger and (a bit) higher weight rating. So I probably would err on the side of over specing currently so I am not undersized on the next rod. I have a reel that was packaged originally with the rod, it's on decent shape. Just thinking I am better served having a reel that is upgraded compared to the rod, vs starting with a second rod and having to use the old south bend reel on a pricier rod in the interim. I could always just fold the money in my pocket and buy rod and reel together as funds allow but it likely would still be valuable to know which size reel is better for a longer rod rated for say 1-4 oz. The packaged combo for the 5500 is a 8' rod with 3/4-3 oz rating so I am leaning to the 5500 is likely the size I would need to lean towards.
  6. So I am just getting into gearing up, I have an existing combo that I was going to start with (south bend typhoon 7' rod 1/2-1 1/2 oz rod) but the first item I think I would invest in is a new reel. Intent would be for fishing from the shore. My intent is to get a solid reel, then when funds and knowledge line up I would invest in a new rod (slighty higher maybe 1-4 oz? And longer), and switch the reel that came with the combo back to the old rod. So I am trying to determine which size would be better to go with for the Penn Spinfisher to cover all bases. Which size would be better to go with?
  7. That makes sense, I assumed I would need to factor in a certain amount of water protection. I can see if I am getting out often enough (or feeling limited) I would need to look at waders down the line.
  8. Good to know. From having an active 4 year old who likes to get out and run around in all sorts of muck I have a variety of different water compatible options so I should be good up to mid calf without too much worry. Its whether I would need wading gear to fish in the spring that I was worried about. However knowing my kid I might need waders just to get her the next time she decides to run directly into a lake or pond without considering the consequences.
  9. That is good to know, it is always a bit hard to gauge what the average person does when the most prolific people tend to also be the most hardcore. Just have to check, you don't scuba dive for work right? Otherwise that might throw off what fishing in work clothes would constitute. Separately, does that mean I hold off on buying these till memorial day?
  10. So I have been researching into surf fishing for this coming spring and there is a ton of information online (and on this forum) however I can't really figure out what seems to be a pre question before I am able to research specifically what exact outerwear to plan on purchasing. There is tons of information about waders, wet suits, or just general rain gear individually but I haven't hit on a search to find out what is the basic needs for someone just get out and have an average chance. I went into it not really planning to do any wading, especially to start, however after lots of research its not really clear if that would be putting me in a position where I am ill equiped to realistically get out and fish the surf. Its a mixure of hesitance around cost, and risk since if I don't plan on wading out I am less likely to get in over my head figuratively and literally when trying to scout out spots. Is it realistic to expect to be able to go out in decent boots, water/weather reistant pants and coat, and go surf fishing or does one really need to plan to invest in waders or wetsuit to have a shot at decent fishing. I realize that more gear buys more opportunities and range into the water however I can't tell if that is something that is reasonable to put off till I am more experienced?
  11. Thanks, will dig out my bronze brush. Yep, was someone's as a kid and made a series of moves from garage to garage without hitting the water over several decades.
  12. I was gifted an old zebco rod and reel. Was going to clean it up for a spare backup loaner. It seems as the first person to strike an interest in fishing within my family I got all the "passed down" stuff from decades ago. I can figure how to clean things up but I am not sure if it's worth trying to clean up the guides or if I should jump directly to trying to replace them. Cleaning would be quicker but if they have been in their current state for decades it might be a fools errand?
  13. That is beautiful!
  14. So nice to see the generosity in this thread.
  15. What weight duo lock do you use?